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Response to Anglin

‘The sign of the times is degeneracy. This term, degeneracy, sums up all that is happening to the West’.

— Iranian for Aryans

I didn’t read all the article that Andrew Anglin published today, ‘When the Alt-Right Hits the Street You Wanna Be Ready’ but it’s clear for what I’ve read that we see the world in a completely different way.

In the first place, white nationalists have not realised that the main cause that there has not been a pro-white, mass movement is universal degeneration in the West. How I remember, when I was living in Marin County in California, those days when the US Senate rejected Reagan’s nomination for the Supreme Court of Robert Bork, author of Slouching to Gomorrah: Modern Liberalism and American Decline. Even Anglin himself promotes cultural degeneracy in his article with a photograph of the skinhead movement: some guys playing degenerate music. I have already said it and it is worth repeating: You cannot beat the Gomorrah that America has become with Gomorrahite art! That was the blunder not only of William Pierce as we shall see, but of John Tyndall on the other side of the Atlantic.

Today at dawn I discussed with a visitor the use of the swastika. I acknowledge that the matter is controversial and we can leave it aside. The central point is that no one in white nationalism that I know has realized that the main problem does not come from the movements since the death of Rockwell in 1967 until 2014, the date that Anglin puts in his article that marks the beginning of Alt-Right activism. The problem comes not only from the elites but the general people. Trying to save the white race is like trying to save the Romans from their degeneration in the days of Caligula or Nero. Only the conquest of the Roman Empire by a fresh breed of Northern Aryans did the trick. Alas, nowadays the worst degenerations come from hyperboreans.

If anyone understands this, it is clear that more than blaming racist organisations of the past, as Anglin does, we must blame the degenerate Zeitgeist in general: a Zeitgeist that Anglin himself, and those who comment on his blog, share with the degenerate music they listen.

True, the racist organisations of the past erred. Arthur Kemp personally told me that in a beautiful town in England a few years ago. Pierce, for example, refused to form a political party and believed that doing activism from a mountain could make a difference. In addition, and that Kemp did not tell me, the money that Pierce used to buy a degenerate music company should have been used to form a publishing house for his books—and many other radical books.

Tactical blunders have been committed in the previous organisations certainly. But not the strategic errors that Anglin and many others imagine. Due to Western degeneracy, the history of Golden Dawn, which has used neo-Nazi aesthetics, should make us see that our message can only be broadly preached—as in Greece—after an economic collapse. This is a reality that white nationalists have not studied and should do. It was the collapse of the Deutsche Mark what catapulted Hitler, and a crisis similar to that of 1929 in the United States can re-visit the US sooner than we imagine.

For new visitors unfamiliar with my criticism of white nationalism, see my article in the Addendum: here.

Those wishing to get started on the subject of those who predict another financial accident in the US as serious as that of 1929, may begin: here.

5 replies on “Response to Anglin”

I’m near certain we’re past the stage for political parties in North America and Western Europe. I say we let events take their course, let more and more migrants enter the West and leave it to fight or die. Whites will either kill their enemies or perish under a flood of brown and black hordes. Survival of the Fittest will determine things from here on out, not voting.

Yes, but it’s interesting that within my lifespan a Pierce could have formed a party after Rockwell died and he failed to do so. Even the opportunity of ‘Hunters’ to use his second novel was missed and now we have cameras all over the West to prevent this sort of freedom fighters.

‘Chaos is a ladder’, our ladder after the coming crash.


P.S. I linked this article on DS and a commenter replied: “Anglin is not promoting cultural degeneracy.” But Anglin has said in other articles that rock music is “great music”.

My biggest problem with that article is how Anglin says we shouldn’t talk about Christianity because it’s a “divisive issue.” Of course we shouldn’t be brandishing inverted crosses and we shouldn’t scare off Christian newcomers, but our morality is fundamentally different from Christianity. Not talking about the Christian Question is as cowardly as not talking about the Jewish Question. A morality that posits that all homo sapiens are born with a soul and made in the image of God and could potentially share heaven with us will lead to the extinction of the white race, no matter how “woke” you are to the JQ, race realism, white genocide, etc.

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