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James Mason Judeo-reductionism

On James Mason

by Jack Halliday

In response to Mason’s opinion about Trump in this article and a previous one: The idea that Trump is some victim of the Jewish media is utter nonsense. He willingly appointed Jews into his cabinet. In fact, he had more Jews during his path to Presidency supporting him than any other candidate during the election.
Why is it that when the System seemingly does something “good” (a subjective term), people attribute it to Trump personally, but when the System does something bad, it is attributed to “Jewish influence”, something that is supposedly being done behind Donald’s back. The Daily Stormer does this dumb shit all the time. And now Mason is doing it.
The fact that he is a “reformer” who wants to build a wall is obviously a tactical move to make White Americans think somebody gives a shit about them. He is doing nothing whatsoever to advance White interests. He is still a Zionist and a Mammon worshipper who is sending Americans to their deaths for the sake of our racial enemies. He is as much an ally as Clinton, Obama and Reagan.
As for James Mason’s Christian Identity (CI) conversion: I am extremely disappointed and bereaved about this. I have never met the man, but I feel like I have lost a good friend. Probably the way people felt when GLR was murdered. Every time he says anything regarding CI and British Israelism, like in the article above, I simply feel a tinge of pessimism and disappointment wash over me. How could a man who wrote SIEGE and who spread the truth on Charles Manson suddenly become a schizophrenic lunatic?
I know nothing about his personal life, but what emotional void does his cranky belief system fill? I am not trying to sound rude here, I have the utmost respect for him, but this is slowly dwindling. The whole affair is really quite depressing to me.

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I am surprised and honoured that you found this good enough to make into a post. Whenever I read comments I make, I find them to be a little bit incoherent.
Could you edit it and put “of” between “tinge” and “pessimism” for me, please?
By the way, if you read the article, in it you can see he compares Trump to some Ancient Egyptian reformer. Probably a character from the OT. He also adheres to Anglo-Israelism in the article when he claims that Saxon means “Isaac’s-sons”.
Some of his followers on Twitter are not much better. One of them said that they consider anyone not a Christian a Jew.
But seriously though, it is upsetting to me. I am not even angry, like I am towards most C.I people. Just disappointed that Mason has swooped to this level.

He always was to this level, as most WNsts are, unable to break away from their parents’ religion. The only difference is that these ‘parental introjects’ were not so conspicuous in Siege as they are in his later years.
Just look at the quantity of Christians commenting in MacDonald’s webzine, which is a completely secular periodical. The more I see this Xtian nonsense within the movement, the more energy I have to continue the heroic task of translating Deschner’s volumes.
My only concern is that the coming crash of the dollar will put a halt on my efforts (unless a sponsor who presently is rich enough with precious metals supports this blog after the crash).

Also, James Mason is extremely pro-Trump, writing an article about him for Siegeculture. That is what I was referring to mainly. Remember the Interview with Bob Larson he did? In that he says that Reagan was an interchangeable part of one System. Reagan’s assassination would have made no difference to anything. Why doesn’t he apply this to Trump? Mason genuinely thinks Trump is a victim of Jews and the media. He never once mentions Trump’s strongly Zionist position. I did not read all of his Islam article, as it was giving me brain damage, but I did catch him comparing the Donald to some Egyptian “reformer”.
I am ashamed with myself that I trusted Trump during the election. I should have known better, and so should Andrew Anglin and Mason (though these two types hold strongly opposing views).
In Mason’s interview with Larson, he mentions C.I stuff, saying “God was referring to the White race”. I thought he was just being facetious at the time. There is also a YT video of Mason at a University in 2003, where he debates the staff. Most of it is a waste of time and actually quite boring, and his fantasies are more apparent there. He says the typical Identity stuff: “Whites originate from Israel and left, becoming the Barbarians.” What is shameful about this is that you can see a deep, saner part of him cringe slightly. He actually smiles like his unconscious doesn’t really believe it. But he does, and that is a problem.
I have noticed a trend among delusional people like Mason, where they say that they are more enlightened in their old age, and what they used to believe was the “nonsense” (which was in fact the truth) but now they “see the light”. If getting old causes you to believe in conspiracy theories, then I don’t look forward to getting any older.

In the autobiographical book in Spanish that I’ll finish this year I mention a similar phenomenon.
Originally my late father was skeptical about the grotesque tale of ‘Our Lady of Guadalupe’: the virgin of the Indians here in Mexico.
In his later years, he became a believer in the miraculous image as well as in the fictional narrative about an Indian who supposedly saw the Guadalupe Virgin in the 16th century.
I could not believe it but this most embarrassing metamorphosis happened before my eyes.
The same with my mother. When I was a child she went to Mass only on Sundays. Now she wants to go every other day.
My interpretation is that, unless you run an anti-virus for the Semitic malware we have had since our early years due to our religious childrearing, in your later years the virus will multiply, and multiply horribly…
Youth is exactly the right time to run the anti-virus program (like the content of this site) to get rid of all Semitic infection in your Aryan mind. Unfortunately, most WNsts still have residual viruses due to their purple-pilling habits.

