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James Mason

Siege, 36

Behold the Uncle Tom

Recently we’ve seen two men of action brought to a halt by what are best referred to as White “Uncle Toms”. I believe it was a nurse at a blood bank who “dime-dropped” on Joseph Franklin when she saw and recognized from reports of a distinctive tattoo on Franklin’s forearm as he was selling blood. The System in Buffalo, N.Y. believes they now have the “.22 Killer” in custody after he was fingered by someone in Georgia he evidently thought he could confide in. These were not cases of infiltration but rather of carelessness playing into the hands of the countless millions of “Uncle Toms” who are what this society is made up of.
The Big Brother System of course operates as the “Master” with the Goyish, nominally “White” consumers serving as slaves—of which the vast bulk are dyed-in-the-wool “Uncle Tom” types. Both Franklin and the “.22 Killer”—or the “Great White Hope of Buffalo”—had it right and were encouraging at least in so far as they acted consistently alone which is what solely provided the extent of success and longevity they did enjoy. We cannot forget the effect these men have had on helping to break the conditioned, hot-house atmosphere and inject into the climate an air of revolution.
NSLF knows that we must see the kind of society we are dealing with, understand it, and realize that it can’t be changed unless and until the current order is done away with. Cognizant of all that, we then must make up our minds to proceed appropriately. Allowing that, both these men—heroes, actually—made the errors which undid them by taking too much for granted.
As a Movement we cannot afford the same mistake twice. As individuals we can’t afford it even once. We can state again and again, “Never deal with the police!”, but you and I already know that. It is rather the rest of the total population which does not know it and never will know it, not even when the police have become OUR police—they will never change their habits. Today the casual, citizen informant—the Uncle Tom—works terribly against us but tomorrow they will provide the greatest ease and benefit.
It is their nature to bow, scrape, and try every means to ingratiate themselves with the “established authority” and to inform on those designated as “outlaws”. Miserable unthinking swine. Today it is us, tomorrow it will be the race-mixers, etc. Until we establish ourselves as the ONLY authority, we must, as revolutionaries and realists, accept the bitter in anticipation of the sweet.
It is a sad commentary on U.S. society when we compare to that of Northern Ireland. Not an informant in the bunch. And that struggle is White vs. White! Over here we face the most odious enemy—posing as a “government”—ever in history, plus a monstrous Black alien mass in our midst to be dealt with. Yet instead of Huey Long’s concept of “Every Man a King”, it is rather “Every Man an Uncle Tom”. This armada of Uncle Toms is like unto the “better half” of the System Police State already long in existence.
Even with their incredibly sophisticated, “1984” electronic surveillance techniques, the police simply could not function effectively without the citizenry working for Big Brother, against themselves. We could romp them if the Whites of the United States were what they ought to be. But they are not and never are they likely to be. Seeing we cannot change that, we must instead adapt out tactics accordingly.
We must become acutely aware at all times of the most minute details around us, overlooking nothing, taking nothing for granted. We must rigidly discipline ourselves to never, ever, breathe a word about anything illegal to anyone, anytime—past, present, or future.

Vol. X, # 6 – June, 1981

Why we are reproducing articles from Siege can be surmised in yesterday’s post.

17 replies on “Siege, 36”

‘White Uncle Toms’ – The dissociative strategy of coping with PC oppression thru suppression of reactive feelings and even identification with the oppressor.

This article by Mason is misleading in its metaphor, which is fundamentally false in that Uncle Tom was involuntarily enslaved and wanted to be free, whereas the white man has enslaved himself and doesn’t want to be free. Unlike Uncle Tom, who had a master, the white man has no master. What he’s got going could be described as a “law and order” society; a mutual admiration society of people who are all policemen at heart. In effect, the white man is a guard in the prison he has constructed for himself called civilization. He has voluntarily adopted its raceless ideology, sourced in Christianity, and spelled out now for him in exacting detail in whole libraries full of law books. He has voluntarily adopted its economic principle of raceless capitalism, which he considers the best of all possible systems.
Once this is understood, it becomes apparent why, 37 years later, Mason’s rhetoric has led only to a dead end. As a racist, he pines for revolution, but that is actually the last thing that was or is on the minds of white people. They are focused now, as ever, on the wonderful improvements they can make upon their prison, the beautiful chains they can forge and draw ever tighter upon themselves. They don’t want to commit crime, they want to eliminate it! They don’t want to be racists, they want to eliminate them! They would love it if they could bring about a true crimeless, raceless society in which even the concept of racism has been rendered meaningless, and nobody breaks the law or revolts because no one needs or wants to. It’s to this end, to bring about his technological utopia, that the white man constantly applies all his efforts.

Whichever interpretation of reality is the correct one, yours (technology) or mine (axiology), the medicine is the same: get a degree in virology…

I believe that technology determines moral belief systems in that technology sets up an anti-human dynamic that has certain moral implications. For example, the technological system makes use of Christianity’s emphasis on love and the supposed raceless brotherhood of man precisely because it’s contrary to human nature, which aids technological efficiency. Consider the technology of capitalism, for example:

See, capitalism is not fundamentally racist — it can exploit racism for its purposes, but racism isn’t built into it. Capitalism basically wants people to be interchangeable cogs, and differences among them, such as on the basis of race, usually are not functional. I mean, they may be functional for a period, like if you want a super exploited workforce or something, but those situations are kind of anomalous. Over the long term, you can expect capitalism to be anti-racist — just because it’s anti-human. And race is in fact a human characteristic — there’s no reason why it should be a negative characteristic, but it is a human characteristic. So therefore identifications based on race interfere with the basic ideal that people should be available just as consumers and producers, interchangeable cogs who will purchase all the junk that’s produced — that’s their ultimate function, and any other properties they might have are kind of irrelevant, and usually a nuisance.

