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Three-eyed raven, 2

Indented paragraphs are taken from Who We Are by William Pierce:

The four centuries between the Dorian invasion and the flowering of the literate Classical civilization are referred to by most historians as “the Dark Age,” for much the same reasons that the period between the fall of Rome, more than fifteen centuries later, and the flowering of Mediaeval civilization is also called “the Dark Ages.”

In both cases a people of an older civilization, who had begun to succumb to racial mixing and decadence, was overwhelmed by a more vigorous and racially healthier but culturally less advanced people from the north. And in both cases a period of gestation took place over a dozen generations or so, during which a synthesis of old and new elements, racial and cultural, occurred, before a new and different civilization arose from the ruins of the old.

Unfortunately, most historians tacitly assume that the records of political and cultural activity which have come down to us from periods of civilized literacy provide all the data needed to yield an understanding of the historical process. The state of development and degree of organization and complexity of city life are taken as a yardstick by which to evaluate the significance or historical importance of a particular period. And if one’s standards of value are geared to such things as the volume of commerce, the gross national product, or even the intensity of scientific, literary, and artistic activity, such a yardstick may seem, at first glance, to be proper.

But there are other standards of value, such as those of the National Alliance, which differ somewhat from the customary ones. For it is not in the external forms of organization and activity of a people that we see the most important criteria for making a judgment as to the significance of a particular period, but rather in the actual racial constitution of a people and in the dynamic processes which, for better or worse, are influencing that racial constitution.

Unfortunately, those are not the standards of white nationalists. For instance, it is common among anti-nordicist WNsts to use the card of the Iberian conquests of the 16th century and the Iberian colonisation in the following centuries as proof that Iberians were equal to the English—completely ignoring the fact that in those centuries Iberians were polluting their blood both in the Americas and in the peninsula itself; in the case of Portugal, even with Negroes.

Although the basic racial constitution of a people is always intimately related to that people’s achievements in commerce, science, industry, art, politics, and warfare, still the two sets of criteria can lead to fundamentally different evaluations of a given historical period. This is a consequence of the fact that race building and decay are usually strongly out of phase with civilization building and decay.

Thus, the long ages between the periods of maximum civil activity—ages which the historian customarily ignores as being of only slight importance—may very well be periods of the greatest interest from a standpoint of racial dynamics.

It is, of course, true that the periods of maximum civil activity are precisely those which yield a maximum of written records, artifacts, and the other raw materials from which the historian builds his tale. But relative abundance of evidence should not be interpreted as equivalent to relative historical significance, regardless of the historian’s value criteria.

The record of the rise and fall of pure races constitutes the primary history of mankind, and the rise and fall of civilizations occupy a place of secondary importance. This statement may seem self-evident to those already accustomed to looking at history from a racial viewpoint, but it is by no means generally accepted by historians today. Until it is, much historical writing will continue to be flawed in a fundamental way.

This meta-perspective radically changed my normie POV of History. Now I see that the Early Middle Ages (or early medieval period), lasting from the 5th to the 10th century CE, is pivotal to understand Europe. Without the Raven’s powers of retro-cognition and his chapters on Greece and Rome, it would never have occurred to me that the periods when the race is consolidating in its purity are the fertile ground on which the best Aryan culture will grow. It is enough to compare English-speaking countries in this continent with those speaking Spanish and Portuguese to prove it. (Unlike ignorant white nationalists I don’t use “North America” because this term, in fact, includes Mexico.)

Something similar could be said about Europe. The anti-nordicism among many white nationalists is so religiously blind that they have not even been able to assimilate the genetic catastrophe that happened in Portugal. Anti-nordicism is one of the many reasons why I believe that white nationalism must die in the United States in the pursuit of a new religion for whites that embraces the ideals of German National Socialism.

Changing the subject, on Skype I have discussed with my friends about the Nazi symbols. Correct me if I am wrong: but it seems to me that you do not believe that we should use the symbols of the Germans of the last century.

My answer is that the swastika is a universal symbol for the Aryan race. Why not create a pro-white movement on both sides of the Atlantic using flags with the colours of the flag of each nation? From this angle, the swastika flag of American nationalists will include red, blue and white—in contrast to red, black and white in the flag that Hitler devised.

Note: The above quotations of Pierce’s book are contextualized in The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour (available: here). If life permits, next Tuesday I will comment on another passage from the same visionary chapter on Greece coming from the pen of the American Raven.

5 replies on “Three-eyed raven, 2”

WNsts reason in a truly cowardly way. At Counter Currents a commenter said today:

News photos related to the alt right tend to favour exposing slovenly kkk and nsm style rallies. Any group that doesn’t want to be counter productive should consider at least having some kind of graphic designer look over their imagery.

This in effect is like saying: “Since the Jews created postwar propaganda, I won’t even try to disabuse whites that the Allied forces are the ones who really committed Holocausts: I rather subscribe the anti-swastica accepted wisdom by normies.” This idiot is not even recognising that Ben Klassen, the subject of that article, used a Christian symbol instead.

Also, these idiots ignore that Golden Dawn had been a success with NS-like symbols until the government used illegal means to suppress it.

However valid the Swastika is from an historical and literal viewpoint, it is so tainted in contemporary society that its use invariably assures a thoughtless and uniform rejection of racial considerations. It is seen and will remain a universal symbol of hate …

To attempt to change that is putting the cart before the horse. Practical political considerations never alienate a people from their prejudices; it appears to console while subverting those same beliefs.

