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Degenerate art Kali Yuga Music

WN – “a pathetic joke”

by Joseph Walsh

degenerate WNOne of the most corrosive effects on the white man in the post-war era has been “rock music” in my opinion. This “music” is derived from negro tribal music, yet it is listened to by quite a few so-called pro-whites despite Hitler speaking about the danger of alien cultures in degrading Aryan culture. The National Socialists would have outlawed this music as degenerate music and indeed there was a group of youth in National Socialist Germany who listened to negro music imported from the United States, the Edelweiss Pirates, who were sent to concentration camps and the heads of the group were even hanged.

The skinhead pictured in the cartoon above [click also here to see the whole pic] is based on the skinhead youth subculture that began in the mid-60’s in England that has nothing to do with National Socialism. Skinheads ended up getting involved with John Tyndall’s National Front after a youngster from the NF formed a group for youth that caved in to degenerate music-the Punk Front. From there on skinhead rock music became associated with National Socialism even though Hitler, Himmler etc. would have imprisoned youth in concentration camps for listening to rock music.

Considering many White Nationalists, including those in Golden Dawn, are involved in rock music and these are supposed to represent the best of our race, what does that say? It means the White race is in trouble, serious trouble. There are no White men on their way to becoming supermen like the heroic SS, of course there are still racially-conscious pure-blooded White men but their character and thinking is degenerate, unlike the SS. At this rate I wonder how the White race will survive at all. The post-1945 White Nationalist movement resembles a pathetic joke at times, especially when compared to the National Socialism and Fascism of the 1920’s-1940’s.

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Skinhead culture is indeed degenerate, and skinheads themselves are repulsive beyond belief. It’s mind-boggling how stupid Whites can be.

But the main point of Walsh’s post is this: “Considering many White Nationalists, including those in Golden Dawn, are involved in rock music and these are supposed to represent the best of our race, what does that say? It means the White race is in trouble, serious trouble.”

Indeed. Just read the absolutely clueless, 2016 comments below by Adunaii and Jeroen and you will see how far gone pro-white “advocates” are nowadays. Perhaps David Lane is right: the Aryan is a dead race…

P.S. As I said a couple of hours ago, I have no humor to discuss this issue. If any pro-white “advocate” defends degenerate music in this or another thread, I’ll simply remove his comment.

I dont think you will find any west african music reminiscent of rock, however if you listen to very early english and celtic folk music you will see a clear line from it to the blues to blue grass and rock.Thats not to say slaves hearing this did not contribute but africans had none of the instruments we invented and likely had to improvise and use hand me downs for the most part.I love the blues and rock but you are correct its been part of the decline,like most of the contributing factors there was something worthwhile yet it was allowed to fester

The time will arrive when you cannot say “I love rock” just as homos like Donovan and James O’Meara shouldn’t be saying “I am gay”. The alternative is confessing one’s own degeneracy publicly and pay a visit to the concentration camps for reeducation.

Most English speaking Whites have been culturally negroized very, very deeply, in addition to being intellectually and ideologically poisoned.

It’s going to be extremely difficult to turn this type of mindset around. Perhaps being cornered by the dark racial tsunami coming down on them will wake them up from their mental daze. If not, then they will go extinct, with but a few perhaps surviving on display in a Chinese zoo.

As viking said, rock shouldn’t be ascribed to blacks, neither its tempo nor its instruments, obviously less the specific melodies of each song by whatever white ‘rock’ group, it’s just music with instruments/characteristics that don’t belong to blacks.
What is truly black is rap.

Indeed, I too am skeptical of the author’s argument.

“Rock” is a very wide and heterogenous genre.

Early “rock” was derived from American “country” music, an exclusively white musical style (actually several styles), and, as one of the commenters pointed out, behind that is traditional Celtic music.

Jazz, on the other hand, seems to be entirely a nigger musical form. And Rap seems to be a jazzy kind of unstructured poetry. They both grate on me.

Now, there are forms of rock which consist of little more than a heavy beat, undeniably reminiscent of jungle drums. Boring.

And “metal” is tuneless noise, without discernable melody or rhythm, and that appears to be the basis of most of the skinhead music.

