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Friedrich Nietzsche Racial right

Hitler or extinction

by Joseph Walsh

Just continuing on your [C.T.’s] comments from an earlier email of yours (dated 1st August), you say your ‘idea is to produce a superior race of Whites who genetically are more like Hitler and the top NS men: kind to the animals, admirers of beauty, etc.’

You make me think of thoughts I’ve been going over for a while now—that Hitler was the closest the White race has come to producing Nietzsche’s Superman, a man who is incredibly gifted biologically and genetically.

Nietzsche said man is a rope tied between animal and Superman—a rope over an abyss. I assume Nietzsche was thinking about European man here. The White race can either evolve upward and produce more men like Adolf Hitler (as well as like that caste of supermen that Hitler inspired, the SS) or fall into the abyss of extinction.

Whites had the choice in the 1930’s of following Hitler on the path to Life or following the Jews on the path that leads to Death—racial death. Most of the White race opted to side with the Jews and since WWII our race has been on a steady downhill decline leading toward the abyss—toward racial death.

Nietzsche also said ‘do you want to be the ebb of this great flood and even go back to the beasts rather than overcome man?’ Whites have been returning to the ape by imitating and worshipping Negros and Negro culture. They do not want to continue upward, they want to go downward, to die. William Pierce said that if the White race goes extinct Life would have ended in failure on this planet; that there would never again be a form of life as advanced as the Aryan race before Earth becomes uninhabitable for life when the Sun dies. James Mason said something similar when he mentioned that if the White race is to go extinct then any great Destiny that was intended for this planet was finished on 30/04/1945 in Berlin.

If the White race does go extinct, at least Hitler will have proven indirectly that Whites were too weak to follow him and continue his work. That most Whites didn’t have the strength to break with Judeo-Christian morality and embrace the morality of the Swastika, instead going in the opposite direction and choosing to embrace suicidal Christian ethics and give away their own countries to foreigners, while those white males who wanted to survive took little to no serious action to prevent this from happening. In short Hitler could have been the saviour of the White race but may be the person who indirectly destroyed it because Whites were too pathetic to survive.

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My two cents (C.T.):

While watching a YouTube video published yesterday with Christopher Cantwell interviewing Hunter Wallace, I could not listen beyond the very first minutes. All these guys—all the movement actually—are thinking like civilians, not preparing for a civil war. It is a psychological phenomenon that has happened to me for a long time. I cannot tolerate listening to the white nationalists or the folks of the Alt-Right because they still think like reactionary conservatives, never like would-be warriors.

When the white race perishes, dark-skinned intellectuals will wonder why those who wanted to survive never fought. Then, in archaeological research of defunct internet sites one of them will find, in dusty hard-disks, backups of this site. The coloured of the future will discover that the last generation of whites never abandoned the love of Jesus, not even the atheists: an ethnosuicidal pathology that only affected whites.

Had these American and European racists abandoned Christian ethics, the coloured of the future will think, they would have taken Pierce’s books as their new Holy Bible. They would have also displayed their pickets outside the Vatican and the churches on the other side of the Atlantic with slogans like ‘Transvaluation of all values!, ‘Civilisation cannot be reclaimed until the last stone from the last church falls on the last priest’ and ‘Burn down all Christian churches to the ground’. But in real history whites missed their last chance…

Let’s Walsh have the last word:

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It’s interesting that I got involved with WN through anti-Christianity. The rock ‘music’ I listened to (called Black Metal) was anti-Christian. Through that I came to read Nietzsche’s The Antichrist and it was my hatred of Christianity that made me hate the Jews as I viewed them as responsible for Christianity.

Christianity was and still is the thing I hate the Jews most for (if it was Jews that were responsible for its genesis that is). Through my hate for Christianity and the Jews I suddenly saw Hitler in a new light. Then I became racially conscious. For me the taboo subject was the JQ. So many people involved in Heavy Metal (which I can no longer stomach) are anti-Christian but not anti-Semitic, anti-Semitism is taboo, while with WN it is the other way round—they find the JQ easy but can’t give up Xianity. For me it is logical that if you are anti-Jewish you must be anti-Christian and if you are anti-Christian you must be anti-Jewish.

Even with all the information and work that has been done on the post-1945 suicide of the White race I still find the suicide of the West, like you say, extremely difficult to understand and hard to comprehend. Such masochism is incredible to behold… It was a great insight of yours that the Aryan Question is the real challenge for one to understand while the JQ is relatively straightforward and clear to understand.

