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James Mason

Siege, 47

When to shoot

Talk of weapons aside, this has to do with shooting the enemy. You don’t need an arsenal for that. All you need is a zip gun and, most of all, the balls to use it. As I said earlier, if you’re thinking about going on the war path in the literal sense, you’d better take the time and planning to quietly drop underground first. Get yourself as comfortable and secure as you can and only then start taking your actions against the System. Your chances of success and survival will go way up as opposed to those who shoot first and try to think afterward.
But now we’re talking future tense. Our revolution will depend on someone or something else kicking events off the edge and into general chaos so as to loosen up some elbow room for the rest of us. It could be the Blacks, it could be anything from a sudden depression to an earthquake. Just anything to get the Pigs of the Big Brother System tied down and off balance. But just as we can’t expect to accept the full brunt of a System counter-attack starting things off by ourselves, neither can we expect, as avowed revolutionaries, to be left alone by the System once somebody else has started the ball rolling. We must assume they are going to take certain measures to guard their rear.
Those already underground or in prison will find this one to be a moot issue, but the rest of us still at liberty and particularly those maintaining homes, etc., will probably have a unique set of difficulties to face when the time comes for general action. It’s a matter best given a lot of thought now, as there’ll be no time for thought when it presents itself.
Three contingencies we can look for will be the following: (a) once major and widespread revolutionary violence starts—no matter from what quarter—the System can be expected to detain all known revolutionists as a matter of precaution; (b) once the economy starts to fall rapidly, the System can be expected to begin mass foreclosures and confiscations while it feels it still can; (c) just like what’s predicted to happen when the sun itself is about to burn out, the System, when it senses its time is about up, can be expected to begin taking a great many extraordinary steps and, in general to really begin overstepping its bounds as they are vaguely defined today. Or hadn’t you thought of any of this?
The whole point to our being constrained to taking a backseat to someone else’s opening gambit with regard to violent revolution is that we simply cannot stand to take on the full weight of the System’s Pigs, now or in the foreseeable future. It will be rather a judgment call for the individual, once large-scale actions have begun, as to whether he thinks he can get away with his own line of extraordinary measures when confronted by the System in a threatening manner. How much you think you’re worth to them or just how many back-ups they have to send after you will be something that each in his own area will have to decide, and decide intelligently, before he acts.
You must remember that they are still used to having people—especially Whites “drop over dead” at their mere approach. Unfortunately—but quite likely—they’ll still be thinking that way when they come after us once someone else has started the shooting. Otherwise, they’d either not come at all or else come with a small army behind them. This unquestionably would then leave the ball in our half of the court as to how to react when only a few of them show up for what they expect to be a routine “roust”.
Your choice will be either to let them take you into custody, away from your family, and possibly take your home and possessions too, or to take a chance on stopping them at that point and burying their bodies in the hills or being killed yourself. As I said, it’ll be a judgment call but one that takes some consideration, if not a considerable bit of preparation, in the present.

Vol. XV, #2 – February, 1986

Why we are reproducing articles from Siege can be surmised: here.

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‘Once the economy starts to fall rapidly…’ said Mason above. And right after the crash of the dollar a more serious crisis is approaching: energy devolution. Those who still have not watched Chris Martenson’s 2008 YouTube course on peak oil can watch a single 2014 clip summarizing his concerns:

It’s unclear how much fracking may extend the oil supply, and the shift to electric vehicles currently underway will decrease the global importance of oil to a vast extent.
But anyway, why wait around and hope for a catastrophe when it’s possible to cause one? White people can be saved by their own efforts. It reminds me of Genesis 18:16-33, where Abraham pleads for Sodom and bargains God down from fifty righteous men to ten, except white people can be saved as a race if they can only come up with one man, one genius who sees the technological problem and acts to solve it. If the race can’t or won’t produce this genius, then it has chosen to perish.

Dr Peters is fictional. In real life, only Nature is capable of wiping out billions of humans.
By the way, electric cars are no match for the energy produced by oil, especially for sowing machines and delivering trucks: the 3rd world is a demographic bubble that will pop this very century.

