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Greg Johnson

“Greg, you do good sermons. Perhaps you missed your calling.”

Johnson’s fan

Swedenborgian Church (San Francisco, California)

It’s true what I said earlier today: that in a dispute between White Nationalists I don’t take sides—because I am not a WN. But I’d like to rephrase what I already wrote on December 2012 about Johnson:

Take note of what he said in a 2010 lecture at the Swedenborgian Church of San Francisco. The lecture was “outed” in the WN community, much to his embarrassment. At the Swedenborgian meeting Johnson said:

“What most inspired me was his [Emanuel Swedenborg’s] discussion of the life of Christ and the meaning and the mystery of that… Swedenborg gave us the means to understand that mystery.”

After quoting Scripture Johnson asked, “What does it mean to say that ‘God is with us’?” and went into a theological peroration where he added:

“…a child was born. A child that somehow was the God of eternity. This unique incarnation is the great mystery. It is the conundrum of theologians and metaphysicians. Why was Jesus born? Why did God become man? Swedenborg claims that this was not part of Plan A… Jesus was Plan B… because of certain contingencies that [should not have] happened.”

Johnson then used autobiographical vignettes mentioning his childhood and his father to illustrate “Plan B,” presumably what God felt obliged to do when mankind fell into the original sin. He even mentioned the word “salvation.” At some point Johnson seemed to endorse the infinitely monstrous belief that it’s within God’s freedom to send us to Hell. (As an aside, see my piece on eternal damnation: here.) After speculating on the Second Coming, Johnson finished his lecture with an “Amen” and the Swedenborgians started to pray.

Listen this audio to hear, in Johnson’s own voice, his traditional homily. It sounds like the Catholic doctrine I was taught as a kid before my First Communion.

Johnson has been both a critic of Christianity on his webzine, and a pious Christian at his church in San Francisco. He literally had it both ways before his activities with the Swedenborgians were outed. As to his other persona, take note of what Johnson commented on The Occidental Observer:

[Christianity] did undermine racial exclusivity for nearly 2,000 years. Racial and subracial differences were no bar to marriage, as long as both parties were Christian.

And on another WN forum:

Christianity will not be dead until its secular offspring, liberal universalism, is dead as well. But you know that, don’t you? Christian fanatics are precisely the ones who believe that blood differences don’t matter.

See my brief collection of anti-Christian comments authored by Johnson: here. Even today, five years after I wrote the above, Johnson still can’t see that misleading both his WN readership and his church was wrong.

4 replies on “Greg Johnson”

I’m beginning to think that the catty, two-faced nature of Greg Johnson is part and parcel of his “openly-closeted” homosexuality and the Counter-Currents homosexual agenda. Johnson, O’Meara and co. will be the first to criticize anti-gays in the movement as “slaves to the Jew book” and conjecture that “homophobia is a Semetic invention,” but they will also be the first to hand-wring over looking respectable by Christian moral standards whenever something like exterminationalism as a survival tactic is brought up.

Even as a secular and anti-Christian WN, it’s becoming increasingly hard to believe homosexuality should be tolerated in any way in pro-white movements. Like Jews, they defend their kind and their lifestyle first and will use underhanded, two-faced tactics if needed. The overrepresentation of pro-homo articles and homo authors in Counter-Currents is really quite “red-pilling” to the homosexual question. It’s like a National Review-style Trojan horse, except for Sodomy instead of Zionism.

I remember so well how a few years ago when Hunter Wallace asked on his blog “What’s wrong with slavery?” referring to antebellum Dixie, the first to jump was Johnson. Yesterday Johnson said in his blog that he’s not a Christian. But he’s certainly a Neo-Christian as I explain elsewhere in this site.

For example, during the interview with Vox Day this Christian and Johnson want non-white deportation from the West according to a Christian sense of decency: “They are all human; they are all worth of human respect.” Vox also said that he wants “none of the old Nazi rhetoric about fleas” referring to the human parasites that invaded Germany (Jews).

Compare these pious feelings with those of The Turner Diaries.

Yeah: that’s a dilemma.

Back in 2010 I was not red-pilled about Hitler. Johnson posted an entire article by Irmin Vinson in the comments section of Occidental Dissent: my redpill regarding Hitler! I am grateful to him for that. This was before I became disenchanted with his webzine.

Presently I don’t feature his articles in this blog. But there are reminiscences: for instance, what he said long ago about the penultimate chapter of LOTR can still be found in my sidebar (and even in the book I compiled).

At any event, Johnson is the most criticized WN in this blog of mine. Just click on the category “Greg Johnson”.

By the way, today I listened a few minutes of a 2016 interview of Johnson by Red Ice:


I can easily rebut what I heard in those few minutes regarding his defense of homos in the movement (or his feminism). Interested?

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