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Pseudo anti-Christians

I am presently reviewing, for the last time, Evorpa Soberana’s text and have little time to deal with Hunter Wallace’s ‘First Things: The Anti-Christian Alt-Right’.
Suffice it to say that the author he cites, Matthew Rose, is wrong to consider ‘Greg Johnson and Richard Spencer as examples of the anti-Christian wing’. I have iterated many times that Johnson has delivered pious Christian homilies at a San Francisco church (his recordings are available online) and Spencer has said in mainstream TV that he is ‘a cultural Christian’.
We have also seen on this site that Spencer and Johnson ultimately subscribe Christian ethics: they are pseudo anti-Christians.
Wallace, a Lutheran, errs when writing, ‘Christianity has long since been dethroned as the dominant culture in the United States’. He hasn’t realised that every Aryan who worships the Jewish god, like as Wallace himself, is ethnosuicidal—see the PDF of Soberana’s text that will be available soon in this blog.
Wallace also said that ‘The Alt-Right shouldn’t get hung up on being anti-Christian because Christianity is infinitely malleable’ and adds several examples of this. As I said, I have no time to rebut his examples but my forthcoming translations of Karlheinz Deschner’s books will show that this Semitic cult has always been noxious for the white race.

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A commenter in the Wallace thread opined:

‘The most appealing, the most honest, the most sincere, and the most trustworthy personalities on the altright are the Christians’.

Just compare this nonsense with my statement that the Aryan who worships the god of the kikes is obviously ethno-suicidal.

The last paragraph of this Wallace’s article is a key. At this stage it would be very foolish to reject a tactical alliance with pro-Christian whites, but Christianity as strategical partner is a traitor on default because its “malleability”. Of course, “Christian conservatives will embrace our racial views” – they did and do that always, as Romans 1:13 say: “Let everyone submit to the governing authorities, since there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are instituted by God.” They accept anything: racial views today, gay parades tomorrow. They pledge allegiance to their perverted unracial “heaven” only, but from that metaphysical angle the soil for them can be Nordic or mongrelized, it doesn’t matter.

The comments section of TOD is only letting me post some comments. The others have “an invalid security token”.
All religion aside, the article says:
“The Alt-Right isn’t a confession. The movement is united by race realism. If you are Alt-Right, you believe that race exists, race matters and race is the foundation of identity.”
Like Andy Donner says: “To be Alt-Right you just have to be vaguely pro-white.”

I see that you’re actively commenting on Occidental Dissent.
I dunno if a link to my most recent post (here) would be allowed in their comments section: it nails ‘Southern Nationalism’.

I have done that yesterday. It is still there, but it has not gotten a reply.
I have also commented on a Siegeculture article by James Mason called Islam, where I address his C.I beliefs, and try to be as honest as possible and polite as possible. I also linked some Apocalypse for Whites posts, asking Mason for his opinion.

At midnight I re-edited the ‘Liaucius’ post and added a link, in its last paragraph. In the past, I used that piece trying to show why the South failed.
I very much doubt that you will receive a cogent response. Giving up a paradigm is something far more serious that becoming aware of race or the JQ. It is like the traumatizing process of being unplugged from the Matrix’s electric plant by the spider-robot and then being dragged into the sewage canals.
As I have said, WNsts are purple-pilled, not red-pilled. Only a new generation of whites will make the difference.
Tonight or tomorrow the PDF will be ready. Then you will have something really substantial to link to in your future exchanges…

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