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James Mason

Siege, 46

Fury unfelt

Through a former associate’s job contacts, I once wound up invited to a meeting of the Revolutionary Communist Party. This particular cell was organized in a major factory here in Ohio and this special meeting was being called as a result of one RCP member having been shot after the RCP had abandoned labor union discipline in fighting management rip-offs. They wanted to try and decide “what to do” and they broke down and invited us, two known Nazis, to their gathering.
It was convened in the home of the local organizer, Seth Goldberg. Included were Goldberg’s Jewish girlfriend—showing plenty of thigh throughout—plus a handful of Blacks and a handful of washed-out Whites. The history leading up to the shooting as well as the details of the shooting itself were duly gone over for the sake of newcomers. My partner at the time, an old Right Wing organizer who worked at the same plant, gave the young Reds some sound advice on how to get their act together but nothing was actually resolved.
Flabbergasted, I had to speak up and tell Goldberg that, were Trotsky present at this meeting, he’d puke his guts out. A general strike would go for openers. Then the bosses would be shot and the plant itself blown up. Seth had no comment. (Ironically, and by accident, within the week my partner, who had been illicitly using the company Xerox [photocopy machine], left an original copy of Joseph Tommasi’s famous Political Terror leaflet in the machine. The next day there were double armed guards at all factory gates.)
Point being that everybody is just blowing smoke, just pussy-footing around— even the Communists! The riots of the Sixties barely scratched the surface in the amount of direct coordinated violence and terror that’s going to be required to intimidate and melt the System.

Vol. XV, #1 – January, 1986

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