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Letter from Joseph

Hi Cesar,

This post is in response to your post “Second thoughts” from yesterday.

If you are not capable of speaking fluent English at the moment then you should not have made a radio show. It was your idea to make a radio show after I sent you that interview Jan did with Alex Linder on Christianity and I admit I was surprised at first that you would not be saying much (although I understand why) because you never mentioned you wouldn’t be saying much when you proposed doing the show. It was only after it was organised with me, Jake and Alex that you revealed you couldn’t say much. I thought it was a shame for readers of the blog that they would not be hearing you on your show. It is also a shame for me as I wish I could understand Spanish so I could hear your long and elaborate speeches as well as your own opinions and debate with me, Jake and the guests.

When me, you and Jake first organized the show, the episode of Linder on the extermination of the Jews was to be the last episode, episode number 8 if I remember correctly, however if you want to only make 5 episodes that is your choice. It is your show, your blog and it is ultimately up to you. If it is frustrating for you not being able to speak your mind then you should not continue the show in my opinion.

Like you, I think it is primarily the Aryans weaknesses that are the cause of our race’s impending extinction, while Jews are a secondary effect of our race’s weaknesses. In fact, paraphrasing Codreanu, I would say humanity has the Jews it deserves. If humans didn’t miscegenate a tribe like the Jews could never be created in the first place, and if Gentiles weren’t such hypocritical liars Jews could never have ended up playing the goyim for fools and ruling mankind. However, unlike you I don’t view Christian ethics as having generated Jewish influence as I view Christianity itself as a product of Jewish influence, a creation of the Jews and therefore I would think Christianity is, like Marxism and Feminism etc. ultimately an offshoot of the Jewish problem.

Also, I think the actions Aryans have taken since 1945 that are leading to their extinction are different to past situations when Aryans have gone extinct. Before 1945, individual Aryan civilizations, whether in Egypt, India, Persia, Greece, Rome or South America committed racial suicide but the rest of the Aryan race outside those civilizations was not committing racial suicide. Since 1945 the entire race, from North America to Europe, Australia and New Zealand is deliberately doing everything possible to bring about its extinction, this is not a case of individual Aryan nations dying but for the first time in history the entire race is dying. Like Revilo Oliver I think Whites developed a death-wish which the Jews are exploiting to genocide us. Whites are embracing all their sins and living ‘sinful lives’ to make themselves extinct in the present. Thus the present malaise of the West’s darkest hour differs from the past extinctions of White civilizations in my opinion.


Joseph Walsh

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I am afraid that I must agree with what you say, although it was tempting to invite Linder after we listened his anti-Christian rant with Jan.

Originally I thought you and Jake would be the only hosts of the podcasts. I don’t know how I became dragged, perhaps out of misconceived enthusiasm. (If you want to continue inviting guests with Jake I’d only be too happy to add future posts advertising it even if I’ll be totally absent.)

Regarding Christianity, what you say reminds me of Ben Klassen. Here it’s clear that my voice has not been heard in the previous podcasts. Correct me if I’m wrong, but your POV in this specific issue is still A-bicausal.

This is my B-bicausal view:

I blame Aryans more than Jews because the mess started even before Christian takeover. Do you remember what Pierce says of Julius Caesar? It was the greed for autocratic power what moved him to do business with the Semites and to perpetrate a holocaust of Kelts—real blue-eyed Aryan Kelts!

Caesar’s betrayal of the Republic that abhorred sole kings started even before the first Christian was born. But the problem predates Caesar. If I remember correctly, the following passages by Will Durant appeared in an obsolete, pre-2017 version of The Fair Race’s Darkest hour:

But he [Alexander the “Great”] had underrated the inertia and resistance of the Oriental mind, and the mass and depth of Oriental culture. It was only a youthful fancy, after all, to suppose that so immature and unstable a civilization as that of Greece could be imposed upon a civilization immeasurably more widespread, and rooted in the most venerable traditions.

