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Our Spaniard friend, after changing the subject-matter of his blogsite La Respuesta de Europa for a long time (he’s now a Gaia buff) finally returns to subjects of our interest. In his latest article he wrote:

I draw attention to the fact that the most ethnocentric ethnic group that has known this planet—the Jews, the chosen ‘people’—is the one most determined to convince the rest of the peoples that ethnic differences among humans do not exist.

My translation above. Original source: here.

3 replies on “Manu's site”

New Age nonsense. I was very disappointed that Manu changed the subject-matter of his site. And Evropa Soberana has been relatively silent for a while.
Neither of the two harbors the hate I harbor in my heart. Actually, what distinguishes me from WNsts is the level of hatred I feel, which is about ten times larger than the hatred that the Jews feel.
No genuine hate, no salvation of the race.

Actually, E.S did make an article this year regarding the Arab world. I think it centres around the regimes in the modern times in that area, like Hussein and the Arabian Monarchy. Not that important, whatever.

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