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The first commandment

The ethnostate must teach that the highest form of Wisdom consists in keeping one’s blood pure. The first commandment of the new law-table is “Thou shalt keep thy blood pure”. Another commandment must dictate the necessity of not enslaving non-whites.

Joseph Walsh

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Since you have an interest in Hitler and (presumably) how Germany lost the 2nd World War, I thought that you might find the following quote from P.T. Kekkonen’s website interesting (Kekkonen was a Finnish firearms expert who is now deceased):

Just before death of True Germany, in February 1945, Hitler allowed issue of 25 rounds of B-cartridges to snipers, armed with bolt-action Mauser rifles on the Eastern Front only. Not to the machine gunners! (He was actually gone mad: He prohibited also use of highly efficient gasses TABUN, SARIN and SOMAN against the troopers of Red Army, although about hundred tons of them were produced and stored in Germany – a dosage hundred times enough to kill EVERY trooper of Red Army attacking towards the heart of Third Reich, when the Reds were gathered on the banks of Elbe river before definitive assault. Hitler and the Third Reich had no more anything to loose. German generals prayed literally kneeling allowance for use of these truly efficient “secred weapons”, but in vane..!).

He evidently had some knowledge of the history of WW2 that has been kept out of the history books, or perhaps I am simply not well-enough read on the subject, as the above information is news to me. Being Finnish, Kekkonen’s English, as can be seen above, is sometimes not so good. Can you imagine, if the above quote is accurate and Hitler HAD allowed the use of Sarin gas on the Soviet troops – the outcome of that war might have been much different. In case you are interested, Kekkonen’s quote was taken from this article, about 1/5 of the way down the page and just before the subtitle, “Functioning of a Fuse”.


Thanks for the info and you are right: this has to be corroborated for a better understanding of what really happened in the Second World War.

Pouring poison gas on the Soviets wasn’t going to change anything by 1945, but Hitler was generally less ruthless than he actually should have been.

I read this last month on counter-currents, in an article that was reproduced (here) :

(9) According to Stolfi, Hitler’s darkest deeds are the massacre of 3.1 million Soviet POWs captured in the opening months of Barbarossa and the killing of 4.5 million Jews in what is known as the Holocaust. Stolfi is certainly a Hitler revisionist, but I do not know whether he is a Holocaust revisionist or not, since I am unsure if it is legal for him to think that “only” 4.5 million Jews were killed by the Third Reich. I had not even heard of the 3.1 million Soviet POWs, which Stolfi mentions only a couple of times in passing.

I hope Russel Stolfi was wrong about the massacre of 3.1 million Soviet POWs!

I agree that Sarin could have stopped the Normandy landings also. Having studied all of Hitlers writings my own conclusions are that perhaps the Hitler of 1945 or even 1941 was not the Hitler of 1939. The genius of conquering France but the military illiteracy of entering Stalingrad point to Hitler having been killed in 1941 in a plane crash on the eastern front. The disastrous conduct of the war subsequent also suggesting Reich control went to Goebels and Hitler doubles. NB Hitler never wrote or spoke convincingly after 1941-42.
Of course that’s just speculation. Hitler had been gassed in 1918 and deplored the use of such a jewish weapon (Haber). Also the chemistry for producing nerve gases had been in the public domain for decades prior to WW2. Hitler perhaps mistakenly believed the allies also had such gases and the thought of a gas soaked Reich horrified him.

Sometimes I enter in despair Chechar. How our people can’t see the obvious? Do they really think that Whites rule the West?

They don’t see the obvious because Christianity and Neochristianity (secular Liberalism) have been for centuries their Operative Systems in their little skulls, and the poor things can only think in terms of universalism, human “rights”, individualism, egalitarianism and deranged altruism. Their brains are completely and absolutely screwed up by such software. They must be ruthlessly culled out in the coming convergence of catastrophes, as described in Pierce’s novel.

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Okay, I am on a roll with Chechar here. If you not checked out this man’s blog, you must. It has changed my view on everything in the era dating from WWII onward.

I agree with both points here. Definitely not about race mixing. Never really have been. I cannot explain why, it is just a more guttural or intuitive sense that I believe it is not right.

Regarding slavery, it is this ill that has plagued America since the country’s inception. This ill has now progressed to a global cancer, but lets face it, slavery has always existed in various countries and various forms. I just don’t get why mankind can’t shake this need to enslave others. The need to endlave others is rooted in greed, a spiritual sickness.

Slavery is what prevented the Greeks and later the Romans from developing internal combustion engines, electricity and space craft.

As long as the slaves could be made to chop the wood and carry the water what was the purpose in developing technology?

I believe that the reason Hitler did not use poison gas on the Soviets is because at the time Churchill had huge stockpiles of anthrax bombs, and Churchill actually wanted to bomb Germany with the entire arsenal he had!

Gassing Allied troops would have provided Churchill with an excuse and I believe Hitler acted wisely in not using these agents. At least that way the German people had a small hope of survival, a hope that was not misplaced.

The German people at least live on today!

Only just recently they declared some British isle safe again after it was used to test anthrax in the WW2 era. Think of what this would have done to Germany.

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