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WDH radio show

WDH Radio Show – Episode 5

Warning: The audio recording of this episode is poor

Crossing the Charlottesville Rubicon

— Listen to it here —
WDH hosts: Joseph Walsh and Jake F.
Special guest: Chris White

Though I, C.T., recorded this episode I chose not to participate.

6 replies on “WDH Radio Show – Episode 5”

Jake’s voice sounds pretty well but Chris White’s voice is barely understandable. The problem was not my recording buy a microphone used in the UK. Next time we will try to fix it but thanks for your complain: since English is not my mother language I first thought I didn’t understand White because of his accent!

ditto – the other thing is to set the volume so that you can hear it on a laptop’s speakers

The sound on me and Chris White’s end is terrible-I’ll remember never to record a show like this again. Me and Chris were clearly both sitting too far away from the computer microphone to be fully audible.

Apologies to the listeners.

I noted from the beginning that Chris’ voice was not being heard. But since I am not a native speaker, then I thought I could not understand his accent; that it was my fault. That’s why I allowed the recording in such circumstances. Next time we will need two independent microphones attached to the computer when recording two persons in the same room.

Regarding Charlottesville, I woke up today with the news that Murka is violating its own laws by incarcerating Christopher Cantwell. On the other hand, they don’t get Antifa members to jail, the real law-breakers! It’s increasingly obvious that there’s no freedom for WN rallys in Murka anymore. It’s getting almost as bad as Europe.

A while ago I gave up being angry about the double standards in the law, about the injustice of the so-called ‘justice’ system. I realized our enemies are not going to play fair to win, they don’t have to and why should they?

There was a very good article on The Daily Stormer (which seems to have been taken down again, even on the Tor browser!) about the loss of free speech in America. The writer (I can’t remember who) stated clearly that it was for precisely this moment that the Second Amendment was written. If white males in the USA don’t utilize the Second Amendment to kill the Jews that make up the occupying Jewish tyranny in the USA then they deserve for their race to be wiped clean from the United States by the Jews. Nature does not tolerate the survival of weaklings and cowards.

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