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Degenerate art

Degenerate Alt-Right

I don’t want to spend a lot of time on the Alt-Right but every day, when I finish work at midnight, I watch five minutes of television and, as there is usually nothing, I see some new YouTube clips.
Yesterday I saw part of the recent talk between Richard Spencer and Styxhexenhammer666, who is not an androgynous ephebe and should be ashamed to show his bare chest before the cameras (at least he’s properly dressed in this pic).
I could not hear them: they are as degenerate as that MSM I cannot stand even five minutes. I ignore the subject or the names they mentioned but I think they talked about degenerate music (as if it was not degenerate music). Just compare it with Wagner’s Parsifal, whose prelude even the anti-Christian Nietzsche liked.
At one point Spencer said he understood where vegetarians come from because of what happens in the slaughterhouses—but that he ate meat anyway, and the shirtless 666 said something similar.
If we compare this pair with the morale of some Nazis—how they prevented the animals from being unnecessarily tortured—we will better understand the tragedy of their coming extinction. This type of people and I do not mean only Spencer but the Alt-Right, in general,​ will never develop the psychogenic emergency (cf. my Day of Wrath) to save the Aryans from extinction.

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It doesn’t worry the Alt-Rightists if the Aryans become extinct or thrive. They play by the rules of the System, and are most concerned with taking care of number one, in the end their whole matter boils down to plum jobs and fat offices or just media hype with making the headlines.
They don’t need a New World founded on the reappraisal of values and on the racial transfiguration, corporal and spiritual. It will suit them the same Old World robed in their Alt-Right candy wrapper. In this make-up’d world there will be a slightly corrected capitalist economy, slightly corrected porn and hip-hop, a slightly corrected Christianity, slightly corrected coloured people and slightly corrected homosexuals. The Alt-Right government will continue the same politics of postmodernist poisoning and denordicization, but also there will be amazing quotes from Evola, Spengler and even Hitler, why not really.
And if a true Aryan Revolution would happen somewhere, I bet most of them turn into traitors and bitter enemies of the Fair Race when the worldwide chandala-states will be united by one goal – to destroy this newborn meritocratic Führerdom. Like it already was…

It would be nice if someone starts to scold the Alt-righters in their own articles’ comments threads, and even link to this site. I’ve no time nor the disposition to do it, but I’ve noticed that since I started to criticise them most donations stopped and even the links to my articles.

Yes, we must make breaches in their information lines, slowly but surely. Let every sincere reader of your blog become a subversive in the Alt-Right circle for Truth to penetrate into hearts and minds of the noble and worthy men, which were disorientated by the Alt-Right phantoms.
Though, we know what the score is. The critical comments could be censored, the negative comments could be deleted.

Yesterday Greg J has attacked a National Socialism advocate: “we can EITHER rehabilitate the historical reputation of National Socialist Germany, OR we can create a future for white people. I choose the latter”
This Greg’s new article is a very realistic attempt of analysis, with the most important exception… And the devil is in one detail here…
He doesn’t understand the cause-and-effect relation between them, doesn’t he? Until the historical reputation of National Socialist Germany and Hitler personally are rehabilitated, there is no future for white people. If such dilemma really exists, a future for the Fair Race will be in a postapocalyptic world: Hitler’s name itself and NS ideology will have vanished there as knowledgeable concepts, but they pass (energetically or spiritually so to speak) into blood and mind of the New Volk – who ought to inherit the universe – as instinctive mythologems.

@Musik ist Tot
The way I have begun to see this is that the Alt-Right is essentially a manifestation of what a large group collective think. Therefore, the greater majority of people who become fans of that movement are extremely unlikely to radicalise any further. Your idea to infiltrate would be efficient at radicalising a select few, but it will never be a mass. Every society and nation has its sheep.
Whether people are willing to open their eyes or not is not genetic IMO, but just down to the luck of the draw. I have elaborated on this in a much earlier comment thread, but the 90% of the nation who represent the Always Mindless need to be purged, not educated. I do not care if they are white anymore. They are dead weight. This goes for most of my family members, too.
We do not even need that many people to take over the System. We are close to enough, already. I see no reason to form a mass movement of any kind. Nevertheless, violent take-over may be unnecessary. If there is an economic collapse, then us in the West will just have to wait.

Oh, World History (Welt-Geschichte) is not in a hurry at all. But I think that “waiting mode” is afforded to a much healthier race than our own. The situation was flagrant in Hitlerian’s time, and National Socialism became a coercive – and very belated! – measure to bring the degenerate Whites to their senses. Contrary to all disasters, NS still had a very strict but optimistic view on the future of German people. If we speak frankly, neither of us wait good news from these nowaday post-European nations.
You’re right that every scenario from the past is a failure, I mean nationalist mass movement or totalitarian party. In a way, striking Lincoln’s, Koehl’s or Pierce’s lives were dissipated for a galvanic stimulation of the corpse. And you intend just to contemplate its rotting in expectation of a collapse of economics. Now almost everything is lost, so the economic collapse is a premise, but not a sufficient condition. It can reformat the actual circumstances but it can’t reboot the Matrix.
New Nordic Man and New Volk will arise only after cultural-anthropological-existential collapse along with atomic apocalypse, which put a period in the Terminal Decision of every non-Aryan problem.
However, as yet it’s we play the role of the falling one, and we are pushed into abyss because we deserved it.

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