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Lord of the Rings New Spain

Liaucius revisited


The ‘Ring Wraiths’

Further to my previous post, ‘Pseudo anti-Christians’. Occidental Dissent, in Wallace’s words, is not even a white nationalist site. He and the commenters prefer the term ‘Southern Nationalism’. They worship a wraith: the Confederacy slain by the evil yanks.
They remind me the silly Creole nationalists I’ve spoken to in Mexico who worship another wraith: New Spain when only the peninsular Spaniards ruled the region that now is called ‘Mexico’. Compare the two flags: the one that appears above with that of New Spain (here).
What these guys ignore, the Mexican Creoles and the American Southern Nationalists, is that their projects failed because their respective foundations were not only Christian (Reformation and Counter-Reformation): both flourished under the spell of The One Ring. Making you rich was prioritised, but with time you become Sauron’s (Mammon) obedient marionettes or ‘ring wraiths’. New Spain and the Confederacy, Christian and capitalistic, lacked a solid meta-political foundation for racial preservation. Both were ‘client kingdoms’ so to speak: they wielded the rings of ‘power’.
For a non-metaphorical approach to the Old South, revisiting the writings of Hajo Liaucius, originals in this site, may be helpful. He said:

The ideology promoted by the Klan and like-minded groups since the Reconstruction Era is extremely similar to the ideology promoted by the mainstream of American racialist groups such as Stormfront, American Renaissance, Liberty Lobby, VDARE, the Council of Conservative Citizens, various Klan factions, and several other organizations as well.

Liaucius is not an American. Maybe that helps to understand the US. His main article can be read: here.

10 replies on “Liaucius revisited”

I love how some folk romanticize the Antebellum south, they are the same people who see that period in black and white and likely buying into the (((narrative))) that all was swell before the Yankees freed the slaves.
Facts are ,white employment was nonexistent in part, if not all due to the slave trade. Slave markets were closed on Saturdays and jewish holidays , the overwhelmingly number of slave ships were owned and operated by jews, these are facts. Most southern boys went to war and perished to protect their continued unemployment and to ensure continued jewish supremacy of the south, that is the bottom line. The (((narrative))) on Lincoln is, he was hell bent on freeing the slaves while preserving the Union, which in part is true.
However, Lincoln had no interest in making slaves citizens and part of the American fabric as they are today. Lincoln with the cooperation of many black leaders of the time were busy in a plan to repatriate blacks with mother Africa and had already done so with the purchase of a large land mass in Africa called Liberia.
Had Lincoln not been assassinated by a southern loyalist who may or may not been of the kosher persuasion and had visions of disrupting and throwing the government into disarray reigniting the war with different results and preserving the jewish anti-white institution of slavery, and for this many southern whites long for ,a return of the good old days of poverty and a landscape dotted with black slaves who ate and lived better than most white folk of the time.
Giving the real facts and not (((those))) we’ve been spoon fed ,Lincoln and the Union would or SHOULD be the ones who are looked upon with great appreciation for what they were trying to accomplish for this young Republic, ridding this country of the cancer brought here by wealthy jews only for the benefit of jews ,then sold to the good people of the south as an issue of sovereignty and southern culture.

I’m afraid i don’t understand what you’re disagreeing with,these are indisputable facts.I do find your condemnation of the European races a bit concerning though ,i don’t see it as you do i guess ,it is unfortunate white folk have been sacrificed in wars where jewish interests are concerned and usually those interests are eliminating as many whites while profiting handsomely,wars.I don’t believe my brothers and sisters are jihadists in any sense ,just unfortunate pawns in a scene that has been playing out over and over.

Facts? Out-group altruism was pivotal in what the yanks did. Calvinist Xtianity is even worse than the Xtianity the Southerners had.
Kevin MacDonald has stuff about it. He uses Xtians of puritanical extraction as a paradigm of ‘psychopathological altruism’.

Perhaps Lincoln was, but the Yankee soldiers were cucks who saw their mission as “freeing the Negroes”. Though Cesar is right – both sides worshipped Mammon. America was founded on Mammon worship. You were better off with king George, perhaps tea costed too much, but you were all safe.
What do you mean by “condemnation of the European races”? When has Cesar done this?

Maybe a quick read on the draft riots in N.Y.C. will shed some light on the fact it wasn’t as much about religion as it was about race,by the way i do not worship any of the jewish Gods ,my favorite author on that subject is Oliver Revilo, read some MacDonald, i like him.

“New Spain and the Confederacy, Christian and capitalistic, lacked a solid meta-political foundation for racial preservation.”
Touché … Bravo!

Kerry Owens’ remarks are nearly pointless. He vaguely sounds as if he is agreeing with Cesar, but mostly delivers a long winded, diverging diatribe that has almost nothing to do with the CT’s post. Soft trolling?
On a different subject, Cesar, I chased through all of your Hajo Liaucius posts and I really enjoyed reading them. Let me see if I can somewhat simply sum up what you and he are driving at. WNism, Alt-right, etc are in error, deliberately or otherwise, and at variance from National Socialism. NS is radically different from the unnatural liberalism society has devolved into. NS is a completely different mentality, a way of thinking and living, than what “we” have been inculcated with since birth.
That’s just the beginning of a few thoughts. Am I going the right way with this?

@Kerry Owens “I do find your condemnation of the European races a bit concerning though”
One of the most important (and incomprehensible to the 99% White racists) points of this blog is that _Aryan self-hate is good_.
Of course, not the Christian/Marxist/liberal self-hate (i.e., the hate towards everything good), but the hate towards what we currently are, and the shame for what our ancestors did. Without hating the ugliness in ourselves, we cannot strive for beauty.
The slogan “it’s ok to be White” is cancer.

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