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Robert ‘S.’ Hartman revisited

On Sunday I wrote ‘On Robert S. Hartman’ but only to this day a German commenter informed me that Robert Schirokauer Hartman was Jewish on his father’s side.

For the couple of years that my father treated Hartman we did not learn that he was half-Jew, which explains Hartman’s attitude towards his native Germany, and why he fled Nazi Germany.

I was so shocked that Hartman’s father was Jewish, that today I started a ‘stub article’ (short article in need of expansion) on Metapedia about him. Hopefully, other editors will expand the article. On the Metapedia talk page I explained what motivated me to start that page.

6 replies on “Robert ‘S.’ Hartman revisited”

My father already passed away but I called my mother on the phone to ask her if she knew why ‘Dr. Hartman’ (actually Dr. Schirokauer) had left Germany. She said she didn’t know. I tried to change the turn of the conversation a bit and told her, directly, that he had left Hitler’s Germany. But she still didn’t seem to know anything about it.

What bothers me about the matter is that when I was a teenager my family was left with the idea that Dr. Hartman was a German of high principles, and that if he had left Nazi Germany his actions were exclusively due to the moral principles of the renowned axiologist.

It was not so! He fled Germany right after Hitler came to power because, as a judge in Weimar Germany, Hartman had been an anti-Nazi activist with a kike father!

I’ve talked about how stupid it is to read the opaque prose of philosophers (I even refer to German philosophers with no drop of Jewish blood). The Hartman case exemplifies this. All that axiological blah blah blah of his dense books is worth nothing compared to the trick of presenting himself as a German, omitting the real reasons why he had fled Berlin.

This day I was shaken because the image I had of Hartman was that of a pure German. I remember him with a skin so white that it looked rosy. Now I see that his real biography was very different…

Unfortunately it is quite difficult to identify jews only by their looks. They have interbred with the nordic races of europe a lot throughout history which means that their outward appearance is sometimes shockingly similar to the classic ideal of aryan beauty and one has to look more closely to see them for what they really are. It is very subtle difference and careful observation of their behaviour is extremely important. Then one often finds that they call something a necessity for the common good when it only serves them, that they are nepotistic to the very core and only promote their own kind or their “good” goys, that they endlessly criticise or smear everything and everyone that stands in their way.

I tend to be amused and disgusted at the same time when I manage to spot one of them by taking a closer look out of suspicion

As written before:

In some cases (((they))) might have acquired physical beauty and excellence by stealing it from real aryans through intermixing. But in my eyes this is always a facade. The lifestyle of most jews simply can never produce or maintain the athletic figure that is so commonly seen in greek sculptures and viewed as a kind of ideal for all of humanity. (((They))) are a priestly people of scholars and scribes and do not wish to exhaust themselves with physical exercise or labor as they destest these things and see them as beneath them. That is for the goyim! The like reap the benefits of hard work through trickery but hate working.

Physical hardship and training are necessary though if one wants to obtain a superior physical form. You can’t have one without the other. The ancient Spartans are the best example for this principle. Therefore the jews can never achieve true physical excellence and have to steal it from peoples with a healthier lifestlye.

Your experience with “Dr. Hartmann” strikes a chord with me.

In one word:


When people are not open about their real intentions and motives, when they present themselves as something which they are not, it is only natural to feel betrayed when one finds the truth.

I had similar feelings when I realized that the national socialists had actual reasons to persecute the jews. That jews are not the “holy/ chosen/innocent people” they portray themselves as. That jewish communists committed horrible crimes
against the german people.

And then I became aware how jews are being glorified today in germany (my country) while everything truly german is often vilified and smeared as evil. Rosa Luxemburg, Karl Liebknecht, Heinrich Heine, Karl Marx…the list goes on. I never knew they were jews when we heard about them at school and it wasn’t mentioned with a single word either! But if some great german artist/scientist/philosopher ever had been found guilty of being an anti-semite you can be damn sure that we heard about it from the teachers…

Absolutely disgusting!

When people are not open about their real intentions and motives…

This is the real crux.

I was in my early teens and never actually had a conversation with Hartman. But according to my mother my parents visited Hartman about four times at his house in Cuernavaca. I cannot know if my father knew he was Jewish on Hartman’s father side. But if he didn’t my feeling is, as you say, a feeling of betrayal.

As to what you say about your fellow Germans, when I discuss with intelligent people I always mention Solzhenitsyn’s two non-fiction books. I not only mention the number of 60 million Russians killed during Lenin and Stalin, but that most of the perps were Jews according to Solzhenitsyn. Then I mention that his second non-fiction book has been censored, in the sense that it hasn’t been translated into English or Spanish.

If your Aryan fellow man who’s listening is a noble man, he’ll start to listen because the name Solzhenitsyn is so big even in the controlled press. Everyone has heard about his first non-fiction book but nobody actually reads it. In English there’s an abridged Archipelago that Solzhenitsyn himself approved of.

If there is an abridged Archipelago in German, you may say that it is the starting point to follow the white rabbit into a world that will lead your listener into Wonderland, the unplugging from the matrix.

Always doubt Germans leaving the Third Reich. Especially those migrating to the United States.

re: 60 million Russians killed during Lenin and Stalin

27 mil. of those were due to the German aggression in 1941-1945. How can you blame those on Stalin? Another dozen were in the Civil War. It’s like blaming the bombings of Hamburg and Dresden on Hitler.

The Germans are in a curious position. On the one hand, they are bullshitted by the Americans for killing Jews, on the other, I could see why the Poles, Czechs and Russians would hate them (and why certain Hungarians, Croats, Slovaks would love them).

For the US, it’s a matter of religion. For Germany, it’s about genocidal patriotism (imo, he who hates genocide cannot be a nationalist).

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