The quantity of Asia proved too much for the quality of Greece. Alexander himself, in the hour of his triumph, was conquered by the soul of the East; he married (among several ladies) the daughter of Darius; he adopted the Persian diadem and robe of state; he introduced into Europe the Oriental notion of the divine right of kings; and at last he astonished a sceptic Greece by announcing, in magnificent Eastern style, that he was a god. Greece laughed; and Alexander drank himself to death.

This subtle infusion of an Asiatic soul into the wearied body of the master Greek was followed rapidly by the pouring of Oriental cults and faiths into Greece along those very lines of communication which the young conqueror had opened up; the broken dykes let in the ocean of Eastern thought upon the lowlands of the still adolescent European mind. The mystic and superstitious faiths which had taken root among the poorer people of Hellas were reinforced and spread about; and the Oriental spirit of apathy and resignation found a ready soil in decadent and despondent Greece.

The introduction of the Stoic philosophy into Athens by the Phoenician merchant Zeno (about 310 b. c.) was but one of a multitude of Oriental infiltrations. Both Stoicism and Epicureanism—the apathetic acceptance of defeat, and the effort to forget defeat in the arms of pleasure—were theories as to how one might yet be happy though subjugated or enslaved…

Yet these were even then almost exotic modes of thought: imperial Athens did not take to them. But when Greece had seen Chaeronea in blood and Thebes in ashes, it listened to Diogenes; and when the glory had departed from Athens she was ripe for Zeno and Epicurus.

Zeno built his philosophy of apatheia on a determinism which a later Stoic, Chrysippus, found it hard to distinguish from Oriental fatalism. As Schopenhauer deemed it useless for the individual will to fight the universal will, so the Stoic argued that philosophic indifference was the only reasonable attitude to a life in which the struggle for existence is so unfairly doomed to inevitable defeat.

If victory is quite impossible it should be scorned. The secret of peace is not to make our achievements equal to our desires, but to lower our desires to the level of our achievements. “If what you have seems insufficient to you,” said the Roman Stoic Seneca (d. 65 a. d.), “then, though you possess the world, you will yet be miserable”…

The Romans, coming to despoil Hellas in 146 b. c, found these rival schools dividing the philosophic field; and having neither leisure nor subtlety for speculation themselves, brought back these philosophies with their other spoils to Rome. Great organizers, as much as inevitable slaves, tend to stoic moods: it is difficult to be either master or servant if one is sensitive.

So such philosophy as Rome had was mostly of Zeno’s school, whether in Marcus Aurelius the emperor or in Epictetus the slave; and even Lucretius talked epicureanism stoically (like Heine’s Englishman taking his pleasures sadly), and concluded his stern gospel of pleasure by committing suicide. His noble epic “On the Nature of Things,” follows Epicurus in damning pleasure with faint praise.

Nations, too, like individuals, slowly grow and surely die. In the face of warfare and inevitable death, there is no wisdom but in ataraxia, —“to look on all things with a mind at peace.” Here, clearly, the old pagan joy of life is gone, and an almost exotic spirit touches a broken lyre.

Imagine the exhilarating optimism of explicit Stoics like Aurelius or Epictetus. Nothing in all literature is so depressing as the Dissertations of the Slave, unless it be the Meditations of the emperor. “Seek not to have things happen as you choose them, but rather choose that they should happen as they do; and you shall live prosperously.” No doubt one can in this manner dictate the future, and play royal highness to the universe…

In such passages we feel the proximity of Christianity and its dauntless martyrs. In Epictetus the Greco-Roman soul has lost its paganism, and is ready for a new faith. His book had the distinction of being adopted as a religious manual by the early Christian Church. From these Dissertations and Aurelius’ Meditations there is but a step to The Imitation of Christ.

Greece and Rome committed mortal sins—horrible failures of the nerve!—before Christian takeover. There’s no question about that.

If you & Jake continue the podcasts, what about title them “The A-bicausal WDH Radio Show”? And if I manage to afford a proper studio in the future, my TrueTube videos (with a blond wig of course—otherwise the Mexicans would beat me to pulp!) could be called “The B-bicausal WDH Show”.

By the way, since I changed once again my views about the origin of the word racist, the 2018 and last edition of FRDH will be dedicated to you. Cheers.

