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Axiology Giorgio de Chirico


by Jack Frost

gran metafisico

A worldview is not a mere passive view, an act of looking at something, which might be suggested from the word, but actually a game plan for shaping it.

Christianity is the religion of whites and Christianity promotes an anti-racist worldview, which means that, with rare exceptions that were vigorously suppressed, the historical game plan of whites has been to deny the importance of biological race.

As their technological culture has now expanded to include all the races of the world, it’s quite obvious that the result has been and will continue to be to increase race mixing, and accelerate their own destruction as a race. As part of the game plan, it was easy to see this coming; but the problem was, with such a worldview, nobody really cared. In fact, they still don’t.

Whites value their technological culture more than their race, and because of this worldview, can’t see that the two are interconnected. This Faustian hubris is one of their defining characteristics and could well lead to their undoing. It’s possible that technological civilization may be able survive the demise of its founding race, but it seems at least equally likely that a permanent collapse may result. It’s the gamble of the ages!

3 replies on “Technology”

It is not the “technological culture” which whites value most.
What most Europeans (and most other Bipeds) in this Age of Egotism value most is AFFLUENCE and LUXURY (relative to their neighbours).

Europeans created this “technological culture” not for its inherent value (if it has one), but to achieve more affluence and luxury.

Of course there are other less important reasons like hygiene and intellectual ripening, but how much technology do we need for that?
The modern toothbrush, the shower bath and the water closet had been developed many generations ago and the printing of books is a centuries old achievement.

Most other sedentary peoples also strived for more wealth,
but Europeans had the necessary level of intelligence and creativity to create modern industrial society.

To sum it up:
“Technological culture” is just a tool made by intelligent people to increase economic productivity and thus to increase their material wealth.

There is no doubt that this is true. If this technological civilisation does collapse, however, it will cause a great die-off. After that there will be a period of consolidation among those who survive. Whether the white survivors will then begin to realise the value of their race and work to preserve it is the question. It is possible that the resultant suffering will cause those people to shed the superfluous and make the necessary adaptations, especially with regard to the long-term damage to our environment, to survive as a race. We still have not reached our darkest hour, not by a long shot.

There is an interesting book by an Australian named Danny Vindramini called ‘Them and Us’, which considers the possible causes which produced modern humans. It is not a pro-white thesis in any way but is still convincing despite the fact that much of it is conjecture. Perhaps, if the Neanderthal caused the adaptations which produced the highly intelligent and adaptive Cro Magnon, and this process took tens of thousands of years, then the jew and the non-whites might be the catalyst which produces a new and better adapted white race. A race which would necessarily be immune to the spiritual poison to which it is now so susceptible.

Whatever happens there will be no easy passage if we are to survive and prosper in the future.

I think, NS and Communism were the only ideologies that had plans how to tackle it. Capitalism made Man slave to the computer. I wouldn’t even say it’s feminization of men that is the issue, it’s the widespread access to technology. Few people realize that whole proud kingdoms of our race before the XIX century lived at the level of today’s god-forgotten Ukrainian village. Their conditioned didn’t differ that much from Robinson Crusoe’s or from inhabitants’ of Kir Bulychev’s Village. And we are not prepared to have unlimited access to the Internet without damage. I would say, it’s the reason why our moralities were subverted so easily, because every human strives towards happiness, and technology gives too much of it without a reasonable price as has always been the case.

It’s a really interesting thought experiment to look at today’s activities from the point of view of the 1960s (especially from the USSR which conserved a lot of archaic features). For example, there is a Russian guy who lights himself on fire and jumps from a 9-storey building without damage. Is this courage? Surely, yes. Does he show the Man’s abilities? Of course. But he would be called an “infantile idiot” at best. Why so? Because for a person from the older order the central part of life are work and family. I was shocked when I realized that the majority could with a clear face say that they hoped the future generations would live better than them. Even though they didn’t dare to break away from Christianity, they in essence were Nietzscheans considering themselves a way to something bigger, not a way in itself.

In my opinion, a today’s person would have a hard time living by those standards. But then again, our time is just a very thin layer over barbarity and simplicity of the past.

P.S. I was turned to these thoughts also by the video about pornography and its effect on brain “The great porn experiment | Gary Wilson | TEDxGlasgow”.

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