God As Suicide
“A pagan can become a Christian in his old age; the living substance disintegrates, and the rotting residue is barely functional. On the other hand, never will a Christian become a pagan.”
“It is impossible to conceive of a more fatal blindness than the cult instigated by this jewish sectarian and his apostles and camp followers. Torn from the bonds of nature and the past, man must now direct his gaze into the wasteland known as the ‘future’; into that desert he stares, paralyzed by the dread of the vengeful jew-god. And before this insane masquerade known as ‘kingdom come’, the ‘last judgement’ and ‘eternal punishment’ can be consummated, the true heroes and the real gods must first be made to grovel before the cross!”
“The pagan urn is shattered; war has raged around the shards, and the fragments have been scatter to the winds. Now the vampire of mankind, the jew, appears on the scene. He knows not the meaning of this urn, and he certainly cannot restore it to its original condition. But he is aware, of course, that it represents a priceless treasure. So he makes off with the melancholy and lovely fragments, which he then arrays in a gaudy, vulgar setting. It will end up adorning some Jewess.”
“The major achievement of Christianity was n relocating the arena within which man conducts his operations from the world outside of man to the landscape of the human soul within…the admitted cruelty of the ancient world was then forced to don the guise of the contrite penitent. Antiquity took what was perhaps and excessive pleasure in battle and death; but the self-same lust has characterized the entire Christina era as well, although the Christina has sought to hide his suicidal impulses behind such masks as self-flkaggelation and asceticism.”
“For two thousand year the Christian religion, with its hatred of the world, has found its symbol of life in the self crucification of the creator of that world!”
Ludwig Klages

@Jack Halliday By “an Egyptian reformer,” do you mean Akhnaten? A curious thing is that Revilo Oliver considered him degenerate, whereas Savitri Devi admired him.
And about Trump, it’s a centuries-old adage of “the tsar is good, the boyars are bad.”

Yes, the father of Tutankhamen. All I know about him is that he was unloved to the point where his son changed his name to Tutankhamen in order to distance himself from him.
And like Mussolini said: “the masses are like women, they want a strong authority figure.” I just had this crazy notion that Mason would know better. I guess not.

Hitler made a similar statement in Mein Kampf calling the State a feminine figure with the masses being driven by emotions.
From what I remember in Savitri Devi’s The Lightning and the Sun and Impeachment of Man, Akhnaten espoused a form of monotheism that predated Judaism and had a racial caste system. A religion without metaphysics and subscription to Natural Law like National Socialism.

And my father adheres to 9/11 conspiracy theories (not anti-Semitic ones, just the typical “it was an inside job”, not Bin Laden), flat earth theories (ironically, he was the one to debunk this for me when I began having these beliefs), the moon landing conspiracy, the pyramids were built by aliens, dinosaurs were around during humans a couple thousand years ago, and that humans were genetically engineered by aliens, rather than having evolved. He thinks that the Paleozoic did not happen at all. He preaches “open your mind” yet still takes information about Hitler from the same four or five documentaries he has watched since he was a kid. The other day, I saw him pass up “David Irving – The faking of Adolf Hitler for history” on YT (in his “recommended” section) in favour of some other silly rubbish. My father has always been the most anti-German and anti-Hitler individual I have ever met in my life. I have tried to at least purple-pill him, but it just leads to erratic fits from him.
Ironically my father is not a creationist, nor does he listen to Alex Jones.

The most effective piece on this site is Sexton’s review of Hellstorm. It’s even more potent than Apocalypse for Whites as it’s much shorter.
I have yet to find a nobleman who remains unmoved after reading it. In my opinion, it’s the first sight of the White Rabbit that may, and will, show the path of the nobleman out of the Matrix.
Maybe you could try it on your loved ones…

In your podcast with Goodrich, he mentions that the bombers of Germany may have felt disgusted but could not say anything.
Well my father’s stepfather, who died before my birth, was one of the RAF Lancaster bombers. Supposedly he felt no remorse whatsoever, saying that they deserved it because of the bombing of Coventry.
They know nothing of Hellstorm, but I bet if my father found out, and his stupid step father (granted he was alive today), they would say without shame: “good!”
It is a shame I have such low psycho-classes so close to me. I am extremely lucky that I have not been so afflicted.

But the point is that they have never, ever read something lyric about the atrocities committed against the Germans.
To put one example. Orwell in his younger years wrote an article about a hanging of a brown man in India. He didn’t explain his crime: just what he saw.
Orwell’s article was a hit. For the first time, the English knew the other side. It was a psychological trick of course and for a bad cause (pity for the browns). But it worked.
IMO no person with good feelings will leave his worldview intact if he actually reads Hellstorm.

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