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Fair Race’s Darkest Hour (book) Michelangelo

New tablets of stone

First article.— Western civilisation is under the grip of an anti-white ideology that has been imposed in every white country after the traitorous Second World War.
Second article.—Aryans are being exterminated by genocidal levels of immigration: a wholesale European, North American and Australian population replacement for non-whites.
Third article.—Ergo, the 21st century will be the darkest hour of the fair race.
Fourth article.—Aryans either gain a sense of themselves or they are going extinct. Only an ethnostate will save them from extinction; that is, only complete sovereignty in a Fourth Reich, brought about by the expulsion of non-whites, including Jews, will save whites.
Fifth article.—If the ethnostate is formed, a Constitution may start with the words: We hold these truths to be self-evident: Men are created unequal. All men are unequal—nowhere in the natural world, and Man is part of Nature, is anything equal. Equality does not exist in Nature; only in the abstract world of mathematics and in the minds of delusional humans.

Sixth article.—The Priest of the Fourteen words is an anti-Judeo-Christian law-giver. The first commandment in his tablets of stone is ‘Thou shalt keep thy blood pure’. To avoid miscegenation, another commandment must dictate the necessity of not using non-whites.
Seventh article.—If we now remember Nietzsche’s Law Against Christianity, the rest follows from this…
Page 517 of the forthcoming 2018 edition of The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour.

6 replies on “New tablets of stone”

like the articles, except
Only an ethnostate will save them from extinction
– only the individual will save the genes.
– hitler’s germany didn’t survive because enought other low life nations unfairly ganged up on it.
– there ain’t no such thing in nature as a righteous dictator. (or as the joos define it, the messiah.) no one or collective is going to save us, the individuals. rather, we’re the ethnostate in spirit only.
really really like article 5. long past due that nationalists started screaming it from the roof tops. as does nature.

“Everything the State says is a lie, and everything it has it has stolen.”
“Nobody is more inferior than those who insist on being equal.”
“Liberalism is the transformation of mankind into cattle.”
Friedrich Nietzsche

The stone tablets for the race religion must essentially be a complete reversal of values from the slave religion. Off the top of my head:
– Thou shalt have many Gods;
– Thou shalt kill thyne enemies;
– Thou shalt not bear false witness to thyne kin;
– Suffer not the blood-traitor to live;
– Remember the Day of Wrath to keep it holy;
– Honor thyne ancestors;

I’ve always hated the equality statement because so many people misinterpret it deliberately. The equality statement was always meant to mean “equal before the law” not that people, as individuals are actually “equal”. This came about since in many instances the laws in Europe were applied conditionally depending if you were rich or powerful.
When it was written in the US constitution, everyone understood this, but the mistake they made was not making it explicit. They assumed that because they understood this fact, their decendents would always understand it as well. People can’t make that mistake again. Make it short, make it sweet and leave no one any wiggle room to reinterpret anything.
Something else which needs to made explicitly clear. The religion of the Aryan people applies only to Aryans, may never be prothletized to foreign races nor may foreign races be allowed to worship Aryan gods. In no way can any form of universalism (quasi or otherwise) be allowed again. There can be absolutely no wiggle room of any type allowed in this. It needs to be absolute with no exceptions for anyone for any reason.

This equality clause is in the Declaration of Independence; not the Constitution. Though the two documents are meant to be read together. It was a slap in the face for George III, his privileged aristocrats and the organisation which promulgated the doctrine of the divine right of kings.
The Marxists have misinterpreted this clause to mean equality of outcome as opposed to equality of opportunity for their own evil political purposes.

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