– Noam Chomsky, in Understanding Power: The Indispensable Chomsky (New York: The New York Press, 2002), pp.88-89
By contrast, moral systems or ideology can’t determine technology or its development. Where this is attempted, all you get is bad technology. Cf. Lysenkoism; or more generally, how the struggle ended with Communism vs. capitalism, or fascism vs. capitalism. The real world failures of such alternative, ideologically-driven systems provide proof of their technological inefficiency.

If technology determines moral belief systems, why do the high-tech Chinese and the Japanese do not practice out-group altruism? Simple: because they are not infected with Xtian ethics.

“… why do the high-tech Chinese and the Japanese do not practice out-group altruism?”
Who says they don’t? Both countries are helping Africans develop Africa. Depending on who’s doing the defining, that could qualify as altruism. Certainly if the West’s aid to Africa is considered altruistic, China and Japan ought to be judged by the same standard.
Also, both countries now have a substantially Westernized outlook. China has Christianity-inspired Marxism as its official philosophy, though for technical reasons of efficiency it also has become somewhat capitalistic. Alongside that it has a significant and growing Christian minority. What you’re ignoring is the fact that, even though still different than those of the West, Chinese and Japanese cultures have become much less distinctive as they have adopted Western technology. For example, MacDonald’s has restaurants in over 100 countries. including China and Japan. It could not be more obvious than that the global spread of technology promotes worldwide cultural homogeneity. It’s a project that draws closer to completion every day, with the enthusiastic help of almost everyone. The Christian ideals of equality and universal brotherhood have penetrated everywhere, and are deferred to by just about everyone.

It is unclear to me that, had Hitler won the war, a technological 3rd Reich would also be committing ethnic suicide.

What is referred to in pop culture as “Beta males” applies to many White men in the West. Beta males are known to be followers always and never seem to seek their own initiative; they wait for someone else to make a path and lead the way for them.
That is why White men are not doing acts of violence against their enemies themselves. They are waiting for Godot to come along and say “yep, you can come along now”. This creates a vicious cycle of nobody doing anything because everybody is waiting for someone to pick up the mantle.
It is no wonder why SIEGE has not been carried out into action.

Just remember what the commenter ‘Aryan Son’ said recently here, that he’s waiting to retire from a blue-collar job and do nothing revolutionary. Just compare such attitude with a hypothetical WN who studies virology and tries to infiltrate the System. (Other lone wolves could have different plans with their blacklists of course.)
I must conclude that WNsts are not to be taken seriously. Some of them even have introjected the Judeo-Christian doctrine that HATE is a prerogative of Jews and their Yahweh, and that whites must always be imbued with a loving disposition. I have seen this ethnosuicidal moral standard even from notable monocausalists in the movement, in the comments section of other sites.

True enough.
But really, who is to taken ‘seriously’ in that respect? Anyone on this or other blogs? What precisely is stopping you from doing any of the things you suggest?

Easy: At 59 I simply cannot start a career in biology and, after many years of work, expect admission in virology labs (and the advice is addressed to those WNsts who disbelieve that the dollar will crash).
As to lone wolf, I am not even admitted anymore in the US. Regarding the EU, unlike you, I don’t have the right to work there. And I’m extremely poor to the point that I cannot even afford a tourist trip right now.
In Latin America, there’s nothing I can do, as whites are already doomed here. If there’s still hope of action it must be within the white world.

Yes, i understand. But i will also be 54 very soon, and no matter how much i would LOVE to.literally butcher enemies i lnow it wouldn’ make a dent in the system. To through your one life away for that is not good mental health. Let alone that i could start a career in science at this age.
The system will crash. But they can keep it running for a long time yet. Years ago i bought some metals. At that time i was totally convinced it wouldn’t take another 5 years. But it did, and longer.
By now i am also convinced the white race will NOT go extinct. It is already brooding in middle and eastern europe and this wil become a trend and spread. There will be a counterwave aganst the current paradigm.
I even honestly believe that what i already proposed 30 years ago; that our defensive forces will use any vessels carrying niggers in the med as target practise will become a reality.

Your optimism is unfounded. Some WDH commenters such as Joseph Walsh and myself (cf. Walsh’s posts) are pessimists.

I know it wouldn’ make a dent in the system. To through [sic] your one life away for…

The idea is that four lone wolves bring to justice, say, Merkel, May, Löfven and Macron and manage to escape. You can imagine the immense blow to the System’s credibility that such action would create in the Europeans’ psyche.
Nobody is asking you to “throw” your life away. And remember how WW1 started.

I see now I’ve made a fine mess of my last post, grammar / spelling wise, I mean. That’s because I was ‘typing’ on my phone while waiting at some location during work. So forgive the appalling typos.

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