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Why Europeans must reject Christianity, 19

by Ferdinand Bardamu

Most destructive force in European history? World’s most dangerous religion?
Among the great religions, only Christianity contains within its shell an unlimited capacity for self-destruction. Nihilism lies at the core of the Christian gospel; in pure form, the religion demands the total renunciation of all worldly attachment for the greater glory of the kingdom of god. Christianity is the negation of life because it sets goals that, when attained, lead to the annihilation of the individual. As far as Western survival is concerned, this can only mean one thing: civilizational collapse and ethnic suicide. This is exactly what happened during the Dark Ages, when Christians were at the apogee of their power and influence in Europe. This decline was reversed by courageous intellectuals who had rediscovered the glories of the ancient civilizations, using this past achievement as the basis for new achievements and discoveries.
Christianity is a dangerous religion. It maximizes the survival and reproduction of the genetically unfit at the expense of society’s more productive members. It promotes the mass invasion of the West by foreigners of low genetic quality, especially from the Third World. By lowering collective IQ, Christianity has accelerated Western civilizational decline.
Neo-Christianity, in the form of liberalism and cultural Marxism, has inherited the orthodox Christian high regard for Lebensunwertes Leben. Christians and neo-Christians have even provided the necessary economic and political means, i.e. welfare statism and human rights, for ensuring that the genetically unfit breed large numbers of offspring with each passing generation. This has created an “idiocracy,” one that threatens the sustainability of all Western institutions. With each passing year, an enormous fiscal burden is imposed on the state for the support and daily maintenance of this growing class of dependents.
The Christian belief in the sacredness or intrinsic worth of all human life means that the religion is best regarded as an inherently anti-eugenic force. This Christian hatred of race improvement has manifested itself throughout European history. Christian monasticism and the priesthood, which removed Europe’s most gifted men from the gene pool, helped prolong the Dark Ages by hundreds of years.
Christian opposition to eugenics may also be driven by a recognition that actual religious belief is correlated with genetic inferiority. The negative correlation between intelligence and religiosity has been known since the mid-1920’s. Recent findings include a 2009 study revealing that atheists have average IQ’s 6 points higher than religious believers. This more than exceeds the threshold for statistical significance. The study further explored the relationship between national IQ and disbelief in god, finding a correlation of 0.60. This negative correlation, replicated across multiple studies, is the main reason why Christianity has experienced such explosive growth in the underdeveloped regions of Africa and Latin America.
In this context, Christian opposition to eugenics is a defensive maneuver. A more biologically evolved population would abandon Christianity for a rational belief-system. This would bankrupt the Christian religion by emptying church coffers and forcing its clergy to find an alternative source of employment.
Christianity is a threat to global peace and security. This makes it the world’s most dangerous religion. The Roman Catholic Church, the largest Christian denomination in the world at almost 1.3 billion members, is opposed to abortion and all other forms of contraception. Protestants are also against abortion, although many support voluntary contraception. Neo-Christians, which include modern liberals and cultural Marxists, although not opposed to the free availability of abortion and contraception in the West, are opposed to population stabilization and reduction in Third World countries.
Although modern research has demonstrated the existence of a significant positive correlation between foreign aid and fertility, Christian organizations continue to actively send aid to Third World countries. The continuous flow of money from the global north to the global south has led to explosive population growth in the developing regions of the world.
This problem is most acute in Africa, where the demographic situation has been significantly exacerbated by foreign aid from the liberal governments of developed countries and Christian charities. The population increases through a continuous stream of charitable donation, which places great strain on available resources as the local carrying capacity of the land is exceeded. Competition for scarce resources intensifies, bringing violent conflict in its wake; large-scale famines occur with increasing frequency and severity. The destabilization of entire regions leads to increasing numbers of Africans desperately trying to escape worsening conditions in their own countries, accelerating the destruction of Western civilization through the demographic timebomb of Third World migration.
After the West has been utterly destroyed by rampaging migrant hordes, the populations that once survived on Christian charity and foreign aid return to subsistence-level conditions after Malthusian catastrophe. This results in widespread depopulation of Africa south of the Sahara Desert.
Like the patristic Christianity that once menaced the world of classical antiquity, the “neo-Christianity” of social welfare liberalism and cultural Marxism threatens to bring about the complete destruction of modern Western civilization. Political doctrines like equality and human rights, forged within a Christian theological context, are now used as tools for the dispossession of Europeans in their own homelands. Not only is neo-Christianity represented by liberal-leftist ideology; it is also an intrinsic element of modern Christian teaching that has rediscovered its primitive Christian roots.
All Christian churches, both Protestant and Catholic, support racial egalitarianism; they actively promote the ethnocide of the West through massive and indiscriminate Third World immigration. This resurgent neo-Christianity gathers momentum with each passing decade. Time will only tell whether the neo-Christian recreation of god’s kingdom on earth is successful, but the current prognosis for Western civilization remains a bleak one.
The multiculturalist state religion was implemented during the cultural revolution of the 1960s. Reversal of course is not possible in this current atmosphere of state-sanctioned political correctness. If the liberal-leftist regimes of the West maintain their grip on power, the dystopian conditions they have socially engineered will continue without interruption into the foreseeable future. The totalitarian nature of multicultural ideology is further reinforced by the systematic brainwashing of Western populations and Jewish elite control of politics, the media, all major financial institutions and the academic world.
European civilization is in danger of being permanently eclipsed by the specter of neo-Christian influence, which hangs over the continent like the sword of Damocles. We will always have the Bible and the church, but Western scientific and technological advancement will not be with us forever. It is obvious that Christianity offers nothing but endless misery and suffering for Western man. Unless the remaining vestiges of Christianity in Europe are extinguished without a trace, European civilization will find itself submerged in a dark age more long-lasting and calamitous than the one that engulfed Europe after the Christianization of the Latin-speaking West in the 4th century.
For the first time in history, Western man must choose between Christianity or the survival of his own civilization. We can only hope that he chooses wisely as the “hour of decision” fast approaches.

