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From Joseph Walsh’s desk

It has become clear to me that us white males must kill our enemies or our race will go extinct. By our enemies I mean primarily the Jews, and before someone imagines these Jews are invincible and untouchable, just think how many synagogues there are around your country? THE ENEMY that is genociding us is sitting comfortably in our own countries unmolested by the people he is exterminating. That says a lot about us. Unlike our ancestors, white males of today don’t kill our enemies. We send memes to them. We talk about them. Anything but actually killing them. But unless we resume the ways of our ancestors in dealing with their enemies we are not going to survive. If we are too cowardly to kill our enemies then our extinction will be richly deserved.

If there were no police, white men would be more likely to kill their enemies for the danger of life in prison would be put aside. The idea of a ‘collapse’ holds appeal to many because it’s assumed that in the chaos of the collapse, the police will somehow be dispersed and Whites can start killing their enemies without the threat of prison. But we should not rely on a collapse to take place, we must prepare for the worst—that things continue to remain the same. In that case we must simply kill our enemies. What is holding us back is ourselves. There are enough White Nationalist men worldwide to do serious damage to the Jews.

A thousand Breiviks attacking synagogues and the earth would tremble. It is white males who are to blame for lacking the initiative to carry out attacks on their enemies, white males who are to blame for their failure to secure our race’s existence. Real Men would have done something about all this decades ago. In fact real men would never have allowed this situation to come to pass. At some point during the end of WWII the White Man made the unconscious decision that he couldn’t be bothered to contend with the Jews and just chose extinction instead. It is this unconscious death-wish that has made it so easy for the Jews to genocide us.

If it becomes clear to me (and others) near the end of my lifetime that the White race is not going to survive, I will not pity us. For our extinction is justified by Natural Law. Nature’s Law of Survival of the Fittest ensures justice, and we will have been weighed in the balance by that law and judged unfit to survive. Extinction is the logical outcome for a species too cowardly and stupid to preserve itself, and although it is my own race that is perishing, from a detached, impartial perspective there is no need to pity it. It simply got what it deserved.

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Several points:

First, I could not understand in Covington’s novels why he didn’t chose the MSM as NVA’s primary target. My guess is that, although escapist fantasy, he expected to use the media as an asset to advertise his revolution: something that appears to me as extremely naïve to say the least. It’s obvious that the MSM goes before the synagogues (although most of the media is owned by the non-gentiles themselves). You can imagine how would they start to restrain themselves after, say, 40 anchors are brought to justice by our NVA boys.

The other thing that makes me think is your focusing on the Jews. To me, a final solution à la Linder is the most practical way. But perhaps you might be surprised to learn that I don’t really hate them. I want them under the ground for sure: but what I really hate are the white traitors. Who do you hate more: Bill Clinton or George Soros? To me, with his conferences that it’s good that white Americans will become a minority, he deserves, literally, crucifixion during or after The Day of The Rope (the day I wish to live to see).

Spartacus 's followers are crucifiedJust as six thousand survivors of the Spartacus revolt captured by the legions of Crassus were crucified, lining the Appian Way from Rome to Capua, we need another 6,000 lining crucified victims from Atlanta to Washington after The Day. White traitors deserve special treatment because they are worse than the external enemy.

This is why I don’t like to speak in English in the podcasts. Only with very fluent English and impeccable pronunciation the eloquence of these thoughts would not sound bad.

As to the collapse, it is a pity that the Bob Mathewses waste their lives if only they could keep on living for a few years until civil war becomes natural. If a latter-day Mathews has no patience for the dollar to crash (deadline: December 2020), I would recommend thinking big, like those sand-niggers in 9/11 but this time with nearly all Senators discussing something in the Congress. (That would effectively drain the swamp better than Trump’s limited powers.)

But these are plans for Uncle Harold & Co. in the Northwest I guess. Or will the NVA never pass from fiction into the real world?

It doesn’t surprise me that you don’t really hate the Jews. Neither do I—they are a worthy enemy. Of course I hate Bill Clinton more than George Soros, Soros is just being true to his tribe whereas Clinton is a despicable traitor. For some reason though my hatred for white traitors has declined from what it was a few years ago. I don’t know why…

As for a collapse, I think we are already in a sort of collapse of Western civilization and have been since the end of WWII. Things are getting worse and worse and I think particuarly the mass invasion will lead to an eventual collapse scenario naturally without an economic crisis.

Doesn’t seem like the NVA is going to pass from fiction into the real world as most in the movement don’t believe Harold’s revolution is possible to pull off. They will continue to play with street marches and conferences etc. rather than form a paramilitary group like the NVA as real men would be doing.