I’m glad I have the capability to understand the excellent thinking you have done on weaknesses in the white race throughout white history. Much more work needs to be done in that area.

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The tragedy is not the demise of sentient life on Earth (it didn’t exist in the first place), the tragedy is the survival of the Mestizo and other non-Aryan hominids that will torture animals for centuries.
At this point, I wish Christianity would kill all homo sapiens indiscriminately, but no, the genius of the Jew has made it a weapon exclusively effective against Whites!

I noted this before: whereas Christianity drags the white man down… it raises up the non-white.

Funny enough, there was that came out earlier this year that argued (rather strongly) that humans might well be the only life in the galaxy (if not the universe) with our sapience.
And yes, Leftism, once you strip away each bell and whistle is rooted in a hatred of the vigorous life embodied by the Aryan man. Hence the worship of the fag (diseased, sterile) or Nigger (a garbage race that has spent history as slaves, whores, and a means for self-loathing Whites to hurt themselves) or Redskin (a defeated race). Embrace of abortion.

“I emphatically call your attention to the obvious fact that the primitive Christian doctrine is a specific demand for the suicide of our race, which survived from the end of the Roman Empire to the present only because our ancestors, of fresh barbarian stock, simply ignored in practice a large part of the pernicious doctrine, especially in northern Europe under essentially aristocratic regimes…
“…For the deplorable acceptance of Christianity by the ignorant of our race, I have tried to account in my book, Christianity and the Survival of the West. I would now change nothing in that discussion except to make it more emphatic, for in the years since I wrote it, I have come to the conclusion that, with only numerically insignificant exceptions, the Christians are useless in any effort to preserve our race, and that our domestic enemies are, from their standpoint, well advised to subsidize, as they are now doing, the ranting of evangelical shamans and the revival of menticidal superstitions by every means…”
-Revilo P. Oliver

The lack of recognition Oliver receives in contemporary racialism circles is criminal.
Then again, I don’t know what I expect from a horde of self proclaimed ‘cultural’ and literal Christians.

Not only Oliver. Many American WNsts still don’t get a copy of Pierce’s only non-fiction book (of course: Pierce was Yeshu-wise).

I don’t know if anyone here is interested, but I recently completed a 40,000 word essay on National Socialism in which I made great use of the wonderful writings of Revilo Oliver, especially in the concluding instalments (which can be seen here).
And here

“Humanity would sink into eternal darkness, it would fall into a dull and primitive state, were the Jews to win this war. They are the incarnation of that destructive force that in these terrible years has guided the enemy war leadership in a fight against all that we see as noble, beautiful, and worth keeping.” – Joseph Goebbels, Das Reich 21 january 1945
As the man himself put it, we are finished.

“As the man himself put it, we are finished.”
Come on people!
Why do you enjoy the black pill so?
And we are to blame the christians for not fighting?

“When men have lost their natural instincts and ignore the obligations imposed on them by Nature, then there is no hope that Nature will correct the loss that has been caused, until recognition of the lost instincts has been restored. Then the task of bringing back what has been lost will have to be accomplished. But there is serious danger that those who have become blind once in this respect will continue more and more to break down racial barriers and finally lose the last remnants of what is best in them. What then remains is nothing but a uniform mish-mash, which seems to be the dream of our fine Utopians. But that mish-mash would soon banish ALL IDEALS from the world. Certainly a great herd could thus be formed. One can breed a herd of animals; but from a mixture of this kind men such as have created and founded civilizations would not be produced. THE MISSION OF HUMANITY MIGHT THEN BE CONSIDERED AT AN END.
Those who do not wish that the earth should fall into such a condition must realize that IT IS THE TASK OF THE GERMAN STATE IN PARTICULAR to see to it that the process of bastardization is brought to a stop.” – Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf
Everything is in Mein Kampf. The fate of Germany was the fate of western culture.
Also, lets not forget that Hitler was the greatest aryan of all time, history’s last call, a 25th hour man, a swansong for mankind. Were it not for him, probably not even the few awake today would have been here. I don’t think it is understandable at all, the jew, christianity and all the problems it created throughout the centuries – certainly there are more ills – but such is the world.
Black pill or red pill:
I think one can only live for the little beauty left on Earth and within oneself and maybe in this way continue the journey of our ancestors. Human beings in their vast majority will never wake up.