“Metal” appears to be almost entirely white (sad to say). Niggers seem to overwhelmingly prefer their jungle-drum or jazzy styles.

So I would say that the skinhead musicians and fans are not so much guilty of negroid musical tastes as simple mental breakdown. Put simply they are degenerate simply because they are undisciplined morons, but not because they imitate niggers.

Having winnowed out the aforementioned styles, there are some rock songs that I find pleasing to listen to. I won’t mention them here because it is obvious bait for trolls to deride me as a crypto-nigger. 🙂

Might I ask you the following question, César? What do you value in music, and why should it be part of the future ethnostate? Because of its ability to bring joy and mobilize emotions, or because of the skill involved in creating and performing it? The latter seems more like an attitude towards sports, but I don’t see you showing appreciation of e-sports titles (which require immense, yet useless for the 14 words, skill). Is it purely because of tradition then? It can’t be, you have no difficulty throwing away garbage.

For more than three days I have been reading it and torturing myself with constant thinking. I was going to write an illogical ranting post about it, but then I encountered an idea. Nobody can be perfect, everyone pays a price for his position. For you to have such an immense understanding of the world, you need to keep the memory of the time when the echo of the myth of the Aryan struggle was still real crystal clear. Others pay a far more tragic price of lingering to Christianity or of philosemitism.

Still, I would like to say a few things. I doubt you will mind this small post. After all, I have no intention to convince you of anything as you are thousands times as wise as me. And our understanding cannot be but vastly different due to the fact that I did not intentionally listen to _any music_ til the age of 13 (except for the year when I volunteered to learn piano).

It’s a pity, however, that you didn’t posit any logical answer to my points. I cannot add anything reasonable after the above post, just a little bit of ranting which I hope you will not mind. Islam is logical at least in that it forbids listening to all kinds of music, probably because they stir up emotions and love for this world.

My intention here is to make at least two emotional points.

First, I would like to remind you that proud Spanish conquistadors listened to Ignacio de Jerusalem when fucking Mongoloid women. (By the way, I will definitely listen to the composers of the New Spain, so far I like them.)

Second, I completely fail to see how high and glorious male vocals, grandiose choir, epic-inspired lyrics and the use of various instruments in such masterpieces as “Old Age of Wonders”, “Warrior of Ice” or “Flames of Revenge” by Rhapsody can be considered degenerate. They call it “symphonic power metal”. Are my ears beyond repair (as you said about some poster’s eyes)?

P.S. Also, I would like to add this image, even though it’s a bit contradictory to my other words. As far as you know, American soldiers tend to listen to degenerate rock and heavy metal, but they can hardly be considered cowards. On the other hand, the kind of person you agitate for is far higher. As Faramir said, the High Men value warfare not for what it is but for what it protects. I can see that if great warriors of all times killed the enemy and raped their women, warriors of tomorrow should be as staunch as the legendary SS-men from the tales who gathered local women in a church and burned them to crisps.

Thx. The only things whites have going for themselves now is their DNA. Spiritually and culturally, they’ve become white niggers.


The clear cut question I’d like to ask is, What are the criteria by which a piece should be considered degenerate?

On the other hand, I finally have a new idea. Do you dislike the degenerate music because of its futuristic spirit of rebellion, similar to the one that gave birth to liberalism, communism and feminism? It would explain why Christain hip hop can’t be taken seriously by the old Calvinists. But the counter argument is your stance on child-rearing, scientific atheism and animal rights that are in themselves rebellious against any traditionalism.

If you were Christian, you probably could claim fast rhythms to be Satanic, but you’re not.

P.S. On January 12th this year, I absolutely accidentally stumbled upon the opera Akhnaten by Philip Glass. For two hours I was absorbed listening to it. And then I found out he was a Jew. But how great was my disappointment when IFA mentioned Glass, yet his critique was limited to one word, and even that one in quotations (link). Informative and constructive.

P.P.S. Should we consider operatic pop degenerate in nature? I mean the likes of Alessandro Safina or Celtic Woman.

P.P.P.S. I believe, IFA has disabled comments on his blog. At least, it says that I’m not logged in. I never commented there in the first place, so I doubt I’m banned.

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