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Currency crash

Before the tempest

The Calm Before the Tempest
by Harumichi Shibasaki.

Racially conscious whites have not understood the meaning of 2020. Virtually everyone focuses on the coronavirus without understanding that the true victim is going to be the hegemony that the US has exercised in the world since 1945.

It’s fun to see sites like Daily Stormer and Ramzpaul’s videos preaching ‘It’s just the flu’, and people like Hunter Wallace contradicting them in various articles. None of these Americans understand that their country has reached the end of the hegemonic path since the Bretton Woods Conference.

The privileged status of the American currency is about to end. Even if the coronavirus turns out to be much less deadly than the 1918 influenza, the currency bubble of the country that has waged anti-racist wars since the 1860s and 1940s has already burst. A guest writer on Occidental Dissent mistakenly believes that it is possible to return to the state before the economic paralysis decreed by his government. Actually, that is no longer possible. Even if the coronavirus were to disappear tomorrow, the damage has already been done with those trillions of dollars that the Federal Reserve is now creating out of thin air: more trillions than QE1, QE2 and QE3 combined.

Again, if racialists focused on the economy instead of the virus, they will realise that these times will mark the end of the Diktat that America has imposed on Europe in the last seventy-five years. Not only its military bases in Europe, but in the entire world, will have to return to the American continent after the hyperinflation of the dollar. We are in a period of calm before the storm, as even within the American territory a storm is coming.

Once the dollar hyperinflates, neither the federal government nor the states will be able to pay the police or the national guard to contain the riots. And if the federal government confiscates the gold from other countries in order to control the chimp-out chaos—countries that stupidly have their gold reserves in New York banking—the US would discredit itself throughout the West, making it easier that similar parties to Golden Dawn come to power.

Whatever happens, whether or not the US government confiscates the foreign gold after their dollar crashes, it is a win-win situation for those of us who want to see the System die. And if racially conscious whites are unable to see what is coming their way it is because, like everything that the quacks called economists at MSM are saying these days, they also don’t understand how the economy works.

See, for example, this recent videotaped dialogue between people who do know how the economy works, ‘Economic Shockwaves: How the Coronavirus is Impacting our Future’.

8 replies on “Before the tempest”

Apperantly Matt Heimbach has abandoned his former racialist beliefs. The logical end point of his christianity.


Sorry if this is off-topic, and sorry for the bare link.


Here he goes into even more detail:

“To zoom out and see the suffering of every person, of any ethnicity/religious creed/sexual orientation, who is struggling under the shackles of oppression and exploitation demands a sense of shared community, shared struggle, and of solidarity.”

“I’d always been an odd duck in American white nationalism, with my disdain for the American empire and compassion for people of color. I recall a heated debate with a Klansmen over my “radical” notion that Black people have souls.”

“I had become convinced that I needed to be a part of something bigger, for the whole of humanity’s sake”

What a cuck, absolutely disgusting.

Rats! I was betting on him resurfacing as a Russia Today shill in Donetsk. Whilst certainly a logical endpoint of his Christianity, more is at play. He was ran out of “official” WN for cucking his longtime friend/partner. He was facing charges related to that (violence based ones, as adultery is now legal in the US). Furthermore, the ex-leader of the NSM (an org Heimbach was close with for a time) has turned and joined the same exit group.

Calm before the storm, that is how it’s felt to me. Everything is so surreal; I guess i have been fortunate in that my state within the US isn’t yet on mandatory gov’t lockdown.

It is actually quite pleasant, few people are outside/active overall yet there are nonetheless also a much higher number of people than usual going outside.

A lot of families have been going out riding bikes together & going to public parks (which I now realize itself became a rare occurence especially after the “smartphone” became adopted by the masses). It’s been surprising to see actual white families all going out together as one.

Hard to describe – i know this is just a sort of precursor too & more of this is coming – it’s almost as though the clock has been rolled back just a bit, & for the better. Aryan fathers actually spending time with their entire families, outside too doing physical activities…pre-Covid19 hysteria, that had become a rare thing.

I also sense a precursor of the change to come with whores here in America; they’re still out waltzing around dressed like bitches in heat begging for cat calls but they are behaving just a bit…differently. Behaving just a little less un-femininely/hyper-masculinely, nowhere near like the good little girls/ladies they will learn to behave as, but something seems to be in the air.

Simply shutting down the Gynocracy (sic?) is worth the horrors that are coming. For me, that has been the absolute worst #1 almost unbearable reality of being born into Clown World…no chance of finding even an unworthy below average wife who will be faithful to you (only a chance of an abomination & mockery of legitimate marriage; plenty of busted up used up sluts who will literally cheat on you the night before getting No Fault Divorce legal marriage contract signed…that was my biggest clue about the existence of an Aryan Question Cesar, how masses of Aryan men knowingly still participate in the mockery of legal marriage…its pretty well known even among normies that approximately 50% of brides to be cheat on their spouse the evening before taking their vows with male strippers & of course it’s even more notorious how men lose everything in divorces even if they were faithful dilligent providers & have proof their wives destroyed the marriage…yet masses of normie Aryan men still participate).

Normies seem to think this is all fun and games, a nice peaceful break before “things go back to normal.” No clue about how we are steaming straight ahead towards the edge of a cliff.

As i have said, i welcome the collapse of the system, in spite of being scared in the short term due to not being as prepared as i wish i had been.

My greatest fear however is things returning to normal in spite of all the logical indications (((ZOG/PHILO SEMITE GENTILE EMPIRE))) cannot hope to truly recover. Of the beast empire managing to endure for another decade or so.

Remember some years ago when, I believe it was Germany, wanted their gold? The US wouldn’t let them see it, let alone have it. It took quite some time before they could get access ( probably the time required for the US to dig up enough gold to show off.) Once this got out a number of countries got suspicious and wanted to see their gold as well. As I recall after that the story disappeared. I would wager the gold is long gone, probably secreted away by ((them)) in their safe haven by the Med.

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