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James Mason

Siege, 45

In reverse, again

Not long ago I took a close look at the way the Movement has been in the habit of doing things, everything, from the lowliest task to the most critical one, and discovered that they tended to do it in a “bass ackwards” way every time. As I said, this can be applied to just about all aspects of activity but it is still necessary to take a look at each one, individually, in order to see the significance of this.
One of the areas is that of the overtly illegal, violent attacks against the System. “Hit and run”, so to speak. Wouldn’t it make better sense to turn that concept around to “run and hit”? It only means that you should first drop out of sight, go underground, and stay that way for however long is required for you to learn to exist comfortably at it. At that point you can go ahead and do—and probably get away with—any damned thing you’d choose to pull.
Striking in hot passion and then running blindly is no more than glorified suicide.

Vol. XV, #1 – January, 1986

Why we are reproducing articles from Siege can be surmised: here.

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This is another part of Siege that hasn’t aged well. Even in 1986 it was out of date. In 1966 it might have had some validity. But now, in these days of DNA profiling and massive DNA databases, cross-referenced birth and death records, facial recognition software and cameras on every corner, it’s become virtually impossible to procure state-issued false identities and hide oneself from the prying eyes of the government. In 21st century America, what can it mean to “drop out of sight, go underground, and stay that way for however long is required for you to learn to exist comfortably at it”? There’s no longer any underground; no place out of sight of Mordor’s all-seeing eye. Ah, Progress!

But as I’ve said elsewhere: hit and run across the Mexican border (I visited today a shitty place, ideal for runaway Roofs).

Getting into Mexico from America requires a tourist card, which requires a passport. Obtaining false ID that’s good enough to get a passport has become very difficult due to the cross-referencing of birth and death records in the US. Back before this was all computerized and put into a database, you could simply go to the library and read obituaries until you found some kid who would have been about your age had he lived, and write away for his birth certificate, and then pretend to be him. That’s pretty risky now because of the cross-referencing of births and deaths. If you’re caught, could be some prison time just for that.
OTOH, if you use your real name, the gov’t will know where you are. Mexico is one of the first places they’d look, and there’s an extradition treaty. Also, if you aren’t wealthy and need to work, an American working in Mexico requires a visa, and a sponsor.
For the rich and well-connected, or if you are sufficiently clever and ruthless, there are still ways to obtain a false identity, at least for a while. Dylann Roofs/lone wolf types aren’t usually rich or well-connected, so that leaves ruthless and clever. Such a man could find someone of the right age who looks a bit like him, kill him, dispose of the body in such a way that it would never be found, and then take over his identity. But that’s James Bond stuff, pretty complicated (e.g., what if his relatives look for him?), and not for the faint of heart.

I have been at the border several times, and Americans can cross it without any search (it’s only the other way where papers are paramount).
Once reaching Mexico it’s very easy to get fake papers and look for a humble job.

Decades ago, when dinosaurs roamed the earth and I was a teenager, I tried to get into Mexico. The Mexican border guard called me into his office, took out his Colt .45 automatic and placed it on his desk, pointed at me. He then tore up my tourist card and “suggested” I “go back United States!”
Criminal gangs, and erratic law enforcement with an unpredictable attitude toward gringos makes your country a dice throw as far as I’m concerned. All too easy to end up buried in a sand dune somewhere, or in jail on trumped up charges. Not that American police are much better. They’re scum too.

I have never heard a story like that happening to an American. Tourists are not treated that way at least by the police on this side of the border.
In this century, once the American crosses the border safely, he should go directly to Mexico City: the states near the border are dangerous.

Off topic: Have you watched Chris Martenson’s course?
It seems to me that all of our tech worries will be resolved in this very century. As Sebas Ronin says, the crisis that’s coming will be both ‘tomb and womb’ for the System and a New World respectively.
This is why I am still optimistic. The trouble I see with young WNsts is that, unlike us (Ronin, you and I are older than most of them) they have blinders, like the horses. Once you see the broader world the Apocalypse that’s coming makes the older (and wiser) racist feel hopeful.

” Have you watched Chris Martenson’s course?”
No. But I remain skeptical that an economic crisis alone will cause enough destruction to break down the technological system permanently. Of course, if it leads to WWIII or the release of some deadly virus capable of wiping out the vast bulk of humanity, then it could turn out that way.

On July 5, 2018 at 9:06 am C .T. said:
Energy devoluton goes far beyond economic crisis. It means that billions will die, especially in poor countries.
From this point of view, milksopped and demasculinized throngs in the rich countries will die when their degenerative Dolce Vita collapses rather than the robust peoples in poor countries which live like wild weeds or have some keenness and survival skills, whereas the white weaklings now don’t know nor how to put food on their tables without Walmart’s help, nor how to make a fire without Zippo’s help, nor how to impregnate their white women without Pornhub’s help.

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