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That Christianity is a sort of extension of the Jewish problem is made clear in the latest video by Keith Woods, who used to appear in the McSpencer Group on YouTube before the thoughtpolice deleted all the videos that Richard Spencer had uploaded.

In his video today the young Woods mentioned St John of the Cross (see what I said about this ‘saint’: here) and other mystics. Woods informs us that ‘the claims of the mystics are universal’ and repeatedly used the term perennial philosophy: an esoteric or occultist perspective that erroneously views all of the world’s religious traditions as sharing a single truth—as if the drive of Islam to kill and conquer is the same as what we have recently been saying about St Francis; and let’s not talk about sacrificing children to the gods in even more primitive religions (see my yesterday post).

Woods also said: ‘You need an ahistorical vision of absolute truth’ and spoke of ‘the experience of God’. But he fails to understand what God actually is. He also fails to see philosophy as what it really is (see for example here and here). Woods also failed to mention how his Irish parents—or whoever raised him in Catholicism—installed in his mind his religious introjects (cf. my very recent entries that explain introjection with examples of my own life).

Worst of all, what Woods told us after the seventeenth minute evokes, in a way, how Christian Matt Heimbach repudiated racialism in a public confession this year. Woods said: ‘…and to defend nationalism or racialism on the basis of an extended egotism I think it is basically incoherent and it is just relativistic and arbitrary, and believing in that it is as believing in any kind of far-left anarchism or anything else’.

Most alarmingly, in the comments section of the Woods channel the commenters failed to realise that this is a giant step backwards towards Judeo-Christianity: a mental virus that incites white people to commit ethnosuicide in pursuit of an allegedly more spiritual truth than racial preservation.

Woods started his video saying that he no longer wants to visit social media because it is superficial, and informs us that it is better to read books. Recently I reread some passages of Bertrand Russell’s Wisdom of the West, which summarises the main philosophical currents. What Woods doesn’t seem to get is that even the great works of the so-called wisdom of the West also tell big lies. Even the best Christian art is full of poison (cf. what I recently said about the music and lyrics of Bach’s compositions).

Like the vast majority of white nationalists, Woods, who with his statements today has apparently distanced himself from the movement, knows nothing about the real history of Christianity.

If avid book-reader Woods doesn’t know German to approach Karlheinz Deschner’s ten volumes on the history of Christianity, why not read the few chapters translated into English? And if Woods wants to go back to his previous practice of reading a hundred books a year, why not also read The Fair Race which also addresses Christian history?

What Woods ignores, as many who have not broken with their parents’ programming also ignore, is that what Christians and neochristians (which include those who believe in esotericism) call ‘spirituality’ is psychosis, folie en mass. Genuine spirituality is something very, very different and there is a whole category here, under that heading.

If Woods loves books so much it would do him a lot of good if he read some of the books on the sidebar. It is not an excuse that he doesn’t want to buy them. Except Letter to mom Medusa (very personal stuff about my biography) those in English can also be read as free PDFs.

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By the way, above I meant that those books in English published by my Daybreak Press are also available as PDFs (not the other books that appear on the sidebar published elsewhere, like Hellstorm or On the Historicity of Jesus).

Woods is a prime example of why the White Race is dying off. I know he’s very young – but he’s more interested in fapping to his own little precious conceits du jour, than doing anything to preserve himself or his identity, culture, and people. My Race is infinitely happier when lying to Itself, than in doing anything to survive.

Aside from being an activist and having a family, what could he plausibly do to preserve his identity, culture and people?

Perhaps make advertisements for William Pierce’s books and stop talking about whatever verbal diarrhea came out of Guenon’s toxic mouth or Evola’s demented scribbles about “solar tendencies in the Catholic Church”. Perhaps starting a new path towards an establishment of sorts incorporating businesses into a system of mutual supporting organizations that can produce goods needed for people to start farms, assemble firearms, clean their hair without harmful chemicals, drink tea that wasn’t grown on polluted Chinese soil etc…

In other words anything but drunkenly ramble about dead hacks pretending Rome still exists in the papist robes and that vikings would approve of the crusades as “an ethico-Odinic expression of autochthonic Faustian prowess”.

Keith Woods probably still lives in his mothers basement; he doesn’t have the money or connections to create a successful white nationalist mutualist corporation. White nationalists working together can’t even setup an alt-patreon without serious pressure from the system.

I can understand why he’s reading Evola and Guenon: he regards racial materialism of the standard WN Nietzschean-Darwinian variety as being insufficient, maybe even self-defeating and views political activity as a futile distraction.

Introducing his followers to Hunter and The Turner Diaries would likely get his account instantly deleted and get him in trouble with the Irish feds. Not only that, how many whites act on it? And are lone-wolf killings (usually by autistic or otherwise mentally-ill loners) politically desirable anyway? Racial apocalypticism may not be the best mindset to cultivate when you’re in no viable position to do anything about it.

Reading Wm. Pierce’s novel is not meant to become a lone wolf (Pierce even wanted to dissuade Bob Mathews), but to see what the white man should become again, in due time.

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