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Heimbach’s introjects


Cute niglet nephews in your family?

After the sordid affair two years ago with Matt Parrott’s wife, the racial community lost interest in Matt Heimbach. But yesterday a commenter called my attention to how Heimbach recently cucked, and quoted his recent words:

To zoom out and see the suffering of every person, of any ethnicity / religious creed / sexual orientation, who is struggling under the shackles of oppression and exploitation demands a sense of shared community, shared struggle, and of solidarity.

I have said it many times: Christian love is destroying the white race. Heimbach continues:

I’d always been an odd duck in American white nationalism, with my disdain for the American empire and compassion for people of color. I recall a heated debate with a Klansmen over my “radical” notion that Black people have souls.

And with the following words Heimbach looks like the proverbial prodigal son of the New Testament:

I had become convinced that I needed to be a part of something bigger, for the whole of humanity’s sake.

Yes: unlike the Spartans, the early Church was universal in the sense of admitting all ethnicities.

Most racialist forums are silent about Heimbach’s recent pronouncements. Last week, Trey Knickerbocker published an article defending Heimbach on Occidental Dissent. But the article has been deleted [1] perhaps because of a phrase that, once Heimbach cucked, was too embarrassing for the webzine: ‘Matt Heimbach, who has proven time and again he would never leave another White man behind, nor would he ever cuck in the face of danger…’

Heimbach’s cuckoldry doesn’t surprise me.

This Wednesday I wrote ‘Slaves of parental introjects’. In my humble opinion, the racialist movement is not advancing in the US due to Christian introjects not only from the normies but from the racialists themselves. Consider Heimbach for example, about who in 2013 and 2017 I had already written a few words on this site.

Before the scandal of 2018, the slogan of the neo-fascist group that Heimbach led was ‘Fighting for faith, family and folk’, and I remember watching several videos showing Heimbach repeating this slogan at the meetings. Note that the first word is faith, by which Heimbach meant faith in his parents’ religion. Heimbach himself confesses:

I grew up in a middle-class home in a small rural town in Maryland, to loving, color-blind conservative Christian parents.

A parental introject! That Heimbach was already a cuck before the 2018 scandal can be seen in this snapshot of one of his internet discussions with a Christian Identity guy. In the discussion, Heimbach said: ‘And no, I do no think that miscegenation is a sin’. More to the point:

If my sister or brother was engaged in a mixed race relationship I would express my views but they are still my family.

Really? And would your cute niglet nephews also be your family, Matt? Note that the affair with Parrott’s wife and the fact that his comrades repudiated his immoral conduct did not produce this cuckoldry. He was already a cuck before falling from grace.

White nationalism will get nowhere unless they give up their parental introjects, especially when it comes to religion. Addressing the members, in his 1992 National Alliance Membership Handbook William Pierce knew something that white nationalists have forgotten today.

No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other.


[1] A capture of the cache of Knickerbocker’s article can be seen: here. Although the three embedded videos do not appear in this copy, since I saw the original cache yesterday, which will soon disappear from the internet, I know they can be seen here, here and here.

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