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Alexandr Solzhenitsyn Communism Free speech / Free press Red terror

Totalitarian Anglosphere

Alexandr Solzhenitsyn published two non-fictional books: The Gulag Archipelago and Two Hundred Years Together: a historical study of Jewry in Russia. Why has his second non-fictional book been de facto censored in English-speaking countries?
Because it would redpill those nations which share common roots in British culture and history.
Judge it by yourself. Not only was the early Soviet Union dominated by Jewish terrorists: it was actually set up and for the most part constituted by Jewry:

The Council of The Commissaries of The People, 22 members, 17 Jews, 77.2% Jewish.
Commissariat of War, 43 members, 33 Jews, 76.7% Jewish
Commissariat of Foreign Affairs, 16 members, 13 Jews, 81.2% Jewish
Commissariat of Finance, 30 members, 24 Jews, 80.0% Jewish
Commissariat of Justice, 21 members, 20 Jews, 95.2% Jewish
Commissariat of Public Instruction, 53 members, 42 Jews, 79.2% Jewish
Commissariat of Social Assistance, 6 members, 6 Jews, 100% Jewish
Commissariat of Work, 8 members, 7 Jews, 87.5% Jewish
Delegates of The Bolshevik Red Cross to Berlin, Vienna, Warsaw, Bucharest and Copenhagen, 8 members, 8 Jews, 100% Jewish
Commissariat of The Provinces, 23 members, 21 Jews, 91.3% Jewish
Commissariat of Journalists, 41 members, 41 Jews, 100% Jewish.

Source: Henry Ford, The International Jew, pages 176-185 of Book 1, Article 19: ‘The All Jewish Mark on Red Russia’, in The Dearborn Independent, September 25th 1920.
Jewish makeup of The Central Committee of the Communist Party of The Soviet Union in 1918-1919:

Trotsky (Bronstein), Jew
Zinoviev, Jew
Larine, Jew
Juritsky, Jew
Volodarsky, Jew
Kamenev, Jew
Smidovitj, Jew
Jankel, Jew
Steklov, Jew
Lenin, married to a Jewess
Krylenko, Jew
Lunacharsky, Russian.

Jewish makeup of The Council of People’s Commissars in 1918-1919:

Lenin, married to a Jewess
Commissar of Foreign Affairs, Chichherin, Russian
Commissar of Nationalities, Stalin, Georgian
Commissar of Agriculture, Protian, Armenian
Commissar of Public Education, Lunacharsky, Russian
Council Financial Adviser, Larine, Jew
Commissar of Food, Schlichter, Jew
Commissar of Army & Navy, Trotsky (Bronstein), Jew
Commissar of State Control, Lander, Jew
Commissar of Public Land, Kauffman, Jew
Commissar of Work, Schmidt, Jew
Commissar of Social Aid, Lelina, Jew
Commissar of Religion, Spitzberg, Jew
Commissar of Interior Affairs, Zinoviev, Jew
Commissar of Hygiene, Anvelt, Jew
Commissar of Finance Goukovsky, Jew
Commissar of Press, Volodrasky, Jew
Commissar of Elections, Uritsky, Jew
Commissar of Justice, Steinberg, Jew
Commissar of Refugees, Fenigstein, Jew
Assistant in The Regugees Commissariate, Savitj, Jew
Assistant in The Regugees Commissariate, Zaslovsky, Jew.

Jewish makeup of the leadership of The Extraordinary Commission (‘The Checka’) in 1918/1919:

Members: 36
Non-Jewish 12, (1 Pole, 2 Russians, 1 German, 1 Armenian, 7 Lithuanian).
Jewish 24.

Source: Behind Communism, Frank Britton, Chapter 18: ‘The London Times Correspondence List of Jews Behind Communism’, page 86; Robert Wilton, distinguished correspondent of The London Times (The Last Days of The Romanovs 1920).
Since the number of people practicing as Jews in the Russian Empire prior to the revolution was 4.15%, had the Jews been proportionately represented in the Cheka’s leadership for 1918/1919 there would have been only 1-2 Jews out of 36, not 24.
Therefore, Bolshevism was Jewish.

5 replies on “Totalitarian Anglosphere”

“… it would redpill those nations which share common roots in British culture and history”
Would it?
The book is available in German and French translations, and I haven’t heard about Jews swinging from every lamppost in those countries. The statistics showing Jewish overrepresentation in the Communist state apparatus were given before in the 20s by Henry Ford’s Dearborn Independent, to no reaction in the Anglosphere. Why would we think it would be different today?

Only if we own the Mainstream Media and Hollywood to advertise properly what the Jews did in the Soviet Union. (I for one know no commenter of WN forums who has read even the abridged Archipelago).

Emphasis on Stalin and his successors diverts attention from the Red Terror in general and the proceedings of provincial CheKas. This is a procession of atrocious horrors. While reading such might turn the reader’s stomach and disturb his sleep with nightmares, it would go far toward discrediting the proposition of Jews as perpetually-innocent “lambs.”
Too, I do not read Hungarian so I cannot say this for myself, but I am told on authority I trust that the Bela Kun interval was both turbulent and sanguinary.

Commissar of Public Education, Luncharsky, Russian*
@César A typo, it’s Lunacharsky.
@robertpinkerton In the Middle Ages, it was normal to have people tortured in the town square every Sunday. I think, it’s dangerous to hate communists from the angle of “they will come and drag me out of my sick fat city life.”

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