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WDH radio show

WDH Radio Show – Episode 2

National Socialism contra White Nationalism

— Listen to it here! —
WDH hosts: Joseph Walsh, Jake F. and yours truly
Special guest: Blake

“WN is simply a stepping stone along the way, not a destination.” —Adit

At 34:40 we lost the connection. Sorry about the buzz sound and the conversational gap. We are still trying to learn how to use the software to avoid these problems and hope the audio will improve in the next podcasts.

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19 replies on “WDH Radio Show – Episode 2”

Hello C.T,
I am a big fan of your blog. Also bought two of your books, The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour and Day of wrath, which both are fantastic reading. During the second podcast I believe Joseph Walsh has mentioned the book Might is Right in some a bit of negative view, I am personally a big fan of that book, what is your take/feeling on that book?
Keep up the fantastic work and looking forward to next podcast.

No, I wasn’t mentioning Might is Right in a negative way, Might is Right is an excellent book, what I was negative about is the way White Nationalists say they support Social Darwninist/Might is Right perspective on Nature but then whine about the Jews committing a genocide against the White race. Genocide is a part of Nature, if they were true Darwinians they would understand this and act accordingly.

Posting The Mantra will not stop White Genocide. Genociding the Jews will.

Hope this clears thing up for you. Hail Ragnar Redbeard!

Great stuff, thanks!

BTW: WNs reject NS, but the same time they engage in things like esoteric NS.

R. G. Fowler is nobody else than Greg Johnson. link

Alex Kurtagic just finished his translation of Miguel Serrano’s “Golden Thread”. link

Is that the same Greggy, who wrote the Amnesty-Article?…

Really strange, isnt it?

Ricardo, thanks for the heads-up:

“Alex Kurtagic just finished his translation of Miguel Serrano’s “Golden Thread”.”

I just went to Amazon and ordered “The Golden Thread: Esoteric Hitlerism” for $56 with free shipping.

I know that the original is in Spanish but is it worth it? Was not Serrano the one who introduced the Nazi UFOs theory of the Antartica?

I find it sad that most WNsts don’t know the story of their race (which is why I’m now adding quotes of Kemp and linked to Who We Are this week). Esoteric views should be considered rather eccentric compared to History. Even Savitri Devi’s.

As long as WNsts ignore their history I’ll be at loggerheads with them.

Cesar, you say: “Was not Serrano the one who introduced the Nazi UFOs theory of the Antarctica?”

If he did, then obviously he was wrong about that, but I didn’t buy his book because of that, nor because of Serrano’s optimism about the German Leader having escaped Berlin alive — I’m sure the German Leader died in Berlin in the way that his aides said he did.

The reason I bought Serrano’s book is because he’s a friend and ally of NS thinking, a contemporary of that time, and he had an impressive life and was well traveled and met some important persons, and, also important, Serrano recognizes that we humans have a non-physical side to our existence and Serrano considered that aspect with regard to the German Leader and his allies and their collective struggle against the forces of evil in our world.

Ah, you are right – it was a interview.
YOU wrote an article about it – “Johnsons Amnesty”.

“Yes: Greggy Johnson loves to have it both ways.☺”


Yeah; but the Savitri-Devi-Archiv was a pretty nice job.
Kindle books and PDFs are all well and good, but I love to have these kind of books in my book shelf, so he made a good job re-publishing Savitris books.

I never read books online. Psychically you lose 90% of the content. Only on paper you can assimilate ideas properly, especially if you make notes and use yellow markers (I also use orange markers and pen and pencil—each colour has its meaning in my research notes).

Hmm Kurt, maybe you could cancel your order by amazon. If you make a pre-order by Kurtagic’s own publishing house you would get a much better price. Read this: link

Cesar: To be honest, I don’t find the time to read Serranos book yet, although I orderd Kurtagic copy to honor his work and get the footnotes. (There are German translations of his works you have to know).

But what made me curious of Esoteric Hitlerism all in all was this piece here: link


PS: Reading the Führers book in a new German edition – the first one since 70 shameful years – I want to recommend this publisher to all German readers: link, link

PPS: Thanks for publishing the second novel. Here is the first one: link


>Hmm Kurt, maybe you could cancel your order by amazon. If you make a pre-order by Kurtagic’s own publishing house you would get a much better price.

The link you gave has the price as 33 British pounds, but I live in the USA and buy everything with USA dollars, which is why I bought “The Golden Thread: Esoteric Hitlerism” at the USA Amazon website.

Oh, okay. But shipping from Britain or Europe to the USA is probably expensive, and 33 British pounds is currently $42.16 USD, and add the shipping cost to the USA and the total USD price would probably be close to the 56 USD I paid to USA Amazon.

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