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Second thoughts

I’ve been thinking about the relevance of the WDH Radio Show and what I’ve been doing on Saturdays: adding translations of Karlheinz Deschner’s first book on the criminal history of Christianity.

Regarding the radio show, I must confess that I do not recognize myself in what has been said in the four episodes. The reason is obvious. As I have already confessed, my knowledge of English comes basically from reading (on the sidebar, see the photograph of this year of me in my home library). Speaking a language is something entirely different from reading or writing it, and involves even another area of the brain.

I have done inquiries to correct the problem and to be able to speak well in the radio shows. If I wanted to make myself understood immediately, I would have to pay for the services of a simultaneous translator, who would charge me approximately $315 dollars for each episode. But that would only solve the problem artificially. A better solution would require intensive training to get my tongue out in English. Last week I made an appointment with an Aryan woman who in Mexico City presides over the offices of the Berlitz Corporation. The “Private Program,” that is an individualised and intensive program that lets me loose my tongue in three weeks costs $ 1,180 dollars.

The alternative for free would be to find a native English-speaker who is going to study to Spain and desperately needs one of these courses in reverse: to speak fluent Spanish. Through Skype we would train with each other: I trying to speak in English and he or she in Spanish until we both correct the pronunciation to the degree of speaking fluently. But that’s not going to be easy to find. That’s why people usually pay the amounts I quote above when they have the need to do so.

In the radio programs I would like not only arguing, but also making long and elaborate speeches. It is very frustrating not to be able to do it, especially since the voices that have been heard in the four episodes, even those of our guests, do not reflect my ideas. Not being able to argue with them, or with my co-hosts Joseph and Jake, is very frustrating.

What I said in the hatnote of yesterday’s entry on Yeats goes to the heart of the matter. I do not believe that Jewry is the primary factor of white decline. I think it’s the swamps of Aryan sin what have caused the tremendous proliferation of mosquitoes. These must be killed off, of course: but I don’t believe in the “spontaneous generation” of mosquitoes. (For those who have not gotten the memo, this is the Aryan Problem in a nutshell: “A country has the Jews it deserves. Just as mosquitoes can thrive and settle only in swamps, likewise the former can only thrive in the swamps of our sins” —Codreanu.)

And here is where it is clearly seen why I no longer want to prolong the radio episodes indefinitely. If Alex Linder accepts our invitation, the fifth episode will be the last (unless, very unlikely, a sponsor to fund my simultaneous translation for a sixth episode appears). I do not object to the Linderite idea of eliminating mosquitoes, the proposed topic for the next episode. I partly agree with his medicine, but not with the diagnosis. (“Partly” I say because I’m not only an exterminationist of our obvious enemies, but of the greater part of humanity as proposed by Pierce in his immortal novel.) My diagnosis, and here I differ not only from Linder but from almost everyone that I know (with the exception of Tom Sunic), are the swamps of capitalism and Christianity.

Gold over blood is only the most conspicuous sin (read the stories of Pierce and Kemp on the white race to understand this subject in depth). An equally mortal sin, though not as historically old as using non-white labour, is the religion of our parents. And here is where I have second thoughts on the pertinence of continuing to add Saturday translations from Deschner’s books.

It is clear that on Saturdays I am talking to myself! It is assumed that the purpose of blogging is to communicate with others. But even my friends do not seem to be B-type bicausalists; like many they lean toward bicausalism A.

If I believe that Aryan sins—materialism and Christian ethics—engender mosquitoes, and if this bicausalism B is not part of your accepted wisdom (there are even monocausalists in the movement), continuing this Deschner adventure becomes soliloquy. I am not motivated to continue these monologues. Having said that, I would like to confess what I liked about the three volumes of Deschner’s “criminal history” I purchased in 2002.

The late historian showed that most of the Christian martyrs’ stories are legendary. Before reading his books, I already knew that the New Testament is full of internal contradictions; for example, what the Synoptics say compared to John’s gospel. (On the discipline of studying the NT from the secular POV see: here.) But what impressed me greatly in discovering Deschner is that, in later centuries, the church was dedicated to inventing a rosary of martyrs and saints, of which there is very little if any historical evidence! As someone deeply educated in Roman Catholicism, this surprised me because, as a good German scholar, Deschner’s books are full of bibliographical references in several languages, and as far as I know he has not been rebutted on this point.

The making of saints and martyrs is one aspect of the religion of my Catholic parents that I would have loved to expose on this site. Instead, what I have decided is adding other titles of interest to my Daybreak Press. Although I will no longer add translations of Deschner on Saturdays, or Sunday passages from the novel Julian, next Monday I will continue to reproduce those passages that I consider important of Eugenics and Race by Roger Pearson. Pearson was a real catch. His Darwinian science almost reaches my exterminationist POV of the inferior races, going beyond the political correctness of American race realists.

