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Joseph Goebbels

We demand

by Joseph Goebbels

The following essay was published in the fourth
issue of Der Angriff, dated 25 July 1927.

The German people is an enslaved people. Under international law, it is lower than the worst Negro colony in the Congo. One has taken all sovereign rights from us. We are just good enough that international capital allows us to fill its money sacks with interest payments. That and only that is the result of a centuries-long history of heroism. Have we deserved it? No, and no again!

Therefore we demand that a struggle against this condition of shame and misery begin, and that the men in whose hands we put our fate must use every means to break the chains of slavery.

Three million people lack work and sustenance. The officials, it is true, work to conceal the misery. They speak of measures and silver linings. Things are getting steadily better for them, and steadily worse for us. The illusion of freedom, peace and prosperity that we were promised when we wanted to take our fate in our own hands is vanishing. Only complete collapse of our people can follow from these irresponsible policies.

Thus we demand the right of work and a decent living for every working German.

While the front soldier was fighting in the trenches to defend his fatherland, some Eastern Jewish profiteer robbed him of hearth and home. The Jew lives in the palaces and the proletarian, the front soldier, lives in holes that do not deserve to be called “homes.” That is neither necessary nor unavoidable, but rather an injustice that cries out to the heavens. A government that stands by and does nothing is useless and must vanish, the sooner the better.

Therefore we demand homes for German soldiers and workers. If there is not enough money to build them, drive the foreigners out so that Germans can live on German soil.

Our people is growing, others diminishing. It will mean the end of our history if a cowardly and lazy policy takes from us the posterity that will one day be called to fulfill our historical mission.

Therefore we demand land on which to grow the grain that will feed our children.

While we dreamed and chased strange and unreachable fantasies, others stole our property. Today some say this was an act of God. Not so. Money was transferred from the pockets of the poor to the pockets of the rich. That is cheating, shameless, vile cheating!

A government presides over this misery that in the interests of peace and order one cannot really discuss. We leave it to others to judge whether it represents Germany’s interests or those of our capitalist tormenters.

We however demand a government of national labor, statesmen who are men and whose aim is the creation of a German state.

These days anyone has the right to speak in Germany—the Jew, the Frenchman, the Englishman, the League of Nations, the conscience of the world, and the Devil knows who else. Everyone but the German worker. He has to shut up and work. Every four years he elects a new set of torturers, and everything stays the same. That is unjust and treasonous. We need tolerate it no longer. We have the right to demand that only Germans who build this state may speak, those whose fate is bound to the fate of their fatherland.

Therefore we demand the destruction of the system of exploitation! Up with the German worker’s state!

Germany for the Germans!

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I’ve always found it found it interesting that one of the most lucid voices in the white awareness scene came from Mexico. When you posted about your father dying, I remember seeing a picture of him and was struck that his skin color was somewhat dark, which I didn’t expect. He seemed Middle Eastern or a castizo to me. That in turn, made me wonder what do you consider yourself. Are you a castizo? Have you ever taken an ancestry test?

I guess this is the pic you saw.

In other pics my father looked like the Hollywood actor Andy García: who according to my book is not properly white either. (Although many WNsts grant amnesty to the Meds not only in Europe but in Latin America as well.)

And by the way, Goebbels himself looks like a Med too!

Yes, that is the picture. I also saw an interview with him that was on the sidebar of suggested videos of the choir piece you posted in that same article. To me, it is obvious he had a pretty strong level of non-white admixture. I am not trying to be insulting or disparaging, rather I am genuinely curious about the topic of racial borders, which seem to be even more blurred in your country. Let me illustrate:

Some years ago, I met a beautiful blue-eyed blonde in California that was originally from Monterrey. She had a double-barred surname, with the paternal name being Germanic in origin, something like “Weber-Garcia”, or something similar. She explained that while her father’s family belonged to a more recent wave of German immigration to Mexico, her mother’s family had been in the country for centuries. She further explained that she took an ancestry test and was 13% indigenous american. I was floored by that revelation. The 13% non-white blood in her was completely undetectable, her phenotype was completely white in terms of body and skull shape, height, hair and skin color. If I never knew this fact, I would have thought she was 100% European in ancestry.

From what I’ve seen in Mexico, most of the upper class is like this, many people might have an almost undetectable level of admixture and probably don’t even know it, that’s why I was asking if you had any insight into your own genetic history. What do you consider yourself? Do you think of yourself as a castizo? Have you taken an ancestry test? Do you know if you have some indigenous american blood?

Again, I don’t want this questions to be read as a sort of racial purity test, or to be read in an insulting or disparaging light. I think your intellectual contributions make you more qualified than 99% of the people that call themselves white.

No, I haven’t taken an ancestry test yet. But what you say is very true: and it is precisely why I don’t consider even Argentineans or Uruguayans properly white either! I have blond cousins and brown cousins, and have explained my views on mestization in Exterminio (that I’ll probably rename as Los errors de Dios).

Recently I visited the Facebook page of a Middle School schoolmate. He was a very handsome white in his teens. Most of my schoolmates in Middle School, and High School (Colegio Madrid) were whites.

I was shocked to see this man after four decades of not seeing him. The non-white gene is now very apparent. But I was even more shocked to learn that in his second marriage he married a mestizo woman and now has coffee-and-milk kids!

This is extremely common in Mexico: people of Spanish or German ancestry that find it much easier marrying a mestizo woman than someone of their ethnic group—and it also happens in countries erroneously called “white” by WNsts, such as Argentina or Uruguay.

That’s why contra WNsts I became a nordicist. In fact, I am a fan of the abc of NS: Faith and Action by Helmut Stellrecht for the Hitler Youth: “But if your blood has traits that will make your children unhappy and burdens to the state, then you have the heroic duty to be the last”.

If you know Spanish you could read a detailed explanation about my views on mestization in Mexico in my autobiographical Exterminio, available from Lulu.

Sadly, I don’t read Spanish but you should make some of the key passages of that book available in English, since it’s such a fascinating topic. A recent study came out that said that most whites in the US have no non-European blood. I think Mexico, in its current social state, should serve as a cautionary tale for whites who consider mixing with non-whites an acceptable thing. I think you should also write more on that.

What degree of admixture do you personally think you have? I think the 1 drop rule is ridiculous given the complexity of so many countries under European colonization. Castizos like yourself can sometimes be much more protective of their whiteness, than 100% people. A minimal level of indigenous american and east asian blood would be fine in the context of a racially conscious populace who would only desire to erode that ancestry by exercising white homogeneity.

Sub-saharan African blood is what is completely unacceptable. For example, If the woman I met, that I used in my example above, had been 13% sub-saharan instead of indigenous american, she would look like an ugly mongrel.

I’d have to take the test to be sure. Meanwhile read the abstract of one the most scholarly articles published in this site, “Gens alba conservanda est”. Also, there are five posts in this blog translating my book under the headings “Extermination • I”, “Extermination • II” etc.

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