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The ascent of the soul

Before reading last year J. A. Sexton’s review of Thomas Goodrich’s Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947, I knew nothing of what the Allied forces had done to defenseless Germans during and after the Second World War.

I confess that, throughout most of my adult life, I was infected with anti-Nazi hatred due to my mind having been colonized with films, books that I read, articles and documentaries about the evils of National Socialist Germany. Little did I realize then that the War propaganda has not really ended, which made me demonize the Third Reich in my inner thoughts for many years—the System simply had covered up the history of what actually happened from 1944 to 1947.

Now that thanks to Hellstorm I have awakened to the real world I am moved to, in memory of the millions of men, women and children tormented and murdered by the Allies, keep a moment of silence out of respect for the victims. Freezing this site for a while with this entry at the top will provide visiting westerners in general, and Germans in particular, the opportunity to find out the grim facts about an unheard of Holocaust perpetrated on Germanic people—a real Holocaust in every sense of the word.

As to the perpetrators of the crime of the age, in his Gulag Archipelago, Solzhenitsyn, who in his younger years was involved in the rape and murder of civilian Germans, wrote:

There is nothing that so aids and assists the awakening of omniscience within us as insistent thoughts about one’s own transgressions, errors, mistakes. After the difficult cycles of such ponderings over many years, whenever I mentioned the heartlessness of our highest-ranking bureaucrats, the cruelty of our executioners, I remember myself in my captain’s shoulders boards and the forward march of my battery through East Prussia, enshrouded in fire, and I say: “So were we any better?” And that is why I turn back to the years of my imprisonment and say, sometimes to the astonishment of those about me:

“Bless you, prison!”…

In prison, both in solitary confinement and outside solitary too, a human being confronts his grief face to face. This grief is a mountain, but he has to find space inside himself for it, to familiarize himself with it, to digest it, and it him. This is the highest form of moral effort, which has always ennobled every human being. A duel with years and with walls constitutes moral work and a path upward… if you can climb it.

Through tragic personal experience I corroborated that processing the mountain of grief was, certainly, the only way to develop the soul. Only the rarest among the rare have climbed the path. Which is why in no website that I know in this hedonistic age the forced initiation is taken seriously. But there are exceptions… In the comments section of this site, Goodrich wrote:

I wrote the above book…
I died a thousand deaths in so doing…
Yet I felt I had to finish it—for them.
Thanks to Mr. Sexton for his review.
Like himself, I have never been the same man since.
I am sad… but I am also extremely mad… extremely mad.

Last weeks I had to pause during my agonic reading of Hellstorm by talking frequent breaks, but like the author I had to digest the sins that the West committed against itself—and besides feeling outraged paradoxically I also feel strangely calm and liberated now. The psychological causes of self-loathing among present-day westerners had been an enigma. The idea is dawning in my mind that the last words quoted by Goodrich in the last page of his book provide an answer:

We had turned the evil of our enemies back upon them a hundredfold, and, in so doing, something of our integrity had been shattered, had been irrevocably lost.

Alas, since Anglo-Saxons did not examine their conscience but instead still celebrate their having led the “civilized” world in ganging up on Germany, the moral integrity of this subgroup of the white world is gone. Forever gone. And precisely because of the unredeemed character of this sin, what the former Allies did in Hitler’s Germany has created a monster from the Id that has been destroying our civilization since then: a lite Morgenthau Plan for all white people.

It is true that I have abandoned Christianity. But I still believe in the salvific effects of the triad examining conscience, repentance and atonement: the painful soul-building that Solzhenitsyn experienced in his cell (though, it must be said, not as a penalty for his having massacred civilian Prussians). If, unlike him, we haven’t had the opportunity of being committed to a gulag prison, let us experience, in the gloomy solitude of our bedrooms, the same painful yet awakening process through pondering on the historical events exposed in Goodrich’s book.

Prison causes the profound rebirth of a human being… profound pondering over his own “I”… Here all the trivia and fuss have decreased. I have experienced a turning point. Here you harken to that voice deep inside you, which amid the surfeit and vanity used to be stifled by the roar from outside…

Your soul, which formerly was dry, now ripens from suffering…

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Come join your fellow White Nationalists for a 2 minute meditation 2pm (GMT) today and every day after. Envision the crimes of our enemies (easy given your Hellstorm excerpts) and our just retribution.

We need ten museums about the Holocaust perpetrated on the German people for any museum on the so-called Jewish holocaust; ten movies / documentaries / books about the Holocaust perpetrated on the German people for every movie, TV documentary and book on the so-called Jewish holocaust. We need to start capitalizing the former with “H” and the latter with “h” to make a distinction between the two.

Only the flourishing culture of a white ethnostate can do that. Fortunately after the recent announcement of QE3, the US is coming down sooner than expected.

I have known of those unspeakable crimes against my people for many years, but strangely, I know of hardly any other fellow countryman who does. What is more, they are not only not interested, they positively don’t want to hear about. The victors of the war have created an atmosphere in Germany were such thoughts are utter heresy. Furthermore, probably nowhere in this world has the demonization of the Germans been internalized more than in Germany. Often people talk about our ancestors as if these were a completely remote, far away and different people. Under current circumstances not a chance that they will ever come to their senses.

