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Der Antichrist (book)

Apocalypse for whites • XL

Law against Christianity

(final page of The Antichrist)

Given on the Day of Salvation, on the first day of the year one (30 September 1888, according to the false calculation of time).

War to the death against vice: the vice is Christianity

First article.—Every type of anti-nature is a vice. The priest is the most vicious type of person: he teaches anti-nature. Priests are not to be reasoned with, they are to be locked up.

Second article.—Any participation in church services is an attack on public morality. One should be harsher with Protestants than with Catholics, harsher with liberal Protestants than with orthodox ones. The criminality of being Christian increases with your proximity to science. The criminal of criminals is consequently the philosopher.

Third article.—The execrable location where Christianity brooded over its basilisk eggs should be razed to the ground and, being the depraved spot on earth, it should be the horror of all posterity. Poisonous snakes should be bred on top of it.

Fourth article.—The preacher of chastity is a public incitement to anti-nature. Contempt for sexuality, making it unclean with the concept of ‘uncleanliness’, these are the real sins against the holy spirit of life.

Fifth article.—Eating at the same table as a priest ostracizes: you are excommunicated from honest society. The priest is our Chandala, —he should be ostracized, starved, driven into every type of desert.

Sixth article.—The ‘holy’ history should be called by the name it deserves, the cursed history; the words ‘God’, ‘saviour’, ‘redeemer’, ‘saint’ should be used as terms of abuse, to signify criminals.

Seventh article.—The rest follows from this.

Friedrich Nietzsche – The Antichrist


Note of the Editor: Nietzsche’s ‘Law Against Christianity’ is a piece that has been eliminated from numerous editions of The Anti-Christ: A Curse on Christianity because the editors simply cucked before the Judaeo-Christian ethos.

2 replies on “Apocalypse for whites • XL”

The year of Nietzsche’s final breakdown was the year of Hitler’s birth. The struggle passes to the next titan. Nietzsche somewhat recanted on jews later.
ES states that the Romans considered Christianity as a cover for jews. According to Robert Wilkens “The Christians as the Romans Saw Them” Celsus (2nd AD) Porphyry (3rd) and Julian (4th) saw a distinction between jews and Christians. Their criticisms included that Christians were apostates from jewish Yahweh, which is not the case. Julian too had plans to rebuild the temple of Jerusalem. But we only have fragments of Celsus’s, Porphyry’s & Julian’s criticism of Christianity.

> ‘Nietzsche somewhat recanted on jews later’.
He became a sort of what WNsts call ‘anti-anti-Semite’ but only when he lost his mind. Nietzsche was like Phaeton: who reached the heights but lost his wings and fell from the heavens at the speed of 9.8 ms2. Poor Nietzsche…
As to Julian’s plans to rebuild the temple, it was an astute move: the peril was the Jews on the Diaspora. They should never have left Jerusalem in the first place.

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