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Unz commenter, 8

Don’t forget that us whites who knewwhat would occur in the future were forced(at the point of federal troop bayonets) to ‘accept’ the false notion of ‘civil-rights’. 

In the case of school integration in Arkansas, some whites were prodded by federal bayonets, true. But you omit that the commander of the troops, as well as most of the troops themselves, were other whites. You also aren’t responding to all the other examples I gave of voluntary white surrender.

All of the laws I listed were passed by white legislatures that were almost entirely white, by representatives elected mostly by white people. White people generally approved and obey those laws, and, as I mentioned, are still obeying them, and are quite proud of doing so. That’s their own choice, and they deserve all the praise or blame for it, as the case may be.

You seem to think that unless whites are 100% in agreement, then they are being ‘forced’ to do something; or that they are like puppets on a string being manipulated, thus having no moral responsibility for their own actions.

I disagree. Any man worthy of the name must accept responsibility for his own actions. Likewise for the white race. Whites could have revolted against the federal troops in Arkansas. They could have refused to obey the laws, or at least made an attempt to repeal them. They’ve done none of those things. Instead it appears that a majority of the white race has opted for its own extinction.