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2nd World War Evil Hellstorm Holocaust Kali Yuga Thomas Goodrich WDH radio show

WDH Radio Show – Episode 3

Anti-white exterminationism

— Listen to it here! —
WDH hosts: Joseph Walsh, Jake F. and yours truly
Special guest: Tom Goodrich

“The multicult has absolutely nothing to do with either reality or liberal, universal values of non-discrimination. The multicult is not anti-racist. The multicult is disguised anti-white racial hatred. And combined with open borders and forced integration it becomes genocidal.”


This is the most important subject of all. If whites don’t recognize that what the Allied forces did to the Germans when my parents were children was a true Holocaust, whites will become extinct. The most serious sin of all history must be recognized and expiated.

Pay special attention to Goodrich’s Hellstorm at the sidebar’s top of this page and follow the white rabbit through the real hell that the US, the SU and the UK created for the best Aryans of modern times.

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7 replies on “WDH Radio Show – Episode 3”

I listened to it last night. Another very good episode.
Cesar has two regulars that have been on each episode so far: Joseph Walsh (a guy with a British accent), and Jake F (a guy with a USA accent). Both are intelligent and well-spoken, and on-point regarding racial matters and Jews and the evil religion Christianity.

The guest Tom Goodrich wrote the recent book Hellstorm and had a lot of intelligent and knowledgeable things to say. He’s also an old guy around 70 years old, and has a lot of life-experience.

I initially thought I wouldn’t listen to the whole episode because it’s almost two hours long, but I did listen to it all because it is that good.

I’m glad you liked it. Incidentally, I said something inaccurate: that in Mexico City only the Jews and the Mennonites don’t marry the browns and mestizos. I meant Mexico: The Mennonites don’t live in Mexico City. These sort of lapses happen in the spoken word.

Dear Cesar,

Fantastic podcast. I have known Thomas for few years already, bought and read Hellstorm some years back and also listened to quiet few podcasts done with Thomas on different radio channels.

Towards the end of this podcast Thomas has mentioned your incredible ability to write and I have to agree, your mystical approach of your written articles had an amazing impact on me since the first day I came across your site. I have purchased two of your books, TFRDH and Day of wrath since and made your site as my go to homepage.

Regarding the radio show, I want to say Thank you to your hosts, Joseph and Jake for participating on these podcasts. With Jake’s age, I believe he said he is 27, I am really impressed with his deep knowledge and his general views, he surely is or at least should be an inspiration for many younger folks.

Keep up the great work Cesar.

PS: Just made a small donation, hope it helps.

Thanks a lot Pslepic and yes: Jake was one of the first commenters of this blog that gave me so positive feedback that I dedicated Day of Wrath to him.

Too bad that I think in Spanish. In my native language I can talk as passionately, frankly, brutally and fast as those blog posts in English that people like you like. My tragedy is that in the Spanish-speaking world nobody likes me. This means that my fiery oratory potential can only be glimpsed through translations…!

An ugly duckling here, at least I’ve got an escape valve, my blogging.

I believe precisely for these reasons that by putting all your emotions into written word you are having such an impact on many readers as such myself leading and directing us towards the enlightinig experience and awakening.

Another great show. Good to hear you point out that the ‘White Sharia’ meme is a joke, something which seems to be beyond the ken of many of the ‘lower animals’ that populate various WNs websites. We need Lyrgurgan reforms; our helots need to be ‘re-enslaved’, ‘shelots’ included.

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