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Re: the penultimate paragraph –
For the first time, I disagree with the author. The big difference between the collapse of civilisation in the 4th century and today is that the Middle Ages left the door open for a Greco-Roman revival, as the gene pool of Europeans was largely intact (and revival came during the Renaissance). Nowadays, however, the goal is to exterminate the white race itself, so that revival after some centuries of darkness is impossible.
This is why I call this blog the darkest hour for the fair race.

“The negative correlation between intelligence and religiosity”. The difference between (((Xtianity))) and Aryan solar worship is the difference between an irrational believe in equality, for which there is no empirical evidence in nature; and the close observation of nature, of the cosmos. Aryan astro-theology was empirically based, or proto science – the close study of the sun, stars and constellations. The resurrection of the sun after the winter solstice was vital for life on earth. The sun was worshipped as a proxy for the powers of the cosmos. There was reason for it. Survival. Time was measured as the eternal return of the sun and constellations, the precession of the equinoxes, cycles of time, cycles of ages. Xtian time is (((linear))) – from Christ to the day of judgment and the End of History.

Spengler’s “The Hour of Decision”. He died in 1936, but like Junger didn’t throw his support behind Hitler and the NSDAP, fully aware of the forces amassing against Germany and Europe.

The pre-Conciliar Roman [Catholic] Calendar is astrotheological. Saint Doubting Thomas’s day is the Winter Solstice. The sun was at its lowest ebb, and primitive prescientific man doubted as to whether it would rise again. Jesus Day, or Christmas, is December 25th when the sun is observed to move one degree towards the Northern Hemisphere. The sun begins to wax, or increase.
Saint John the Baptist’s day is June 25th. The sun has been observed to move one degree towards the Southern Hemisphere, or towards Anubis’s abode, the grave. The sun begins to decrease, or wane.
“He must increase and I must decrease.” Saint John the Baptist dies – is be headed by Herod shortly afterwards.
Joseph Atwill said that the inventors of Catholicism deliberately inserted these clues, so as to cultivate a leadership class. They did not want the adepts to take Catholic doctrine seriously. Only the top 0.1% – if that – will figure out the astrotheological nature of the Roman Calendar, and these were the men that the Flavian’s wanted as the Curia, or government, of the Catholic Church.
It is why I find myself in the paradox of being largely pro-Catholic but deeply anti-Christian. I believe that the Catholic Church lead me to the beliefs that I now have; told me these things herself.

In the pre-conciliar Roman Calendar, there is the Sanctoral Cycle… feasts of the Saints; and the temporal Cycle… the feasts of Jesus. To oversimplify, the temporal cycle is the SUN-days of the year. Again, the Roman Calendar seems to identify Jesus with the sun.
Interestingly, Saint Pius X, who was fascinated with astronomy from his youth, and who used to build sun-dials in the Italian town of Riese, some of which survive, today. He revised the Roman Calendar such that when the Sanctoral and Temporal cycles clashed, precedence would be given to the Temporal, or SUN-day cycle.

Though none are better than Mr. Bardamu when reciting the crimes and history of Christianity, he gets out of his element when he tries to become a champion of “civilization”, as he does here. What does he mean by civilization? High technology? That’s the usual definition nowadays. But he’s also referred to the ancients as possessing a civilization, and they didn’t have any high technology at all; nor did they have any science as we understand the term today. If we modern men could return to the times of Sparta and Athens, before electricity or cars, or computers or modern medicine, when most believed in the existence of Zeus and Athena, and in miracles and magic, would we consider ourselves to be living in a civilized time? That’s questionable. Materially, there’d be very little to separate us from the unlettered barbarians beyond the city gates besides some great art and nice architecture.
At any rate, high technology isn’t under any threat, so if that’s what Mr. Bardamu means by civilization he can rest easy. It’s never been stronger, and is getting stronger with each passing day. It’s the white race that gave that technology birth that’s in danger of being killed by its own creation. With respect to this, high tech is the culprit, not the solution. It was high technology that destroyed the geographic barriers that separated the races, enabling the mixing of races on a continental scale; high technology that caused the Green Revolution that enabled a huge population explosion, particularly in the third world, and especially in Africa; high technology that has atomized whites and keeps them from having any sense of themselves as a race; high technology that threatens ecological catastrophe by eliminating thousands of species and races in the natural world; high technology that threatens to turn man himself into an engineered product of technology; high technology that suspends a Damoclean sword of nuclear destruction over the entire planet.
We also have a pretty good idea of what would happen if that technology were to disappear on a global scale. There’d be mass starvation; governments would collapse; there’d be utter chaos. It would be the biggest human extinction event in history, killing perhaps nine out of ten alive today. Only the strongest would survive in such a world, and it would be a world which would re-segregate itself along racial lines. Those left alive would be forced back to a much more primitive level of technology not dependent upon high levels of social organization or technical skill. They’d have to live like the Romans, or the Spartans or Athenians. But who could possibly want that? Well, it turns out that not even the racial right wants that, and so, much like right-wing “Christians” who defend Christianity, these “defenders of civilization” are defending the very thing that is killing them. Ironic, isn’t it?

Aryans of antiquity believed in magic and miracles, but this does not mean that living in a civilisation came hand in hand with this. Just because they believed in the world that they did, however you may want to criticise it, it could have existed independently of irrational beliefs.

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