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On the white sharia meme

I don’t use the white sharia meme but in my soliloquies I constantly say to myself in humorous vein: “Lo más importante de todo en la vida es que las mujeres sean lindas Caperucitas (Most important of all in life is for women to be cute Little Riding Hoods).

Yesterday Irmin Vinson, the author of an important pamphlet about Hitler, had his latest article published at Counter Currents. He cannot understand why The Daily Stormer dislikes a photo of three modern white women showing their legs. The answer is simple: because that means that they are not lindas Caperucitas.

Vinson is ten years younger than I. Younger generations are so alienated from their past that they completely ignore that old-time marriage was a rock-solid institution in the Greco-Roman world even before Christian takeover. Vinson says that he doesn’t feel the tiniest bit of hostility to the three women in the picture that the Stormer article tags as “Skanks having the time of their lives whilst their cities are conquered by foreigners?”

What Vinson cannot see is that presently women are exempted from their former responsibilities—marriage, motherhood and submissiveness. Let’s forget the white sharia meme if its Islamist implications offend you. Use instead the European fairy tale about a young girl and a Big Bad Wolf. Vinson and the effete commenters on Counter Currents are clueless that when traditional marriage is abandoned (the above pic is taken from the television adaptation of Pride and Prejudice) Western society collapses. The welfare state will become overburdened and finally crash. The demographic winter of whites will reset back to traditionalism, but this time it will be a traditionalist Sharia for a white Europe turned into a brown Eurabia.

To compete with the brown barbarians whites won’t have any choice but to return to the brutality of Ancient Rome, when the father was the judge, jury and executioner of the family (pater familias), wife included. Those who have read the newest edition of The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour will remember this passage:

In Rome the problem started right after the Second Punic War, when a vital law was abolished. Lex Oppia restricted a woman’s wealth. It forbade any woman to possess more than half an ounce of gold. Unsuccessfully, Cato the Elder opposed the abrogation of that law and Roman feminists harvested other triumphs, even in the Senate, and the trend smoothly continued up to the Christian era. By the time of the Byzantine Empire even brownish women could inherit property.

The Roman Empire disintegrated but the Middle Ages rectified Rome’s mistake throughout Europe by getting back to patriarchy. After the Enlightenment the cycle that Cato opposed started again, with women “reclaiming their rights” and writing pamphlets. The eighteenth century influenced the nineteenth century. In the United States the turning point occurred when women obtained the right to vote in 1920, although the women’s movement had started in 1848. The welfare state initiated in 1935 with Social Security and was expanded in 1965 to include Medicare. “No fault divorce” was another escalation of feminism, in addition to the 1967 initiative for affirmative action for women.

This informative piece can be read: here. Alas, many white nationalists will continue to deny that women’s lib has been as lethal ingredient for the brew that’s killing whites as Jewry.

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Stop making EXCUSES for the idiotic, repulsive, and mentally/emotionally SICK “White sharia” FAGGOTRY BS. It’s twisted evil JEW crap. created by the Kikenvermin freak weev, who thinks women should have their arms broken if they use a cell phone. It’s for ugly, worthless repulsive non-male stunted RETARDS, who can NOT attract women due to their lack of merits.

ANY moron who promotes the weak and stupid submission to the stronger Sand Niggers, needs be purged from the White Race – and WILL BE.

In today’s follow-up article, “Courtesy to Women” Irmin Vinson continues counter-signaling the white sharia meme but says nothing about the above post because Johnson does not allow pingback-links to what I write here about his webzine. Vinson ends his article with the words, “at the moment the high status of Western women is at best a mixed blessing.”

Vinson & Johnson are ignorant about the dangers of feminism, so well explained by the MGTOW blogger whose ideas I’ve linked in the post’s last paragraph.

Dear César,

thanks for your summary of the Blogger about Femnism vs. Patriarchy – it is absolut amazing! You have a great talent to search out importent texts and compile them.

What do you think about girls is all well and good, as well Devlin and Turd Flinging Monkey.

But is the way of the Stormer guys really thr way of Aryan man? They are all together christians (with the exeptions of “Zeiger” maybe). And their mindset about women are in the core semitic. An exemple: Compare “skanks in miniskirts” with these pictures, you could find in the book:

“Die Wikinger: Letzte Boten der germanischen Welt“ von Magnus Magnusson und Werner Forman. (The Vikings. Last Messenger of the Germanic World.)

Young viking girl with miniskirt: link

Another girl, dated from late Nordic Bronze Age: link

Hello Ricardo,

I don’t believe that those girls of the Bronze Age forfeited their duties to reproduce, as contemporary European women do.

About a week ago I asked Anglin if he wanted to participate in our Radio Show to talk about white sharia, but he has not answered.

In one of his previous emails that he did answer he told me that DS “is for normies”.

WDH is for very mature men. That’s why it gets so few comments and DS gets thousands.

Turd Flinging Monkey and other MGTOWers really go beyond what we can find in Devlin’s writings. As you could see in the essay linked in the last paragraph of the above post, it’s perfectly possible to approach this subject ignoring the white sharia meme.

I’m glad that you liked that essay. I spent many many days listening to the Monkey and making notes before being able to summarise his philosophy. All racists should read it. If you compare it with the naiveté of Irmin Vinson (I refer to his recent articles at CC) you will see that WNsts are wilfully ignorant about the nature of women and of men regarding sexual matters.

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