Cesar, I am a type-B bicausalist as I think Aryan weaknesses are primarily responsible for the Jews being able to infect our race with Christianity. As your quote from Will Durant demonstrates, the Aryan mind was susceptible to Oriental infections long before Christianity. It is also notable that hellenised Jews in Alexandria were blending Greek ideas with their own esoteric doctrines and influencing Aryans before Christianity. In other words the disintegrating effect of Jews on Aryans begins before Christianity, and Aryans are to blame for this.

I’ll speak with Jake to see if he wants to continue the podcasts or wind them up. And thanks for deciding to dedicate the 2018 edition of FRDH to me. May I ask why it is going to be the last edition?

“Last” only in the sense that that dedicatory will remain if further corrections have to be done. (I hadn’t dedicated FRDH to anyone and since DOW is dedicated to Jake I thought of dedicating my other book in English to a close comrade and friend.)


First, I would like to second what Joseph had to say in his first paragraph. “The West’s Darkest Hour Radio Show” isn’t much without you, as it is your podcast bearing the name of your blog. There is a real demand amongst Aryans to hear the author speak in his own voice. It is unfortunate that English constrains your ability to debate or banter verbally.

Second, you’ve made it clear that there is a need for you to debate Joseph and I. I wish you could’ve on the show as that would’ve been an edifying and entertaining experience for the listeners. My personal belief is that the Jewish – Aryan relationship is a long and tragic dance; it mandates two participants. Nobody emerges blameless and I suspect that both parties enjoy inflicting and receiving pain on some level. The stakes have been raised in the last century as the Jews tired of the dance and acquired their own states (USSR, Israel, America). Even our “pagan” ancestors couldn’t break this cycle in antiquity. Christianity and secular Christian ethics are merely mischling systems devoid of their progenitor’s racial will to power.

Third and finally, Cesar, I believe that it would be a disservice to the race for you stop engaging with newly awakened Aryans – regardless of the medium. They need an historically literate, introspective, and articulate exposition (and expansion upon) National Socialism.



> “…stop engaging with newly awakened Aryans”

But I never intended to quit WDH (only speaking in radio and my weekend, anti-Christian posts).

What I’ll do with the time I used in, say, translating Deschner is publishing more books for Daybreak Press.

Eugenics and Race
was a real pain in the ass to publish, as the PDF when pasted into Word became extremely corrupted. And it was nice that MacDonald allowed me to have his Diaspora on Daybreak.


I should’ve elaborated more. My belief (which was accurate) was that your podcast would bring more readers to this blog. Alex Linder, Jan Lamprecht, and yourself seem to be sorely underappreciated. I hope that you continue exploring new venues to reach the youth and/or fresh audiences.

– Jake


I have just received a message from our sponsor:

Joseph & Jake are excellent foils for a guest speaker. They contribute insightfully without talking over the top of the guest. Guests like Jan & Alex will dominate a podcast, indeed a guest should have most of the time, and especially monologuists like Jan & Alex. Giving an informed, knowledgeable monologue is their strength. Ideally a (Socratic) dialogue is the best podcast. Four participants can be too much. But Joseph & Jake work well together and with a guest and yourself.

“Cesar’s Editorial”

How about your giving an editorial at the end of the podcast for say 5-10-15 minutes ? Where you give your own considered thoughts on the discussions, and you bring shape & even corrections to the issues ? You can even print your editorial in the Podcast notice?

Good idea. I can comment on writing in the comments section what you say in WDH podcasts (as I did with the Durant quotation above), but not in spoken English. Our sponsor also said in another communication, “Cesar, keep the podcasts going, best regards”.

That passage by Will Durant is absolutely sublime! What a clear mind, what a wide horizon! Calling epicureanism and stoicism for the Oriental vices they are is incredible. At first, I took him for a random anonymous visitor, but no, he was a great historian of the previous century!

But when I was reading his Wikipedia entry, something felt amiss. “The Story of Civilization, 11 volumes written in collaboration with his wife, Ariel Durant”. That was the first sign.

Continue reading. Ariel Durant was a Ukrainian Jewess…

Come on, how can a person write such perceptive works, and commit such terrible crimes?

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