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WDH radio show

WDH Radio Show – Episode 4

Lessons from South Africa

— Listen to it here! —
WDH hosts: Joseph Walsh, Jake F. and yours truly
Special guest: Jan Lamprecht

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9 replies on “WDH Radio Show – Episode 4”

Another excellent episode. The South-African guest, Jan Lamprecht, was especially good. He was also interviewed by that pretty Tara McCarthy woman a few weeks ago.

What I liked most about what Jan Lamprecht was saying on this episode, was his optimism that we “whites” will win in the end, but we are currently suffering as a race from, in effect, a spiritual malaise.

I attribute that spiritual malaise to the dying process of Christianity, which is soon to be replaced, in my opinion, by something much better and more truthful, that, for example, accepts the reality of reincarnation with time in-between in the afterlife.

Thanks for your comment kurt. I also found Jan’s optimism encouraging, which probably comes from his experience of seeing Whites at near rock bottom in South Africa so he knows the only way we can go is up from here.

On your certainty that reincarnation is a reality and will play a part in a future religion of our race, reincarnation was a widely held belief of our ancestors before Christianity. The ‘pagan’ religions, from the Vedic religion followed by the Aryans to the religion of the Celts, all featured a strong belief in reincarnation. Revilo P. Oliver wrote that a future religion of our race would probably revive the belief in reincarnation as it is congenial to our racial psyche.

It is a mark of weakness to believe in the afterlife. Remember Linder’s interview? Jews have been beating whites because they are faithful to the Earth, something that Nietzsche also advised—to Europeans.

Prehistoric and historic Aryans are not a paradigm of psychically integrated whites. Celts for instance practiced human sacrifice along with their postmortem survival believes. I’m reading a book about prehistoric Scandinavians. They also practiced human sacrifice.

If Psychohistory teaches us something it is that people in the prehistoric past and the ancients were more dissociated psychically than modern whites. But I guess none of you have read my Day of Wrath?

I’m agnostic on the afterlife Cesar. I simply don’t know what happens after death. However, I would prefer no life after death. That when you die, you die. I have not enjoyed my life and therefore the thought of continued existence after death does not please me.

However, what Nietzsche says about being “true to the earth” makes sense and is how we should think and behave. We can’t pretend there is an afterlife when there is no scientific evidence of such, yet. We have to be loyal to what we know exists-this earth, this Universe. Hitler did say in Mein Kampf that he wondered if Destiny would give the earth as a reward to the Jews for living only for this earth. We can certainly learn from our enemies.

And no, I have not read Day of Wrath.

Joseph, that’s a good point, that before Christianity polluted our minds, many of our pre-Christian ancestors believed in reincarnation. Also, of course, much of the oriental world still believes in reincarnation, and, of course, Hindus in India.

Cesar, you say: “If Psychohistory teaches us something it is that people in the prehistoric past and the ancients were more dissociated psychically than modern whites.”

I just searched for that phrase “dissociated psychically” on Bing (I no longer use Google since they are too Jewed) and got only one hit. Also, a quick search in the PDF of your “Day of Wrath” of that phrase gets zero hits.

What do you mean by “dissociated psychically”, and on what basis do you claim that “people in the prehistoric past and the ancients were more dissociated psychically than modern whites.”?

What I write in Spanish is more elemental than what I write in English (like the Periodic Table: the elements form the compounds).

Of my ten books in Spanish the 4th has been translated to English. The expression “dissociated psychically” is explained there: not fully integrated psychologically would be another way to say it. Day of Wrath also includes a Spanish-English translation of the first pages of my 6th book.

Now I am reviewing the 10th and last one, which will be available this year.

English speakers who have not read Day of Wrath have no idea where I come from.

P.S. Scientologists also believe in reincarnation, and they’re completely nuts.

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