Just a clarification about Jew hatred. I almost never interact with them. But my cousin has his clinic in a neighbourhood with them and he no longer accepts them as patients.

When I hear of what the SPLC does, I fantasise someone doing something like the Oklahoma thing with their Alabama building. But Jews don’t do anything to me because I see none of them. It’s like an intellectual hatred, something that I deduce for what I see over the forums, not something personal.

In a sense, my hatred is potentially more dangerous than, say, the hatred that the monocausalists feel—precisely because it’s a cold hatred. My hatred of white traitors on the other hand is hot. In a guerrilla war, paradoxically I would be far more efficient taking non-gentiles to justice than white traitors because my desire to crucify the latter might blind my actions.

We are going to need a collapse but there’s nothing that says that racists can’t help that collapse come faster. America’s power grid, for instance, is not that well protected. The same can be said for our water supplies. The transportation of goods (including food) can be made phenomenally expensive if drivers feel they are in danger because trucks keep getting blown up traveling lonely stretches of highways. Being a banker or a college professor or a news anchor can be made to be high risk professions as well. But most people in the movement are so stupid they will talk about the “bad optics” this would create, or tremble in fear of the system’s reprisals. They don’t understand that getting the system to squeeze harder and take away fundamental rights away from comfortable conservative cowards is one of the GOALS of guerrilla activity, not an unfortunate side effect.

Sadly, any armed force we attempt to put together NVA style will be populated by federal agents and taken down immediately. Our goals will have to be accomplished via lone wolf and small cell. No, this isn’t ideal, it’s a methodology born of necessity. Look into anti-abortion violence to see how effective a tiny amount of this style of activity can be. What we are not supposed to know is that an enormous amount of abortion clinics closed their doors in the 1990’s as a result of this. And this was accomplished by men who did not know each other and did not communicate with one another on how to go forward. And it is a small number of incidents and individuals, Eric Rudolph being the most noteworthy. As James Mason said, we need to run and hit, not hit and run, if you catch his meaning. And please note that abortion is less popular today than it was before this spate of killings began.

We will need figures that outline who our real problems are, of course. They won’t explicitly call for violence, but they must constantly make excuses for those who perpetrate violence. They should also understand that they will likely be arrested by ZOG anyway. But then again, is it really hard for any of us to look at the news and identify people who have it coming? Larger alignments of cells happen naturally post-collapse into a politically dominant movement.

As for jews, they need to be removed (exterminated) along with their dark pets so we can actually have an honest dialogue among ourselves about the shortcomings of our current values and flaws in our character. Then we can reverse the transvaluation of values that occurred in 1945…and beyond that to the eradication of Christ-Insanity in our lands. Until then, we are left with violent self-preservation, if we can even muster it.

Believe me, I’m not currently in love with the white race. I think Jim Goad put it brilliantly when he said that he’s “defensively white”, which is how I feel. I want the white race to survive and prosper because I am white and because my children are white. It isn’t because “Boo-hoo, all races have a right to exist!” or any other such childish nonsense. Really, all the historic achievements that pro-white types like to gloat about were accomplished largely by men who wouldn’t recognize what sniveling, cowardly creatures their descendants have become: Slovenly sports fans, Valium-gobbling reality TV watchers, wiggers and deranged sexual deviants. The greatness is still in our DNA, but it largely lies dormant at the moment. We desperately need to awaken the hatred within us that will allow us to do what must be done.

Well, maybe you haven’t read The Brigade, that could be interpreted as FAQs on how to do guerrilla war in our times?:

“Sadly, any armed force we attempt to put together NVA style will be populated by federal agents and taken down immediately. Our goals will have to be accomplished via lone wolf and small cell.”

What you are describing fits the concept of the “trouble trio”.

I have read Brigade, and it lays out a more trusting guerrilla warfare scenario. It uses cells and has some secretive practices, but it is still an organized structure with a hierarchy. Lone wolf and small cell there is no one to report to or take direction from. No orders, no help, you and maybe your one or two partners are all on your own. Your only commandment is to do harm to the system however you see fit. Again, this is most definitely not ideal. As a matter fact, it is a terrible way to go about things. But in terms of direct action it’s what we have left to us. It needs to be understand that infiltration is by far our biggest problem in terms of any effort to use violence. You can’t even have a normie militia group without having agents and/or informants as a part of your group. And it’s frightening how high up in any organization this infiltration penetrates. Louis Beam lays this out very well. Unfortunately he was a Christian (CI).

The only thing that might be a game changer is MRI lie detecting. It can’t be beaten like a traditional lie detector test. If we can get a core of commanders that can be 100% cleared, then a lose, secretive structure could be put into place. Recruitment and financing would then become the biggest challenges

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