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WDH radio show

WDH Radio Show – Episode 1

Christianity is white genocide

— Listen to it here! —
WDH hosts: Joseph Walsh, Jake F. and yours truly
Special guest: Alex Linder

“After the Christian takeover of white civilization the philo-Semitic, anti-racist worldview of Christianity has never been altered by Jews. There’s been no need.”

—Jack Frost

There is great resistance from certain quarters even on the racial right to the very idea that the Christian worldview is in any way responsible for the current political situation. I for one believe that the Christian problem “encompasses” the Jewish problem, and that if the white race is to survive both the US state and the religion that supports it must be destroyed. (James Mason, the subject of a future WDH radio episode, would agree with destroying the American state but not the religion it supports.) I confess that most of my life has gravitated around Christianity and its legacy. White nationalists, on the other hand, have analyzed the Jewish problem to an incredible detail. But exposing the “Christian problem” only risks donations for the apostate.

Fortunately, the spoken word is more powerful than the written word. Hitler reached power through his oratory. And Goebbels used the audiovisual media to educate the Germans.

In the 1930s and early 40s the Germans were decent people and Hitler restrained his views about Christianity to his inner circle. Nowadays miscegenation is actively destroying the Aryan DNA and we have no choice but speak out publicly about the religion of our parents.

Mr. Linder, our guest for the very first episode of The West’s Darkest Hour Radio Show, is scheduled for a future podcast on another taboo subject, exterminationism. If you want to continue listening to these topics consider making a donation (donate button has been relocated at the bottom of this page). I still have to take expensive lessons, personalized at my home, to master the software to edit the raw recordings. And let’s not talk about lessons for a proper English pronunciation…!

The subject of our next episode will be “White Nationalism is inferior to National Socialism.”

13 replies on “WDH Radio Show – Episode 1”

This post will remain “sticky” for some days.

For a written approach on the Christian problem see The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour. Sample chapter here, although the bold-typed phrases are un-bolded in the printed book. I bolded them for the fastidious reader who doesn’t even want to read a complete chapter of The Fair Race, the catechism of this site.

I listened to the whole show last night, and overall it was very good and had a lot of intelligent commentary.

Cesar’s spoken English is with a British accent, and he spoke slowly with a deep voice, so I was able to understand his English okay. Early in the show the other guy who spoke with a British accent was, at one point, talking too fast and with his accent I wasn’t able to understand what he was saying. But other than once or twice with that other British-accented guy, I was able to understand everyone okay. Also, the sound levels were good throughout the show.

Overall, a successful first show. Congrats.

CT, I’m looking forward to listening to “el primero” WDH podcast at my convenience, so please enable the download link on SoundCloud.

Soundcloud won’t allow downloading of the MP3 file unless the user first signs in using a Faceberg, Google, or Soundcloud account.

Have you considered hosting the episode MP3 files directly from the blog?

Jake-thanks. CT-to download from SoundCloud:”More” option box-left click on it for drop down menu . . .

Some constructive criticism: Too much time spent on the two Americans just rambling on about typical low-brow White Nationalist topics. I would have liked more structure on the topic at hand, and more from Cesar himself.
Otherwise it was a good listen!

Gentlemen, great podcast–all of you. The conservation could have gone for hours . . . ; I look forward the another podcast with the same group. CT: thanks for hosting and will check in for future podcasts.

Hi, there is no need for you to pay for expensive lessons. There are plenty of easy to follow tutorials.

Let me know what software you require & i’ll be happy to send you some links.

Also i’d be more then happy to guide you through the software for free. Just let me know what you want to do, editing etc., & i’ll be happy to walk you through.

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