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Free speech / Free press Judeo-reductionism WDH radio show

WDH Radio Show – Episode 9

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WDH host: Joseph Walsh
Special guest: Vegainator

8 replies on “WDH Radio Show – Episode 9”

The message of the Old Testament is this: If you rape, and murder Goyim for me, then I, Hashem, will be your God. The Talmud elaborates upon this: the Amelikites of the Old Testament are the whites of today, and they must be exterminated in similar fashion.
If you rape and kill – and in the Talmud pederast – enough Goyim for me, then I shall give you a sign: the land of Israel shall be yours. This is your heaven; your beatific vision. If you refuse to rape, kill and pederast enough Goyim for me, then I shall drive you from the land of Israel. This is a hell for you. You need redemption. You shall redeem yourselves unto the Lord by raping, murdering and pederasting Goyim. Only then shall I relent, and bring you back to Israel.
You can be an atheist and believe the above stuff: “God” simply becomes the laws of nature or the will of the Jewish people. Laurence Krause said that religious Jews very often come up to him and admit that they are atheists.
The Bible is the ultimate example of something that is hidden in plain sight. It demands the total extermination of whites, the Amelikites, and yet it is in every white person’s home; and is even venerated by a lot of white nationalists!

“The commandment to kill Amalekites is not practiced by contemporary Jews, based on the argument that Sennacherib deported and mixed the nations, so it is no longer possible to determine who is an Amalekite. For example, Rabbi Hayim Palaggi stated:”
Yeah right! What you come to realize about Judaism is that it is a secret society. There is what they tell us Judaism is, and then there is the real thing. Apparently there are also secret Rabbinical teachings that are so murderous that they are never written down, but simply whispered from rabbi to rabbi.

xtian cognitive dissonance: the conflating of the o.t. & n.t. w/i a single binding called the holy book. o.t. message to the tribe: kill the goy. n.t.message to the untribes: let them. truly a death-cult secret society in plain view. a defining of sicko. (pursuing holiness: how to waste one’s best years. to benefit the tribe.)

One thing that I like about Catholic Editions of the Bible: Vulgate; 16th-century DRV; Challoner DRV; is that they use the term ‘gens/gentile,’ which is a racial term, whereas the KJV spiritualises this naturalist term with ‘heathen,’ which simply denotes a difference of belief. The message of BOTH Testaments of the Catholic Bible is clear: the Jews want to destroy you as a race. The Protestant bible is deceptive: the Jews want simply to change your mind.
I believe that the Doauay fathers knew what they were doing, here, and that they broke ranks so as to expose this book. I believe that there has always been an Aryan faction within the pre-conciliar Catholic Church; however it was never formally organised unlike the Jewish faction: Jesuits; knights of Malta; Opus Dei et al.
The Order of Marcion was set up by the SS so as to dejudaise the Catholic Church… but it probably no longer exists.

So true: Death Cult. And jews, Judaism are a secret society amongst White nations, plus all their offshoots:- (((Jesuits)))

Hello friends,
I really enjoy your podcasts (I wish you would make them more frequently). Just one bit of constructive criticism. Perhaps you could consider investing in some microphones,because these great discussions deserve better audio.
Hail Victory.

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