All this is also very obvious to foreigners living in Germany and privately they occasionally comment about it. Simultaneously German misdeeds are being fantasized-up or exaggerated and front-page news all the time. Personally I utterly disregard all these accusations and don’t believe one word.

As far as I am concerned I am placing most of the blame upon the “west” for our (German) predicament which is my major concern. Of course I am well aware of the guiding influence of the tribe. Still, the “west” need not have followed it and carried our destruction to such extremes, and in the process has prepared it’s own downfall. A little justice after all.

It is amazing that potentially the most revolutionary subject in the whole pro-white, pro-Germanic world—the real history of what happened in the War—is of no interest whatsoever to present-day Germans. Are they still traumatized? But how come if these are the new generations?

Are these Allied crimes of war and Holocausts the subjects touched regularly in As der Schwerter?

If no, why not?

What’s happening to these German-speaking bloggers who are capable of speculating about grotesque conspiracies while at the same time don’t want to look at their nation’s history in the century when they were born?

Is there at least one German besides you who is as concerned about the true Holocaust of the century as Goodrich? If not, are Germans really that screwed? Have they become lobotomized eunuchs?

I see that Owlbear further down has answered it pretty much already. She is entirely correct. Perhaps I can add a few more details.

There are of course as an absolute number quite a few Germans who know about it. Just as a percentage of the people it is a minuscule amount. The reasons are various:

– the allied policy of “re-education” of us Germans, which unfortunately was a smashing success

– the shame of those to whom these atrocities happened caused them to keep silent (I had always marveled at the almost unbelievable luck of my family as it appeared that we were untouched. Only very recently did they lift the veil (somewhat?). I was utterly shocked.)

– massive repression of these facts in combination with persecution of anyone daring to mention/propagate them. I would for example expect this book Hellstorm to be banned in Germany, if it is not so already.

– denying the victims their victim status and instead portraying them as perpetrators (“they were just Nazis and finally got served right”)

– children in school and by the media are brainwashed to despise and hate anything German


After the war people just wanted to get on with life and forget and leave behind those ugly events. Combine that with the fact that the huge human losses in WW1 and 2 were probably on average the better part of the population you are now left with a residue who are essentially a herd of sheep. The idea of these people staging a revolution is preposterous.

Essentially us Germans have been severed from our cultural roots and history and for all practical purposes Germany has ceased to exist. There is no sense in fooling oneself over that. Thus one must face the facts and hope for better times and a miracle.

Like Owlbear I place the responsibility for all this mainly at the Anglo-Saxons, and I shall never forget this our forgive them. I would never trust them on anything and accordingly could not form any sort of alliance with them, as they are utterly ruthless and implacable in their hatred against Germans. This latter fact is difficult to accept for a German, as originally the Angles and the Saxons came from Germany and there are still (some) Angles and (a lot of) Saxons in Germany. Hitler had a problem there as well. Experience has shown that Anglo-Saxons are something entirely different to Angles and Saxons, perhaps because they mixed with Celts and the remnants of the Romans on the British Isles.

Anyhow, to make a log story short: I see no basis for an all-white coalition of the west against the rest.

Dear Chechar,

Thank you very much for your article. I found it moving and although I do often not agree with what you write (although I more or less read everything to my avail and I found your pieces on Mesoamerican brutality very informative) I particularly respect you for this latest article. You have profoundly understood and now you even share the intense feeling of pain and desperation at the heart of the few real Germans that still deserve the name.

And yes, there are many more that just me or Deutscher. Until this year we had even forums like Thiazi (a German version of Stormfront) and Altermedia (a news portal), but due to a very effective attack of the government these great platforms ceased to exist and made the scattered few homeless.

Personally I know a lot of Germans that share my agony. Just like me they heard the stories vividly from grandmothers or from old soldiers on Veteran’s day (in Germany, Volkstrauertag “people’s mourning day”).

But most have no heart anymore, they have hardened their heart. The intellectual group usually tells: “The Nazis were guilty and that justifies all” and the working-class people tend to say: “Come on, that is the past, let’s move on, we got business to do, how can you waste your time on this stuff”.

As der Schwerter restricts itself in terms of writing about these issues and it does so for good reasons. They do not want to attract the might of the government which tends to allow much WN taking as long as the imagined red line is not crossed. Besides, as I understand, As der Schwerter sees itself more as a kin of University, not as elementary school. To them, and to most German nationalists, knowing about the suffering of our people would be considered basic knowledge, while topics concerning WN would be more exclusive and a subsequent step (in the case of the Western world, this is maybe the other way around).

Additionally, the knowledge about the crimes of our European (explicitly: Anglo-Saxon) brothers makes it almost impossible for a German to ever consider a friendly alliance with this people again. But since there is no alternative, and we NEED this all-white brotherhood, since we have to overcome this almost unbearable hatred and pain (I can only speak from my own narrow and limited perspective) there is a need to reduce this topic for now and all consequences and implications. It must be a topic, yes, it must not be forgotten (I could never) but the past must also not stand in the way of the future.

