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Fair Race’s Darkest Hour (book) William Pierce


Today I discovered that on December 2016, in the comments section of his blog, Hadding Scott had responded to my March 2016 inquiry in the same thread. I refer to his important article “On the origin of the word racist.” In his response to me Scott wrote:

That Wikipedia article is fraudulent. The council wrote that declaration because they objected to the formation of a Bulgarian national church. They did not use the word racism at all; they used the word φυλετισμός (phyletism), which is best understood to mean tribalism or, in this case, nationalism.

Matthew Raphael Johnson discusses that council and its corrupt motives in one of his talks. Phyletism really is not a sin in Christianity; it is in fact traditional.

Since Hadding waited more than eight months to answer my question, in the 2017 edition of The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour I included a quotation reproduced in small letters here that I’ll remove for the next edition of the book.

Changing subjects, Metapedia has pages linking to William Pierce’s podcasts (here) and his articles (here and here). As I have said elsewhere, in my opinion Pierce had the most penetrating mind among all the American “racists.”

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Yes: but YouTube has a very notorious reputation of nuking the accounts of the racists. Recently it nuked 10 accounts of that Boer who used to interview Alex Linder.

True, although you can download these audios/videos from YouTube to save for a ‘rainy day’, as I have done.

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