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James Mason

Siege, 35

Marked and unmarked

It is well to follow earlier segments with a word on how a truly revolutionary organization must be structured in order to be effective. Those of us having in our innocent youth been part of the “Mass Strategy” find ourselves now and forever marked in the catalogs of the FBI, CIA, and ADL, not to mention local police departments. Unless we as individuals decide in our own minds to disappear and slip underground alone to wage war against the System on what would probably be a one-way mission, we would be foolish to try to engage directly in Armed Struggle.
To do so in spite of this truth for purposes of “proving” something to somebody falls directly in line with one of the key Zionist Protocols which states that the White Man’s greatest undoing has been a willingness to sacrifice a larger goal for a smaller, momentary one. We have absolutely no intention of rushing into their waiting, open arms.
And no, our new people WILL NOT be paraded out in the streets in useless “Phase One” antics for the convenience of the System’s catalogers. Neither shall they all be monitored by post office checks of our mailings. Comrades of old—those of us already marked from years ago—who head the various cells around the country, will disseminate our propaganda person-to-person to those known only to themselves.
Regarding “Phase Two vs. Reality”, these new people must not deliberately or at anyone’s behest cause themselves to be separated from the mainstream of White America either because of hairstyle, clothing, or any other stupid, narrow consideration. They must be able to move about freely, accepted and unnoticed by their fellows if they are to be effective. Far from going out of our way to effect an “invasion from Mars” with Prussian tactics and appearance, as seemed to be the goal in years past (blowing minds, etc.), we must effect a thorough INFILTRATION or at least be able to infiltrate at will whenever and wherever the situation calls for it.
“Too many chiefs and no Indians” has basically been the problem of the past. Those who insisted most loudly upon being “chief” in the past usually turned out to be the least fit to hold the position. A true soldier simply understands his mission—or duty—and goes about doing it without fanfare. Being revolutionary soldiers we must do what we are ABLE to do and do WELL. We each have functions to fulfill. CIRCUMSTANCES—not wishful thinking—dictate these functions. As Joe Tommasi clearly stated, the leaders, the real “chiefs”, are those actually DOING IT!
And we of the old school have been severely limited by the past itself. The greatest field of opportunities lies open to the new-comers free of the hogwash, mistakes, and compromises of the past. However, one of the functions of the NSLF aboveground is to see to it that the revolution, once begun in earnest, is not betrayed. Let’s start off on that road now.

Vol. IX, #5 – September, 1980