The sad truth is that the development of any mass movement based upon racial considerations must first utilize ‘academic’ (I.Q. tests, impulse control, developmental statistics in youth, etc.) and /or public health concerns so that the average citizen will not see it as an attempt at racial segregation. It must eschew ‘hate’ to have any opportunity for public appeal.

Such a programs long integration into the public consciousness, requiring funding and media, would be expensive and difficult to organize in the ‘World of ZOG’. The first and fundamental thing to do would be an indisputable genetic analysis destroying the concept of ‘Humanity’ itself to be replaced with the norm of competing bipedal hominids. This is especially applicable in the study of the mystery of Rhesus Negative blood, which will demonstrate a distinct hominid outside normal evolution. Also, the NWO is actually helping us in that direction with the development of A. I., communication with animals, and the acceptance of other creatures as having ‘rights’. All of these things make ‘segregation’ feasible.

Once that is established in the public mind, a broad-based political program could be instigated to separate the ‘human species’ because they would now be seen as too distinct as competing hominids.

In the historical ‘meantime’, racially conscious Whites need to accept that the political system is lost to us. The U.S. is quickly devolving into a leftist regime and Trump is merely a short-term hindrance. ‘Liberalism’, the philosophy of ZOG, rules in the media, academica, the bureaucracy, and the public mind. America is based on the concept of ‘fairness’, and the public is convinced that Liberalism is fair.

Racially conscious Whites have no choice but to segregate. Buy up agrarian communities that are dying. Create our own community structure through control of the police and government to protect us from the incursions of the Feds. And begin to ‘propagandize’ from those sanctuaries as above.

I stopped reading your post by your phrase “It is seen and will remain a universal symbol of hate…”

Point is, the NS American Party of the 21st century a la Rockwell would have as first message the Hellstorm Holocaust, and how the narrative of holocausted Jews is full of problems (see the video linked in one of the recent entries).

IMO the non-starter is precisely starting any racial movement without addressing these Holocausts or purported holocausts.

“Symbol of hate” is Jewish and liberal propaganda. We must say that those are simply lies, starting with Goodrich’s Hellstorm Holocaust as our main rhetorical weapon.

P.S. And remember what Greece’s Golden Dawn did with neonazi symbols. Greggy and his commenters ignore the Dawn because they are de facto conservatives, only revolutionaries in ink and paper.

Well C.T. , maybe you are right. But Greece’s Golden Dawn not withstanding, any political operative will tell you that you do not bring about changes in public perspective by assaulting their convictions with symbols they deprecate.

George Lincoln Rockwell is a case in point. His movement flew in the face of the WW2 generation and none of them would hear his message.
When I put his picture with his National Socialist uniform on my wall as a teen my Mother went insane with rage.Neither would she let me explain at the dinner table my historical perspective. It caused a family rupture between my sisters, mother and me that has never healed – even when one of my sisters was raped by a negro!

Millenials could be different since they might adopt the swastika as ‘countercultural kitsch’, but no way would they have the thoughtfulness to explain, for instance, National Socialism’s 25 points. But even they are so suffused with the seductive idiocy of the Left as in Antifa that the Swastika is just as likely to alienate.

The essence of any symbol is to awaken, not to conflict, inspire, not alienate. In terms of public perspective, the Swastika is for Hells Angels, disconsolate youth, and racists. It is deader than a KKK hood.

William Pierce immediately recognized this. That’s why the National Alliance developed a new symbol and actively discouraged any overt connection to the National Socialists even though Pierce always referred to Adolf Hitler as “The Great One”.

So please do read my first post as it points the way to a solution.

Sorry but I won’t read your first post.

I have also discussed WW2 with my Pod family, once with my brother and father present.

Women are totally incapable of a dissident view, as honor is not their forte. Even in matters non-racial, such as psychiatry that I investigated full-time for five years, my sister, who once took antidepressants, does not listen to me.

Are you familiar with my guidelines for the Priest of the 14 words? In controversial subjects try to speak only with Aryan males. You cannot imagine the quantity of BS that you avoid by following that simple guideline: about 97% of irrational BS is cut off by a single stroke.

That does not mean that Aryan males are non-Pods. It means that when confronted with my favorite argument, that Solzhenitsyn says that 60 million died under Soviet communism, or the Holodomor committed mainly by Bolshevik Jews according to Solzhenitsyn’s second non-fiction book, they cannot respond.

I always go straight to the most heavy and disturbing stuff I can imagine and male normies cannot respond.

But you have to approach each of them individually, and privately. If others are present, the social alter ego takes over and they’ll speak duckspeak.

Another thing that makes them aghast is telling that the New York Times and other papers published articles with the 6 million holocausted-Jews figure before 1942. This really shocks them when you show the YouTube videos with pics of the old papers.

This is the right way to start. But since American WNsts have not atoned for the sins of their parents—the Holocaust perpetrated on Germans—they usually don’t go nuclear from the very beginning as I do.

It’s an absolute pity that I cannot speak fluent English. Yesterday I watched a couple of videos of Millennial Woes and I am sure I could do better in my native language, using the above ideas. Actually once I used those ideas in a family meeting with women and men and, due to the extreme vehemence of my voice, all remained silent. There was a Jew-wise old man in that family meeting who died last month by the way; he was over 90. That helped a bit…

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