Hope I could contribute some little pieces to your picture.

Thank you very much for this explanation. I am sorry for the loss of free speech in your country and the subsequent loss of Thiazi and Altermedia. But surely it’s possible to start a blog like WDH and start translating Hellstorm to German? If I could afford it I would even learn how to read in German; buy a teleprompt, and read these Hellstorm excerpts for YouTube with all of my telluric emotions. And if they deleted them I’d start a new webpage to upload the videos. The German people must know what really happened in the Great War.

I believe that your people will be vindicated.

See the above linked video (“QE3”) and follow the white rabbit. If you familiarize yourself with Austrian economics you will see that the United States will crash soon financially (and soon after that socially and perhaps politically after some time). I pray that Obama wins the November elections because his Ben Bernanke will probably try to print billions out of thin air until the American currency becomes confetti. The big difference with Weimar Germany is that, after the currency collapses, a hundred million non-whites in the US will be ferociously competing with whites to get the increasingly scarce food and resources. You can imagine how the Negroes will behave… Unlike Weimar Germany, the social chaos and rioting and famine and hearing gunshots on the streets won’t be solved until the racial problem is solved—which means that millions of whites and non-whites will possibly die at the north of Río Grande in the coming years and decades.

Poetic justice: especially taking into account that, after their bankruptcy, the US troops will have to leave German soil and Germans will be finally able to rebuild their army.

Let me know if anyone of you is interested in the translation and/or videos of what I’d call the Hellstorm Project.

The Second World War is not over…

Glad to hear it! Could you be willing to collaborate in a team project to start translating the Hellstorm excerpts I typed for this blog? (If the project flies, we could ask permission to the author & publisher to translate the whole book later.)

And by the way, to the so-called “intellectuals” that say—:

“Come on, that is the past, let’s move on, we got business to do, how can you waste your time on this stuff”.

—you can ask them to read the preface note of the Archipelago, which contains this sentence:

“By an unexpected turn of our history, a bit of the truth, an insignificant part of the whole, was allowed out in the open. But those same hands which once screwed tight our handcuffs now hold out their palms in reconciliation: ‘No, don’t! Don’t dig up the past! Dwell on the past and you will lose an eye!’

But the proverb goes on to say: ‘Forget the past and you’ll lose both eyes’.”

Thanks for your above reply, Deutscher.

• the shame of those to whom these atrocities happened caused them to keep silent (I had always marveled at the almost unbelievable luck of my family as it appeared that we were untouched. Only very recently did they lift the veil—somewhat? I was utterly shocked.)

I was tortured as a teen but managed to psychically survive and write a book exposing the perpetrators. If I could do it, why today’s Germans can’t?

• massive repression of these facts in combination with persecution of anyone daring to mention/propagate them. I would for example expect this book Hellstorm to be banned in Germany, if it is not so already.

Do you mean that even when Solzhenitsyn confesses the atrocities committed in Prussia you cannot openly talk about it, that you cannot even quote from The Gulag Archipelago?

• After the war people just wanted to get on with life and forget and leave behind those ugly events. Combine that with the fact that the huge human losses in WW1 and 2 were probably on average the better part of the population you are now left with a residue who are essentially a herd of sheep.

I can understand that. But what about the few non-conformists? Why don’t they start the translation to German of Hellstorm passages for a new blog?

• Like Owlbear I place the responsibility for all this mainly at the Anglo-Saxons, and I shall never forget this our forgive them.

Your feelings are spot on. I appreciate this comment. I for one would never trust these people, not even the WNs, unless by their works you see they side Germany a hundred percent against what their criminal government did to them when my parents were young. (I have in mind exceptions such as the late William Pierce, or Harold Covington who dreams with a NS state in American soil.)

My litmus test to gauge whether or not there’s genuine examining conscience, repentance and atonement among Anglo-Saxons is amazingly simple:

Are you sincerely willing to give up Jesus’ (apocryphal) resurrection story and use instead the year when Uncle Adolf died?

If the triad has been fulfilled, to atone for his ancestors’ sin the emergent New Man would be extremely willing to replace the calendar introduced in the 6th century, traditionally identified with Anno Domini in reference to a Jew that conservative Anglo-Saxons still worship. The truly atoned Anglo-Saxon would define the new era starting from 1945 as a reliable proof of genuine repentance, when the most tragic German character that walked the earth died.

Let me paraphrase the final words of Pierce’s masterpiece:

“But it was in that year, according to the chronology of the Old Era—just 110 years after the death of the Great One—that the dream of a White world finally became a certainty.”

Certainly finding about such horrible facts can be difficult. When you’ve been lied to and told a completely different story by self-declared truth monopolists, even more so. When these facts prove to have a direct outcome in what your world has become (and the scale of it!) – it’s undescribably painful.

Tom’s book is, I believe, the most important book written in this century. Every westerner who reads it will have a huge dent made in his previous worldview.

Yes, but sadly, it seems to attract mostly those that already have a slightly more factual world-view. And it’s doomed to reach only a handful of readers – check e.g. the amazon UK prices.

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