“Dr Peters is fictional.”
True, but a virus isn’t.
Poaceous plants such as wheat, corn, and rice are the pillars of civilization. It was only their domestication about 10,000 years ago that enabled man to emerge from the hunter-gatherer stage and build all that we see before us today. Eventually, and probably soon, someone in a position to do something about it is going to notice this weakness and respond accordingly. Developing a pathogen to attack these vital cereal grains, all in the grass family, and all of which therefore share a broad degree of genetic similarity and vulnerability, is going to be an obvious method for any group dissatisfied with the existing social and political order to strike out and destabilize it. Once groups such as Al Qaeda realize this, they will no longer be content with relatively harmless stunts like hijacking planes and flying them into skyscrapers. If, for example, Al Qaeda had in its possession a bioweapon such as a strain of wheat virus, smut, rust, or blight, the virulence and pesticide-resistance of which had been enhanced in the laboratory through selective breeding or genetic engineering, it would be in a position to dictate its own terms to the United States. Releasing it would be a devastating blow that would strike directly at the US population, causing famine at home. World prices for these grains would skyrocket, and owing to the large share of the export market controlled by US farmers, mass starvation in the poorer countries of the world would be an expected result.
Further, the list of people who might want to do something like that isn’t limited just to revolutionaries and people with a grudge against the system generally. The fact that prices of cereal grains can be predicted with such certainty to skyrocket all over the world under this scenario means that others, motivated purely by greed, could also be tempted to develop such an organism. We should anticipate that an imaginative individual with the requisite means (George Soros, e.g.) might even be working on something like this right now. Certain governments also could stand to benefit enormously from so manipulating the food supply. In theory, the virulence of such a bioweapon could even be tuned as needed, so that the blow might be merely enough to raise prices without causing a severe degree of starvation. With a little care in choosing a delivery system, it might even be made to seem a natural occurrence.
In principle, the development of such a bioweapon is fairly straightforward. One has merely to observe the various fungicides, bactericides, and other pesticides farmers have at hand to combat existing diseases and subject the desired pathogen to sub-lethal doses of them, selectively breeding the survivors until resistance or immunity is produced. Actually, the system of conventional agriculture itself may eventually be expected to generate such resistance and immunities, much as the overuse of insecticides has generated insecticide-resistant forms of insects, and the overuse of drugs has generated drug-resistant bacteria. A deliberate attack on the system using such pathogens can be envisioned as simply a speeding-up of this existing process.
The cereal grains could be targeted individually, or the entire Poaceae based on the genetic commonalities of the cereal grains. The latter is quite a bit more difficult, but far from impossible. Most likely a synthetic organism, such as the strain of bacteria Craig Venter, could fill the bill. If wheat, rice, and corn were all wiped out at once by a combination attack or by such a synthetic organism, it would cause unimaginable devastation. Deaths from starvation, especially in the poorer countries of the world, would easily number in multiple billions. The existing social and political order would almost certainly topple. Although it would be hard to predict an exact outcome, any group or individual that thought it had nothing to lose, or something substantial to gain, still might be motivated to try it. The technical capability is there, or on the verge of being there. All that remains is for someone to appear with the motive, the means, and the will to carry it out.

As to electric cars, electricity cannot replace oil-based pesticides, which means that there will be a problem even with a successful electric transportation. But the crux of our argument is that there’s no time for alternative sources of energy, at least in the Third World.
3rd World governments are not doing anything about it. You may say that when oil starts to become expensive 1st worlders will be buying electric cars. But in the 3rd world they are clueless of an apocalypse of collapse and starvation looming over the horizon. There’s no infrastructure in 3rd World countries for a rapid paradigm shift regarding transportation energy.
And even the First World might have apocalyptic problems as well. This is a didactic exchange about the shift from oil to electricity. If you find it interesting enough you may consider watching the first, 2008 Martenson course (before the 2014 course linked above). It changed my worldview toward optimism in the sense that I still believe that billions will die, even without Dr Peters.

Re: an attack on the system using such pathogens, as Plan B you are tempting me to resume my degree in biology at the Open University ✋??

“… you are tempting me to resume my degree in biology at the Open University ”
Well, you know what they say: If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself! 🙂

Not only “When to shoot”, but also “When to detonate”.
The system, with all it’s number-crunchers, simulators and terabyte databanks, has much better contingency plans concerning the dollar crash than we could ever have. It can probably predict the exact date the Yuan will take over, and when the Oil Crunch arrives.
Waiting for the financial collapse would be like Germany waiting for the USSR to fully mobilize until August 1941. If we can’t predict the collapse, then we should accelerate it, so the enemy can’t anticipate it, as Mason states in cases (b) and (c).
I have thought about committing arson. It’s the next step one should take, after getting comfortable with vandalism. It takes only a dozen revolutionaires, spread out across the country, burning plantation fields during the summer, to throw the system slightly off-balance.
After getting comfortable with arson, one should learn about bombs. Butane tanks, thermite, phosphorous, fertilizer, nitroglycerin, anything. Get familiarized. Don’t Google that stuff! Instruct yourself through other sources than the internet.

Bad tactics. Mason says that revolutionary action should start on the very top. Just remember the incident about how WW1 started…

Arson is an idea that has been in circulation a long time. In WWII, the Japanese tried to set the western US ablaze by sending over incendiary balloons via the jet stream. In Inspire magazine, Al-Qaeda’s propaganda rag and how-to manual, I read that Anwar Al-Awlaki urged starting massive arson fires in the forests of the western US too, probably part of the reason he was assassinated in a drone strike. It’s quite doable. The fact that nobody ever really tried it says a lot about the racial right’s lack of imagination and initiative. Of course, such a thing if done right would provoke the state into totalitarian measures of repression. But then, in guerilla warfare, provoking such measures is the goal. It would make the gov’t more unpopular than ever.

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