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James Mason Quotable quotes


“Only man in his ignorance, pride and conceit, his off-base worldview with himself as the center of the universe and above Natural Law, has made possible the awful mess people are living in today.”

“National Socialism has been the closest thing yet to approach successfully the task of putting the Truth to work in reality.”

—James Mason

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That second quote is one of my favourite quotes by Mason.

On the first quote, where man has become the dominant species on the planet this has given him the false conceit that he is the center of everything, which has been proven to be untrue as the earth is not the center of the universe, neither is our solar system or galaxy, in fact man is a latecomer in the evolutionary chain of life, appearing nearer the end of earth’s ability to support life. Man is not the center of anything! As Hitler said in Mein Kampf, just because man has become lord and master over other creatures does not mean he dominates Nature as a whole. Nature dominates man. Man is dependent on air to breathe, on water to survive, on the Sun to live etc.

Although animals do not speak and thus do not think in complex ways like man, they are truer to the natural order by being 100% instinct. Animals segregate and don’t cross-breed. Man mongrelizes himself, making multicultural societies, breaking down the natural order and resulting in anti-natural chaos. Industrial civilization has brought about a very un-natural way of life as humans have polluted the air, poisoned the water, increased their population in a dysgenic manner. Yes, man is in full-scale rebellion again Nature, against Truth. National Socialism is the antidote.

Man and all his laws are subject to the mercilessly indomitable LAWS OF NATURE. Our racial survival depends on Aryan man rediscovering his Nature-ordained manhood. He must choose between cowardice and courage, between comfort and freedom, between extinction and a future for White children.
There is no compromise. Victory sanctifies. Nature rules.
Katia Lane

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