And we are to blame the christians for not fighting?

Christian ethics is a large part of the problem.
The other part is what I call the ‘One Ring’ of power (consumerist materialism, capitalism—you name it, that borders with what commenter S. Ranch calls ‘technology’).
Both factors are the double-helix DNA of white decline.
Are you new to this site? If so start reading the masthead of this blog.

@ ezra91
The MK quote above encapsulates the fundamental misconception of the right wing, an erroneous way of thinking that places man in charge of technological civilization, when in reality, it is technological civilization that is in charge of him! Current conditions are the necessary outcome of civilizational processes; the racial mish-mash AH is deploring the predictable and unavoidable result of the spread of technological civilization to every race and every part of the globe.
Rules of existence:
1. The One Ring cannot be used for good.
2. Man must use the One Ring.

@ Spahn ,
“Current conditions are the necessary outcome of civilizational processes …… ”
Not necessarily. If you stated “Current conditions are the necessary outcome of Christian civilizational processes … ” then you would be more correct.
I mean, in a time not too long ago, when Western civilisation was considered totally Christian – but in reality wasn’t, witness the treatment of non-whites and the general traditional and racist attitiude of white people – Darwin predicted the advancement of, well eehh, advanced people would eventually cause primitive humanoid species to die out. Just like today the advancement of all humanoid species is causing the extinction of many animal species simply because they are running out of habitat which is taken by these humanoids, including the primitive ones.
It is idiots like ‘good’ old Albert Sweitzer & co in combination with the jew’s influence ( allowed by the worst slime of Aryans ) who have caused today’s outcome instead of what would happen without Christian insanity.
And don’t forget National Socialism hasn’t had the chance to reverse the ongoing process globally. But in the extremely short time it was allowed to thrive it transformed Germany. Why wouldn’t it transform the entire Western world given the opportunity?
It is not for nothing that the main – really, the MAIN – preoccupation of our enemy is the supression of the truth about Adolf Hitler and National Socialism.

I’ve told S. Ranch before that, had Hitler won the war, the tech would be used for the good right now, at least in the 4th Reich.
A thousand-year Reich would have made it clear that, as soon as Aryans started to use tech for evil purposes, the Ring would be removed from them—let’s go back to pastoralism.
If I had the One Ring I’d use it to exterminate all Neanderthals on the planet: precisely the thought experiment that opens my book Day of Wrath. If, following that thought experiment, I was allowed to run the zoo for the 1000-year Reich, there’s no way in hell that I’d use tech for evil purposes as I’d continue to be a priest of the 4 & 14 words.
@ S. Ranch,
The limits of Neo-Luddism is that it ignores that psychogenic evolution exists. I refer to the very few guys who ‘touch’, so to speak, the black monolith of 2001.
See DOW, that now has been published in toto in this site (no need to purchase a copy), for context.

@Spahn Ranch
Indeed, existence is tragic. Look at history – we’ve been on the back foot for millennia. Whenever a good race engages an enemy, it risks the purity of its blood, but the mongrels have no such disadvantage. So, the tides of Europeans grew ever thinner, until their reservoirs dried up.
I would even ask – when was the last time a Neanderthal could genuinely FEAR the might of the Aryans? 40,000 years ago?
Clearly not 3,500 years ago when Aryans failed to exterminate Dravidians in India.
Clearly not 2,000 years ago when Romans killed each other in bloody civil wars, their noble women becoming embarrassing whores, and their empire turning into a host body for la Creatura of Christianity.
Clearly not 500 years ago when the biggest achievement of the Iberian empires was the transfer of the Negro from Africa to the Americas.
Clearly not 100 years ago when the greatest legacy of the European empires was the eradication of many diseases afflicting Africans, Indians, Chinese and Latinos. And the genocide of Germans.
Even the high points of Whites seem like a joke. Time and time again, they achieve certain grandeur, then help as many Neanderthals as they can reach, and finally turn on each other. Having the best interests of the race in mind seems like the most unusual behaviour, whereas selling yourself to Mammon is a natural course of things.

Do you have a link to the Cantwell/Wallace interview? I’m not having much luck finding it in Google or YT.

