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Defaulted mourning

I am tempted to permanently freeze this site with this entry because I don’t see any grieving process among white nationalists at both sides of the Atlantic regarding the Crime of the Age, as explained in my previous post.

It is truly amazing that potentially the most revolutionary subject in the whole pro-white movement—the real history of what happened during and after the Second World War—is of little or no interest to those who claim to be rebelling against the anti-white regimes of the West.

September 27 postscript

Some misunderstandings about this brief post (see thread below) move me to add a postscript:

I’m not sure what you expect. You make a post and expect people to fall over themselves in reaction to it?

Of course not. Since I have the habit of indulging myself in long soliloquies, I assumed (wrongly it now seems) that readers were guessing my thoughts.

Forget this blog. When I said that white advocates at both sides of the Atlantic are not interested in this subject I meant that the necessary, soul-healing mourning about the monstrosity committed by the Allies was defaulted; and that the default has led the West into this sort of Morgenthau Plan “lite” for all whites throughout the entire West.

Solzhenitsyn said something similar in his great book. He complained that, since there was no Nuremberg Trial for the much larger crimes committed in his country, Mother Russia has defaulted moral healing. With his book Solzhenitsyn tried to do a late mourning so to speak, to make people feel the pain of the enormity of what had happened decades before in Russia when no actual mourning was allowed to occur.

It is true that the Americans and even those who grant Nobel prices supported Solzhenitsyn in the Cold War. Alas, unlike the Russian, Goodrich is a perfect unknown and thus I am not blaming the millions of westerners for ignoring what happened in Germany. We are all victims of ubiquitous propaganda (which means that, in a sense, the Second World War continues).

However, now that books like Goodrich’s are still in print and unlike Holocaust denial uncensored, the subtle message of my latest entries was clear to me: let us atone for the sins of our culture by means of a late mourning; let us face our painful history (which is why I’ll be quoting extensively from Kemp and Pierce’s books in my other blogs). We don’t have the power of the publishing houses that sponsored Solzhenitsyn. The only thing I can do is to freeze this blog with the Hellstorm posts on the first page so that anyone who hits it will have the opportunity to discover Goodrich and the other authors.

I firmly believe that, in order to expose the Morgenthau Plan “lite” that has been imposed on the white race after the the Second World War we all must know the real facts, the actual happenings and events during and after the war. Since it is a process that horribly pains the soul it may be considered mournful (just as it is so painful to read the Gulag). But I am convinced that that’s the only way to heal the rotten soul of present-day westerners, just as the only way to heal a congested heart is open surgery.

Let me use a final example. The experience I have had with cults that forbid mourning and bereavement among the faithful is peculiar: the mind only represses the pain and pathologic symptoms appear. Pace traditional religious teaching, forgiveness and forgetfulness are a very toxic magic: the pain just remains congested and unprocessed deep within our heart. That’s why all healthy cultures recommend a period of mourning after a loss—a surgery for the soul—and believe me: what we all lost after the War is still unprocessed.

We got to process it if we are to heal spiritually.

20 replies on “Defaulted mourning”

It would be a sad day, if even one voice was stilled by intemperate and shortsighted melancholy. Voices ‘crying in the wilderness’ are always alone – but this is truly the storm which brings the lightning.

I am sure many who have visited (I am one) have been moved and are impressed with your contribution; but this must all stem from the inner-spirit of the deed. If you decide to put this project away, it is hoped that you will continue your struggle for our people in other ways and means.

It has been fun following your travels.

Thanks for your kind words. But no: I don’t want to put it away; I will continue in my other blog. What worries me is the coming crash: I have to make a last-minute plan to survive (which means that I even have to abandon my other blogs until my life is secure in another country).

Chechar, I enjoy your site greatly, I get to read many great minds all in one place. I would like your take on the prepper movement, guns, survivalists, etc. Gun Blogs, many of which are pro Zionist and heavily Christian, I find annoying. Often they try to base necessary action against the regime with some quote from the Bible, OT or NT and still want to go to war for Israel. When I disagree with support for Israel, I get banned, called a pos, jew hater, etc. Keep up the good work. Sulla

“Meanwhile, before the dollar crashes…” I said above. This is the latest statement of why it will crash:


When it hits the fan and the mass entertainment and junk culture are finally removed from our minds, hopefully some whites will give themselves the soul-building opportunity to reflect on the historical issues that this sinful age prevented us to ponder and grieve about.

I’m not sure what you expect. You make a post and expect people to fall over themselves in reaction to it? That never happens. If and when such a reaction does appear, it’s in an entirely unpredicted manner. You can’t deliberately trigger it, especially not in an environment as diffuse as this.

Meanwhile, people still have jobs to go to, bills to pay, dinner to make, polite small talk to make with the neighbors, and TV shows to watch. Only when those ordinary everyday routines change will there be room for significant social movements.

“…I don’t see any grieving process among white nationalists at both sides of the Atlantic regarding the Crime of the Age…”

Would you like to know why? The reason, is that for these people to acknowledge what happened, means they must also acknowledge the legitimacy of the world they live in today.

They would have to not only admit that we (all of the European and European ex-patriot peoples, excluding the Germans of course) not only wantonly “did this to ourselves”, not only that we did it by the most abominable and invidious means conceivable, but that this is thus the world we actually deserve to be living in, and that the only thing we’re entitled to is further suffering, further atonement for that unparalleled betrayal against a noble, brother nation and of nature itself.

