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‘‪Even the pro-white “movement” seem beholden to this irresistible death-wish. No matter what we do, maybe all we can do is commit racial suicide’.‬

—‪Joseph Walsh

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That quote of mine is 2 years old now. My opinion hasn’t really changed since then. I was and still am strongly influenced by the pessimism of Revilo P. Oliver.
There must be a logical explanation for why the movement has been so dysfunctional since WWII. And there are reasons why it has failed to halt the ongoing decline since 1945. But one explanation is simply that our race, our species, is going to go extinct and so the movement will never get its act together (embrace Nordicism, use violence to achieve its goals etc.) as it is just the embarassing last attempt of a doomed species to survive.
As of note, I do believe Aryans will survive but I recognize that that is just a belief with little evidence to support it. In fact, all the evidence of the past 72 years points toward Aryans becoming extinct.
In 1972 Revilo P. Oliver wrote about the two hypothesis of what has happened to the White race. 1.) Whites have lost the will to live and so are doomed to extinction and 2.) Whites are in a temporary cataleptic trance, they are asleep and just need to ‘wake up’. What makes me think hypothesis 1. may be correct is that nothing seems to wake the white masses up, look at South Africa, they just keep adjusting to an ever-worsening situation and put up with anything so long as they have food and shelter. This is pretty much what Whites are doing world-wide.
Maybe I’m just too pessimistic. The situation we are in is not even that bad, our race has been through harsh times before and it is not over yet of course.

Chris White seems to see you as a scholar in his first podcast, as he used a pic of the Alexandrian library (also reproduced here last Sunday). But you guys have not done your homework regarding the state of the fiat currencies around the world, e.g., by watching a hundred videos of Austrian economist Peter Schiff debating on TV with non-Austrians.

‘…so long as they have food and shelter.’

If everything moves according to my predictions, the music will stop for whites regarding food and circus, and some of them will even lose shelter insofar as big cities will suffer from violent chimp outs after the financial crash. That will test whites and some of them may even start to wake up.
But they need time. As I told you in our Socratic podcast, per Oliver whites need from 30 to 100 years of continuous suffering to awaken from the cataleptic state.
If you add a 2nd prediction, energy devolution (today, Sebas Ronin said something about you on my Facebook page), 2070 is my timeline for a true revaluation of values.

Yes, I think Chris White does see me as a scholar though I don’t see myself as a scholar. However a scholar is a specialist in a branch of study. White is referring to me as a scholar of the movement, not of economics. Just because he calls me a scholar does not mean I’ll have a broad knowledge in economics, science, mathematics, engineering etc.! Only you have watched a hundred videos of Peter Schiff, no-one else. And if there is no crash by 2021 I’ll hold it against you.
I’m skeptical the crash would wake whites up based on how no previous shock seems to have woken them up. But I hope I’m wrong.
Because I’m pessimistic I always go with the worst case scenario i.e. things continue as normal. If so, the white masses could easily go extinct without a fight as their comfort level will always remain the same i.e. they will always have food, shelter and TV. It will be a comfortable extinction. But again, I hope I am wrong.
Ronin’s comment is mistaken in that he thinks I’ve just started thinking like that now, he obviously doesn’t realize my comment is two years old. The movement, the so-called resistance to White extinction, the vanguard of the White race, is just as riddled with liberal degeneracy, miscegenation, homosexuality, feminism and cowardice as the white masses are. Things do not look good for the White race…

I’m skeptical the crash would wake whites up based on how no previous shock seems to have woken them up.

I am talking of lack of food (which automatically renders circus not funny), not about crises where you are still filling your belly (South Africa, etc).

Because I’m pessimistic I always go with the worst case scenario.

Is this called Murphy’s Law?

Wrong forum: this is a forum for males (so you are welcome to say, ‘Shut up and just kill enemies’).
‘Shut up and just make babies’ on the other hand is an advise that should be directed to a WN forum for women.

We require the genes of superior Aryan men with which to build the bridge to the Übermensch, our sacred mission. Your job is to be yourselves (e.g., superior, kill enemies) so that we may recognize you. So yes, this is a proper forum.

Making babies won’t remove the millions of non-whites who now occupy formerly white territory, nor stop more non-whites from entering formerly white countries.
The important thing white males have to do is, as Cesar said, kill their enemies. We can’t raise our birthrate until we change the environment whites live in. To expect white women to have more white children in our liberal societies where the possibilty for miscegeneation, birth control, careerism, abortion etc. exists is unrealistic. White males have to create the environment for white females to reproduce profusely and that can only be done by killing our racial enemies (Jewish or non-white) in order to create racial states of our own again.

And it’s here where WN / Alt-Right is fake: they are thinking as civilians living in a comfort zone for the bourgeois. (At least they could think outside the box and read The Brigade as inspiration for future action.)

Please, the only Whites that are leading in reproducing are irrelevant and/or compliant cults (Amish, Mormons) and White Trash who either vote Republican even though they’re the bastards supporting hordes of Beaners migrating or cluster themselves off in some little enclave doing little notable. Point is, in today’s environment prioritizing Niggerish behavior like endless reproducing is foolish and is the act of the lowest Whites.

Our race has significantly genetically deteriorated since World War Jew. White men are now unwilling to fight back and save their own daughters from miscegenation: link
I don’t foresee any collapse, more an ongoing Brazilification of the West while the merchant behind the curtain celebrates.

1. If the US goes to nuclear war with North Korea, don’t you think it could strengthen the American economy? No matter what happens in America, it would still be comparatively better than in the world.
2. Energy devolution is not 100% confirmed. Controlled thermonuclear fusion would kill the last faint chance for the White race to survive.

1. Quite the contrary: anything serious (war, etc.) can trigger the dollar to collapse. The US economy is not as healthy today as it was in 1929.The US is the most indebted nation on Earth, and the government will probably try to pay its debt by debasing the currency with QE4. Trouble is, nobody can fix a timeline for this (the same with Bitcoin: it’s a bubble that will pop but when?)
2. If nuclear fusion is achieved as a means of unlimited energy supply, that would indeed mean the greatest blow for whites, as the status quo will have a chance to perpetuate itself. But even in that case 3rd worlders could be dying massively after their oil runs out, as they won’t be able to develop these technologies in time.
My hope is that the demise of the dollar will have such effects worldwide that fusion research will be stopped giving us a chance to rebel.

Great Britain, is too, an extremely indebted nation. Contemporary British news channels have a scale in the background, showing the debt the nation owes..
It goes up by the second.
On top of that, the UK is, to a great extent, an economic copy of America. To be more blunt: If America’s economy collapses, so will the UK’s.
Or maybe I am wrong…

You are entirely right.
Something that WNsts, especially those of the conspiratorial type, are unable to see is that both powerful Jews and traitorous gentiles in the financial sector are not gods. They’re fucking mortals just like you and I. They already committed the blunder of the century: expanding a financial bubble to the point that it’s already looking for a pin.
When the bubble pops both the US dollar and the sterling pound will hyperinflate. I will be euphoric watching London, Birmingham, Manchester and other big cities rioting with hungry Negroes…

Let us just PRAY you are right Caesar! Economic collapse followed by anarchy will provoke a totalitarian response. Liberty-losing Whites, especially when Gun Control is invoked, will fight. White slaughter by Blacks and Mexicans in the inner cities will lead to rural Whites gathering in self-protecting unions invoking a new governmental format: Republicanism sans non-whites. It could happen …

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