If any of the visitors to this blog, or if my friends Joseph and Jake, do not agree with what I say above do not hesitate to express your criticism below.

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Michael O’Meara also believes that the sin of Mammon worshiping is the main cause (see a heated debate of WNsts with him: here).

But I didn’t include his name as an intellectual soulmate because, unlike Sunic, O’Meara believes that we must include Christianity in the salvation of the race.

> the swamps of capitalism and Christianity.

Capitalism is okay if it is constrained by an NS government, or by a similar government that protects its founding population, to prevent things like what we have in the USA where the so-called “Chamber of Commerce” (an association that represents, in general, business interests) has long wanted open borders, and donates millions to politicians in an effort to keep the borders open, so as to keep labor costs low.

Well, it depends how one defines capitalism. Asking Bing to define the word, it say: “an economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.”

Since this definition includes “and political system”, it appears that you are right.

Dear César,

I love the series about the Aryan Problem in your book (TFRDH).

Maybe it is possible for you to write a short and consise text, a “parting word”, “Learning from the mistakes / sins of our Aryan ancestors”or something like this.

kind regard from Germany,


Good idea, Ricardo.

The sins of the whites are so gigantic that I tend to agree with Revilo Oliver that whites, as a generic race, need to suffer from 30 to 100 years before changing their ways. Pierce said about the same in some passages of his novel.

That’s why I am interested in the convergence of catastrophes: dollar collapse, energy devolution and major wars during that mess using nukes (e.g., the nukes already in the power of 3rd world countries).

The saying “No pain no gain” can also be used spiritually. If the convergence of catastrophes occurs as predicted, whites will have a good window of opportunity to amend their ways.

This also explains why I am a B-bicausal guy. If Jews were the main cause, we are screwed because they have higher IQs and are already in key positions of power. If on the other hand the powerful Aryans have been screwing their ways pretty badly, with “internal Jihads” they can atone for our sins.

A good place to start this soul searching is questioning all that 17th century mercantilism that in the next centuries reached nightmarish proportions after the Industrial Revolution. Not only Yeats saw the monster, other men living in the British islands saw it as well.

I think I quoted Lord Clark in TFRDH: “The only people who saw through industrialism in those early days were the poets. Blake, as everybody knows, thought that mills were the work of Satan. ‘Oh Satan, my youngest born… thy work is Eternal death with Mills and Ovens and Cauldrons’.”

White nationalists have lost this perspective. I remember a recent interview of Richard Spencer for example talking about the free market and the forces of American capitalism as if it was something natural. Spencer et al are The One Ring’s puppets, as another Briton imitating Wagner’s metaphor would put it in the 20th century.

I have enjoyed the Deschner work and the passages from Julian and I’m sorry you will not be posting them any longer. I will especially miss Julian and I think I’ll just have to buy the book myself. It’s amazing to hear from men like Julian and Porphyry who witnessed the growth of this cancer first hand.
I will try to comment in support of the material I like on this site. People who disagree with you are usually more motivated to sound off with their opinion, which will give you a skewed view of your readers’ tendencies. I’m sure there are many like me who appreciate your work but we’ve just lurked on the site. I apologize for this and I promise to add a voice of support more often.

I’ve always been discouraged by the presence of Christianity in the racial cause. I’ve been resigned to the belief that religious differences must be put aside and we will have to deal with this problem after we have a white homeland. But now I think it’s imperative that we not let any such homeland be formed with Christians in any significant leadership role. Your site has been an important resource for me, and we definitely need as many as our people as possible speaking out against the destructive moral codes transmitted by Christianity. Please keep up the great work in this area.

Thanks Justin and welcome to this forum.

Yes: if I knew that some visitors like you are appreciating those Julian posts I could continue posting them, but since I received no proper feedback I thought nobody was interested.

Tomorrow Sunday I’ll skip posting Julian anyway. It’s easy for me to add Sunday Julian posts because a tech guy helped me to unlock the available Julian PDF online and, unlike the Deschner translations, I only have to copy and paste with some editing as the unlocked PDF gets a little corrupted.

Some years ago, before I started to add Julian excerpts, not even a locked Julian PDF was available in the internet. I had to type directly from my English copy (in 1991-1992 I read Julian in Barcelona in Spanish) and it was most frustrating that visitors didn’t appreciate my efforts. That was the first time that I suspended the Julian project.

There may be other visitors like you who don’t comment here, something that gives the impression that I’m talking to myself…

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