I also enjoy your site, but nonetheless I am genuinely embarrassed of you Chechar, that you could at once see the reality of the past, and then (in your last blog post) assume that something as trivial as movies or books or museums or (for chrissakes) two minutes of silence a day, would in any way or capacity be sufficient retribution for that crime beyond crimes.

I feel that history really ends with the Second World War, and now we’re not necessarily living in the “end” of the world, but rather the end of any natural value of the world. What we’ve chosen to enter into is apparently a state of living-death; a universe of endless, suffocating degeneracy and irrelevancy which (with foremost culpability lying with Britain and the United States) has not only come to envelope and extinguish the European world, but all of the once distinct worlds of this earth (or it will soon enough, at least).

…assume that something as trivial as movies or books or museums or (for chrissakes) two minutes of silence a day, would…

No, I am for something much bigger that that: mourning Anglos and descendants of those who fought Germany must give up Jesus and use Uncle Adolf instead as the year for the new era (see here).

…means they must also acknowledge the legitimacy of the world they live in today.

You mean “illegitimacy”, right?

To be honest with you I really enjoyed the series of posts on Hellstorm and found it very instructive. Carolyn Yeager did something similar on The Fire, another book concerning the same topic.

The reason why I didn’t comment on any of those posts was because I never had anything intelligent to say about the subject and therefore why bother.

Anyways this is a great blog and I hope you change your mind soon.

What you wrote is of great interest and you do very good work.

I do not know, if you know us but most things that you and Goodrich’s translated were known before outside the native english speaking world.

It is a great sign of hope, that parts of it found the way to you, but it is not the end of our work. The knowledge within the linked book is under copyleft. Take it.

Thanks for the link, Michael. I now must… properly learn German!

I really do believe that in paramount subjects we need literary artists to convey the message. The abridged version of Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag and Goodrich’s book are extremely touching indeed. Is that book you recommend as literary as any of these two?

Thank you for commenting here.

Keep in touch.

There are no poets here, so I would not compare with Solzhenitsyn’s work…not literary. This is also because I have reflected and studied 200 years together, The Red Wheel and One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich also.

This work is a work of analysis of Germanism, Judaism, the spirtit of history. It puts all of the mosaic stones to a picture of the whole. So it offers not only knowledge and a solution, it offers a homeland, a basement of worldview, we can return to.

It is the school of the Deutsches Kolleg.

Maybe you heard of Horst Mahler. [YouTube video Link]

To get a first impression, I suggest you scan the index on page 13ff and the list of literature 985ff.

Chechar, I am not sure whether I read this correctly. Anyway, please keep up the good work. This is one of my favorite sites.

Regarding the revolutionary impetus of the nowadays Germans (see also in conjunction with “The ascent of the soul”) or rather the lack of it, there might be an explanation, see [here], unfortunately only available in German. Since most visitors here probably do not command the German language a brief description of the thesis.

The author states that the struggle between equally strong powers is resolved in 3 stages:

1. First war one side wins just barely. In order to avoid a repeat the loser is cut down in size and subjected to stiffling conditions.

2. After some time the loser rebels, but because of him being weakened his odds of winning are small. Usually he loses again and this time is punished much more severely. Essentially he just barely survives.

3. Nevertheless, in his desperation after some further time he tries a rebellion again. Now he his annihilated and hardly a trace of him is left.

There are numerous historical examples of this 3 staged process. Obviously Germany is now between 2. and 3. The author believes that at least subconsciously the Germans are aware of this process and thus swallow everything, no matter how outrageous. Preferring this to total outright annihilation.

I must say that I have had similar thoughts for quite some time and I think there is a lot of truth in this. If this is indeed so it would be the fear/expectation of total destruction which is killing any revolutionary impetus in the Germans and it would certainly go a long way to explain our current behavior, which thus would not be unjustified. I certainly do know that many Germans fear total destruction if they ever draw the wrath of the allied victors again.

Deutscher, I have thought in similar lines too. Germans are suffering from a super-Stockholm syndrome now. A “super-Stockholm syndrome” is very similar to what in my psychological writing we are calling “the problem of attachment to the perpetrator.”

But even if we excuse Germans we cannot excuse the offspring of the Allies that committed the Crime of the Age. It’s they the ones who must do the ascent of the soul described in my previous post, just what Solzhenitsyn did in the dungeons of the Gulag. Instead, present-day westerners are conveniently avoiding the pain of soul-surfing in order not to see the astronomic crimes committed by their parents and grandparents.

That was the message of these good-bye posts before the dollar crashes. However, if I manage to survive after the crash, and it is a big “if”, I’ll return to blogging in WDH.

Please don’t give up, Cesar! Hellstorm is very hard to digest. As you see, you have some commenters from Germany. Please keep up your work especially because of them. They are now in their 67th year of Umerziehung, a total brain-wash, from national-socialism to national-masochism! They need you, as they need Germar Rudolf or Horst Mahler.

I am not giving up. It is precisely the paramount importance I assign to these books on Germany for what I am not adding more entries here before the crash (I must prepare my moving out of a third world country anyway, if I’m going to survive).

Peak oil depletion will come after the crash of the dollar, as I have stated in point #4 of my WN “manifesto” (here); and I find it amazing that very very few nationalists are preparing for the coming eschaton

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