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A single man can make a difference

Now that I have decided to reproduce on the weekdays Siege articles, published decades ago, the question arises as to why, since then, none of that has been translated into real action.
The answer is clear: modern life turned each and every white male into cretins: a process that even Nietzsche glimpsed in the 19th century as we saw today on the other entry. Modernity, or the ‘One Ring’ to use the metaphor of this site, is responsible. That’s why I believe that the most relevant issues for Aryan preservation are both the pitiful state of the economy in the US (watch the first four videos of Mike Maloney’s course: here), and the studies on Peak Oil (watch Chris Martenson’s chapter: here).
I really believe that these two catastrophes, currency crash and energy devolution, will occur in this century, resulting in a true apocalypse.
My advice to those young white nationalists who doubt that these catastrophes will occur: Forget my predictions if you want but (1) watch the movie Twelve Monkeys and (2) make a career in biology with a specialty in virology. Follow the advice of James Mason in the previous entry as to go unnoticed while infiltrating the System.
Hollywood reverses the roles of hero and villain. The hero, of course, is he who destroys the System.

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Just to add: You would need to make a virus that does not harm the animals. In fact, I think that many viruses do not have such an affect on non-Humans. For example, I don’t think Ebola can kill anything but a person. I believe it is the same with Malaria.

In Moonraker of the James Bond series starring Roger Moore, Hugo Drax, the owner of a space shuttle’s manufacturing firm, has a secret biological laboratory to manufacture a nerve gas deadly to humans, but harmless to animals. He has a plan to destroy human life by launching, from his space station, 50 big globes that would dispense the nerve gas into Earth’s atmosphere.
But it’s a fucking PC movie. Drax wants to save, in his spaceship, several chosen specimens of the human races (nigger genes included) to repopulate Earth after his exterminationist program.

Yes, I fully agree with the message, but I have a question about the movie. Is it me, or is the cinematography really ugly? Many movies from the 80s and 90s are so bleak and disgusting, I want either to vomit or to go to sleep. And I’m not faint of heart – I had no problem with either of the three The Human Centipede films in 2015 (can’t say about Lars von Trier, haven’t seen yet)…
Yesterday, I watched The Dark City (1998), and every single moment of it is full of tremendous beauty and meaning.
On IMDb, people are praising 12 Monkeys for depicting the psychological impact of time travel – but didn’t Source Code (2011) accomplish the same in a far more elegant way? Its “villain” is good, too, he wanted to detonate a dirty bomb in Detroit.

Like 12 Monkeys, Dark City is another neo-noir science fiction movie that makes me vomit. (I used 12 Monkeys to make a point, not because I like the film.)
I even feel revulsion for Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner. There are very, very few film exceptions to the rule after the 1960s. More than 99 percent is poisonous trash for the Aryan psyche.
Since you fear the feelings of compassion (compassion that even the Nazis had) I would recommend Kubrick / Spielberg’s A.I. to make contact with your inner, wounded child.

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