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‘The White ethno-state will have to be at war perpetually against practically the whole earth in order to achieve the 14 Words’.

Joseph Walsh

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The ‘impression’ is correct, but it is actually putting the cart before the horse! First, a White Ethno-state MUST be made! And that is the real battle.
If we can mature beyond petty nationalism’s, we must look to that country that is primarily composed of Whites in a secure and confident geographic/military/economic union. With Europe being ravaged by Muslims, and the U.S. with its perpetual ‘Negroid’ difficulty, it’s Jewish debilitation, and now a successful invasion from Mexico heralding a Hispanization of the whole culture and populace, the U.S. is out. Of course, like everyone else here, I support a revolution that would inevitably provoke massacre to ‘save us’ – but the issue is in doubt to put it mildly.
Some might consider New Zealand a possibility – but it will be overwhelmed along with Australia in a generation by China …
Another possibility is Argentina and Chile. But I cannot help but want as ‘Nordic’ a population as possible …
Consequently, the only realistic hope is Russia. Which is all the more galling considering its debasement as ‘Undermench’ during our last White Civil War. With the hopeful breakup of the European Union and Germany leaving NATO when she finally wakes to the reality of American subversion, a raproachment’ between Germany and Russia would create the kind of world that would exist now if only Hitler had listened to Rosenberg. IF ONLY!

If you want ‘as Nordic a population as possible’, then burn that desert book which you so love and replace it with NS, as the two cannot exist together(no man can serve two masters).
‘the only realistic hope is Russia.’ You mean the pseudo nation which has some of the harshest penalties for ‘holocaust denial’ in the world? I say pseudo nation, as Russia has, since its beginning, been a melting pot of different races.
‘if only Hitler had listened to Rosenberg.’
For fucks sake, come off it. I am so sick and tired of ‘pro-whites’ saying that WW2 and the tragic events following it was all Hitler’s fault: ‘How dare he be a mere human being, capable of error like the rest of us!’
Although, to your credit, Hitler should have known better than to attack such an impregnable mass of land in the winter, but claiming that the world being as anti-white as it is today is the fault of Hitler is simply braindead.

Hitler’s major mistake was siding with the Japs and buying into the Honorary Aryan garbage. The slant-eyes were plotting to migrate hordes of themselves into Australia (settled by Anglos.with them as the majority by WW2 after fending off the trash Abos).

I do understand that, my problem with Matty was that, like many ‘pro-whites’, he cannot go three seconds without blaming the problems of today on Hitler.
I personally believe that Hitler calling the Japs ‘Honorary Aryans’ was just opportunism. He was just using them as a tool to win the war, at least that is how I see it.

Hey Jack, Uncle Adolf screwed up bigtime – but his impractical attempt to save Germany does not negate the value of his philosophy which actualizes our comprehension of our danger. Indeed, it was his electoral success and practical social accomplishments that guaranteed his nemesis in England and the Jews, the actual cause of the war. Adolf Hitler is our Prophet.
AND our success is incumbent on recognizing our particular ancient heritage as the children of Jehovah.

Your reply was going so well there.
The thing is, I have already debunked why your jerk-off fantasies of a Levantine cult for whites won’t work in much earlier post. In fact, it not only won’t work, but it is extremely sick and perverse.
It is extremely sick and perverse to worship giant Jew in the sky(at least as a white man). It is extremely sick and perverse to worship a man who, in real life, lead a rebellion against the inhabitants of Aryan Rome with millions of Jews behind him(see C.T’s posts of Apocalypse for Whites).
What is even more sick and perverse is to teach this to young children, especially ‘Nordic’ children. You are less than human if you think that is okay.
This is exactly why C.T has been posting Karl Deschner’s book. We can finally see what happened to Europe and it’s people under this cult.
Rachel Dolezal, as a young white girl, believed she was the child of Jehovah, by an extremely sick and perverse society…
Doesn’t really fit your narrative does it?

This is exactly why C.T has been posting Karl Deschner’s book. We can finally see what happened to Europe and its people under this cult.

Indeed. While I am impressed by Voltaire’s anti-Christian 2 volume Dictionary I have at home, what was needed was a thoroughgoing (only a German could do this) undertaking of the real story of Christianity.
I very much doubt you will make much progress with Matthew Crawford. The experience I have dealing with cults (I myself was in one) is that only a ‘long night of the soul’, like the one Solzhenitsyn endured, can transform you into an apostate.

@Aldo “Hitler’s major mistake was siding with the Japs”
Actually, Germany supported China for much longer than Japan. Hans von Seeckt’s help in reorganizing the Kuomingtang army was one of the reasons for Japan’s defeat in China.
In a way, Germany’s policy severely weakened both East Asian nations. Even though many had predicted great expansion for them in the 20th century, those hopes were not to be realized – the Japanese are now faggots, and China is only starting to emerge as a power in recent decades (and 90% of their children are myopic because they live indoors).

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