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The two Occidentals

Update of April 5: Yesterday, The Occidental Observer published two articles: the one by Sunic I mention below and another that I just read today, ‘The Coronavirus and Galileo: An Interview with Italian Nano-pathologist Dr. Stefano Montanari’. I wrote the text below the swastika without noticing the latter, which seems extraordinary to me.

In the racialist forums, Andrew Anglin and some commenters of other forums are in denial (these images debunk the notion that ‘It’s just the flu’). But now we see one of the most respected racialist webzines, The Occidental Observer, posting an article that says, in more educated prose, what flu truthers have been saying. To boot, The Occidental Observer commenters, at least till now that I read the article (five in the morning), praise the Montanari article in the comments section. I have always had a very poor opinion of The Occidental Observer commentariat, but what happened yesterday confirms it big time.

Kevin MacDonald is the editor of The Occidental Observer and in this regard Hunter Wallace, editor Occidental Dissent, has much more contact with reality, as we see in Wallace’s constant criticism of those who advance irrational sceptical views about the coronavirus.

The first article on the Chinese virus that I added on this site recommended Chris Martenson’s YouTube channel as the most reliable source of what has been happening with the pandemic. I still recommend it as an antidote to those who join the voices of Anglin and now the commenters of MacDonald’s webzine.

Yesterday I wrote:

______ 卐 ______


In chess it is known that when an inexperienced player makes a mistake and panics, when trying to correct the position on the board he makes another move: a losing blunder.

Following the Austrian economists, since 2011 I have been alerting my readers about the economic crisis that only until now is going to unfold. January’s policies on the coronavirus, the curve which could have been flattened if the West had acted as Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korea did, were that original mistake in world chess. But the measures, spearheaded by the US, that western governments are plotting—inflating their currency to hyperinflation—is the fatal blunder that will mark the beginning of the end of the System.

Curiously, among racialist forums very few are aware of what Austrian economists have been telling us since Nixon unpegged the dollar from gold in 1971. But the Cassandras had known this for a long time. We must not forget how Revilo Oliver complained about the very existence of the Federal Reserve, founded more than a hundred years ago.

I recently praised Croatian Tom Sunic for his understanding of the CQ, the Christian Question that most Americans still don’t get. Perhaps now I could say something similar just for a paragraph from a Sunic article that was published today on The Occidental Observer, where we can read:

The economic crisis will last much longer than the current epidemic; it will do far more damage and kill far more people. If it goes hand in hand with a global financial crisis, we will be witnessing then a tsunami: an economic crisis and therefore a social crisis, financial crisis, health crisis, ecological crisis, migration crisis. In 2011 I published a book called Au bord du gouffre (On the Brink of the Abyss). It seems to me that we have arrived there now.

Sunic seems to know that the virus was just an earthquake and that the real killer is going to be the looming financial tsunami. Compare the paragraph above with what Hunter Wallace has been saying these days. Neither Wallace nor the Occidental Dissent commenters seem to have any idea that it is only a matter of time before the tsunami hits their beaches. They are, as I said recently, living the calm before the storm. Mixing metaphors, Wallace doesn’t seem to realise that the actions the Fed is taking are like that chess blunder that will end in a tsunami.

Although I have announced the Chris Martenson channel for a long time, Wallace has recently popularised Martenson’s videos about the coronavirus on Occidental Dissent. I would recommend that every visitor watch Martenson’s crash course. Originally uploaded on YouTube in 2008, it was updated in 2014 and Martenson is planning to update it once again. The audiovisual course explains the looming economic tsunami in a very didactic way.

4 replies on “The two Occidentals”

About it being “just the flu”, this piece is worth reading:


(originally posted at medium.com, removed because the author doesn’t have all the certifications and paperwork the left wants to see before they’ll believe, reposted in comments by a reader)

The gist of it: the virus doesn’t attack the lungs, it attacks hemoglobin. All the observed symptoms, and the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine, are logical consequences of that.

A virus that attacks hemoglobin is not something human beings have experienced before. If this interpretation is correct – obviously, this has no relationship whatsoever with the flu.

From what I can gather, seems like utter bullshit. Why would no doctor in the world report anything like it? And the blog it is reposted on is quite insane, full of low-IQ evoution-deniers and Trump-supporters.

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