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Purple nationalists

‘Apocalypse for Whites’ (original title, ‘Rome vs. Judea’) explains wonderfully the whys of my obsession with translating Deschner’s work, Kriminalgeschichte des Christentums: the criminal history of Christianity. No single racialist text has produced such an absolute eureka! moment in my intellectual life as ‘Apocalypse for Whites’. Compared to this mother of all redpills, all the output from webzines such as The Occidental Observer or Counter-Currents seem like mere purple pills: an intermediate colour between blue and red. They promise to unplug you but in the end they take you back to the Matrix because the editors are still sleeping.
Let’s recognise it: the Spaniard Evropa Soberana is a genius. Not only did he develop the New Racial Classification with a colleague. He also wrote the Sparta essay in addition to the one I just translated with the title of ‘Apocalypse for Whites’. In the 2018 edition of The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour, Soberana’s essay will appear with its original title.
The quote from The Antichrist that I put in red in § 24 of the penultimate entry of ‘Apocalypse for Whites’ hits the nail of all the nails: ‘Christians can think of themselves as anti-Jewish without understanding that they are the ultimate conclusion of Judaism.
Any racist who is under the illusion that his mind no longer has ‘Semitic’ malware installed after Constantine handed over the empire to the Semitic bishops, would do well to remember these lines of Francis Parker Yockey. Who among the white nationalists has really transvalued all his values (Umwertung aller Werte), the last words of The Antichrist before Nietzsche’s Law against Christianity?
But Yockey cannot be considered the embodiment of the new paradigm that supplants Christ (a character that, as it appears in the Gospels, did not even exist). Nor could Nietzsche be considered the Antichrist even though he began to see the light of the tragedy that befell upon the West after Constantine.
Potentially, Adolf Hitler can be the new guiding star—if only white nationalists wake up. But in order for this new religion to embody the transvalued values it is necessary to lay the foundations first.
Before continuing with the translation of the criminal history of Christianity of Deschner I must therefore reproduce, chapter by chapter, the booklet Faith of the Future by Matt Koehl: a prelude to a Hitlerism that should replace the Alt-Right if the race is going to make it.

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“Any racist who is under the illusion that his mind no longer has ‘Semitic’ malware installed…” I’ve been thinking about this same concept a lot lately. How to discover and rid one self of corrupted thought patterns. Even worse, I wonder, what I would have become, as well as others, without the “Semitic malware”. If the Aryans are to survive, this must be corrected in our future generations. (BTW, your metaphor, “Semitic malware” is brilliant.)

An anti-Jewish Christian is an oxymoron. Christianity is by definition a religion soaked in Judaism. If a person is anti-Jewish but also a Christian it only goes to show how powerful the influence of the Jews truly is.
Nietzsche was a prophet of the Superman and Adolf Hitler was like the Superman. Hitler never saw himself this way however and said he was paving the way for a greater leader to come after him. I suppose if Hitler was really the Ubermensch he would have won WWII. I do see Adolf Hitler as an Anti-Christ figure. The racialist worldview of Hitlerism is in complete opposition to Christianity (despite what the Christian Nazis may say). Hitler and the Swastika stands opposed to Christ and the Cross in world history, the messiah of the Aryans supplanting the King of the Jews. The narrative that the modern West has created around Hitler, National Socialism and the Second World War is rooted in Christianity and basically an extension of it. Hitler, the embodiment of evil, the most evil man who ever lived attempted to exterminate God’s chosen people and in the process carried out the worst genocide in human history, The Holocaust. It’s all a lie of course.
What is needed alongside a revaluation of all values, is a reversal of the narrative surrounding Hitler from the current one based on lies into its opposite founded in the truth that recognizes Hitler as the saviour of the Aryans who fought heroically against the Aryan race’s mortal enemy the Jews and sacrificed himself and his people in the process, resulting in the Hellstorm Holocaust, the brutal genocide of some 17 million Germans, both during and after WWII, a genocide which continues to this day in the Jews genocide of the Aryan race as a whole.

An oxymoron indeed. This is part of what Matthew Crawford just commented elsewhere:

Nietsche’s opine is so filled with anger that it distorts its philosophical merit…
After all C.T., it is arguable that Christianity brought self-control to attitudes detrimental to a racially conscious community, like self-control and respect for women. Raping the Sabine women is fine for the ‘continuation of the species’ since endangered … But it is hardly a method for building a civilization—as even Epicurus I suppose would admit.
Otherwise the wild-childs in the Jack Hallidays of the world would rush to excess before ever considering the practicalities of a situation.

Matt: The Romans only abducted the Sabines during Rome’s foundation; afterwards marriage was established.
You better become a true apostate of Xtianity if you really want to save your race. It does not even look that you have read the whole series.

Did that American faggot seriously mention my name?
His comment shows he is riddled with Christian axiology. ‘Respect women’ (whatever that means) and ‘self control’ (self control to not rape choir boys, I guess.).

This sums it up perfectly at a fundamental philosophic level. Unless WN’s can become both jew-Judeo-Christianity aware and pass the Hitler Test, recognise Hitler’s heroism and National Socialism’s philosophic goals, there is no way out for Aryan man.
Why do jew aware WN’s still cling to Christianity? Do they fear that without Christianity Whites will have no other path for spirituality, no way of combating materialism? The historic period “Christendom” did produce significant cultural achievements, but at what spiritual cost, the drip, drip of spiritual poison. Christian ‘love’ has curdled into SJW’s ‘compassion’ & ‘tolerance’ – total fakery.
Hitler and the Swastika v’s Christ and the Cross – a civilisation based on Truth, the Laws of Nature and an aspirational spirituality aiming ever higher for The True The Good The Beautiful; verses values of anti-nature, fakery, suffering, guilt, sin, a death wish.

They cling to Christianity because they are pointless human beings.
They take up space, therefore there is literally no reason for them to be breathing in our Oxygen and trampling upon our soil.
I don’t care anymore if they are White.

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