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White suicide

White nationalists have to study the history of so-called Latin America. Once you introduce it you see that the ethno-suicidal policies, specifically mestization with natives and blacks, started in the continent long before Jewish takeover of the US media. Let me illustrate it with a single example.

doctor_rodriguez_franciaIn 1814 the first president of Paraguay, José Gaspar Rodríguez de Francia, banned marriages between ethnic Spaniards. Iberian whites had to wed the brown natives, blacks or mulattoes!

Ward Kendall’s dystopian Hold Back This Day, depicting a future in which a totalitarian government promotes universal miscegenation to exterminate whites, had a precedent in real life in the Hispanic side of the conquest of the Americas.

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After an article about the recent hysteria over Donald Trump, at The Occidental Observer (here) I commented last month about the “Hispanics”:

They are accustomed to nothing other than slavish praise from the American public, and all the sudden they were called out, to an appropriate degree…

Exactly! It’s incredible how even the intelligentsia has reacted to Trump here down the Río Bravo. And I am not only talking of Mexican Jews like Krauze: every single media outlet has become hysterical.

Even non-Mexican Latin-Americans have joined the two minutes hate. This is Nobel laureate Mario Vargas Llosa, talking last year on TV to a very well known journalist born in Argentina (my translation):

… all forms of racism involve, say, the possibility of enormous violence. That’s behind all this racist campaign—very clearly racist of Donald Trump against Mexicans, against immigrants, eh, with the idea that in a society purebreds can exist, white races ha! It is such an absolutely anachronistic and stupid thing that one feels pity… He’ll never be the candidate of the Republicans.

Original in Spanish: here.

Thanks for reblogging, and don’t forget to see my other replies, and my Krauze article, in the Observer thread linked in the 1st paragraph of my 1st comment above.

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