Andrew Hamilton, in several recent articles on the National Vanguard site, noted that while the enemies of the white race have genocidal intent and hatred for whites, whites who want their race to survive are strangely lacking in reciprocal hatred for their enemies who want to exterminate them. Indeed the genocide of the white race is a clear goal of Jews, coloureds and their treasonous white allies while to merely entertain the idea that only Jews should be exterminated is, among supposed ‘racist’ whites, an extreme proposition for most. As Cesar said “Where is your fucking HATE?”
Whites will have to kill their enemies at some point in the fairly near future if they want their race to continue to survive on this planet. Their ancestors clearly had no problem killing non-whites or killing other white tribes and nations but white men essentially ceased fighting with the end of WWII in 1945 and have instead spent the past 70 years destroying their race in the belief this is the moral thing to do.

You have no idea how many thousands of times I’ve told myself in soliloquies that the Aryan psyche is an infinite mystery to me—precisely because in the latest version of whites they are completely unable to hate.
How many thousands of times I’ve imagined being a creature empowered by some sort of magic who kills the traitors in front of TV!
Every night I reconcile my sleep by telling myself that only by owning and using a magic rifle on the enemies I could regain my harmony…
But when I visit the sites of WN thru ‘White Right Hub (Uncucked News Aggregation)’ I am extremely dismayed that I am the only guy who hates!
The mystery of the Aryan psyche is so immense that sometimes I even harbour the possibility that I may be dreaming; that the world is solipsistic, that people only exist in my dream… If this is untrue—
Why can’t even WNsts hate??
Why I am alone in this continent (with the late Pierce and the fallen heroes of The Order)?
This is why this site focuses on Xtian ethics. Something beyond bizarre has happened in the white psyche within my lifetime. It’s like every white is now following the steps of St Francis, the saint who tried to follow the Jesus of the gospels in all of their purity, to the point that Francis died young as a result of his deranged altruism.
Almost all atheists are now Neo-Franciscans. Even the folks at the Alt-Right preach love for other ethnicities. How can they be so blind that there’s an Aryan Question? (this blindness explains their obsession with the JQ).
Yes: in our interview to Jez Turner I used the words ‘Where is your fucking hate?’ The day I met him at The Victory Service Club someone approached me and told me that he liked the Maxfield Parrish images of my site. But when I used the word ‘niggers’ in loud voice (I talk like a man) he told me that there were other people in the club that should not hear that word…
English gentlemen with silver tongue when I expected to meet warriors. Is that the best that your countrymen can offer? Remember that that evening Jez also recommended me to visit the SSPX Church the next day, something that I did out of sheer curiosity.

I’ve heard it said about Hitler “If you’re going to be accused of killing six milion Jews you might as well have killed six million Jews.”
Also the British group Combat 18 used to say about the Holocaust “If it happened, it wasn’t enough. If it didn’t happen, it should have happened.

“How can they be so blind that there’s an Aryan Question? (this blindness explains their obsession with the JQ).”
That’s right. In fact, I’ve come to think that the JQ exists to distract whites from considering what they actually could do. They don’t want to think about that, because it scares them. Instead of endless whining and lists of what Jews control, what we need is a list of what whites control. Anything? How about their own behavior? If the answer is no (because of brainwashing, mind control, their own “pathological” altruism, etc.), then you’re essentially saying that Jews are omnipotent, and all hope is lost. Attempts to “educate” them haven’t succeeded and obviously can’t ever succeed because the mind control is conceived as total, leading them to reject any “education” that might “free” them. Nevertheless, attempts to “educate” the white masses not only persist but in fact constitute the vast bulk of the racial right’s efforts. It’s become a cottage industry, a self-limiting substitute for serious analysis of the problem and actually doing something that might have an effect on the system. Any resentments or revolutionary feelings that the system causes are thus nullified, channeled into a harmless activity. In this way it converts opposition to it into tacit support, distilling the antidote along with the poison. If the system didn’t have conspiracy theorists, the JQ and efforts to “educate” whites about them, it would have to invent something of the kind to keep things from blowing up.

Yes: if the AQ is the platform to understand the West’s darkest hour, all efforts would be directed at changing westerners (JQ is an epiphenomenon of AQ).
I’m fond of what the Muslims say: that before the external Jihad you must do an internal one.
The problem I see in WN is that they skip the internal Jihad—and therefore never fight in the real world, or at least start planning how to fight in the future.

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