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­Advanced beings prefer advanced music

Vienna-State-Opera-in-1912No other biocultural entity has developed heavenly music quite like the White race has. Your European ancestors couldn’t be bothered with jungle music. Why ignore their wisdom? Why spit upon your heritage by tolerating “fat beats” for even one second? Tunes like that are the rhythm that savages slither and writhe to. Cacophony of the most vulgar and loathsome kind. Do everything in your power to de-familiarize yourself and others with it. One might be tempted to ask “If it’s so awful why is it so popular?”

Here’s the answer kiddies: positive association. Constantly inundating the airwaves with jungle music forces us unconsciously to connect it with events happening at the time of hearing. So help de-program your kin and turn off that trash!

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(that blog has been removed)

4 replies on “­Advanced beings prefer advanced music”

I could not agree more! Everywhere I go in public places this sickening noise blares out unendingly. Many young whites drive around with this jungle beat eminating from their open windows. It seems to be everywhere and is definitely a deliberate policy.

It is precisely for these reasons that I dismissed the National Alliance years ago: the fact that they sold such animalistic “music”. It also one of the contributing factors as to why I sentenced Kevin Strom to a (metaphorical) death sentence within the WN cause – the fact that he stood around for years bleating about “family values” while such sewage as “Vaginal Jesus” was being sold by the NA to our white youth.

More sickening still, his mewling excuses that “I had no control” over what music the NA sold is specious. In truth, he certainly had the “control” to attempt to stop it – and yet he made no such effort. And he certainly had the “control” to walk out and leave the NA because of it, and then savagely denounce this poisoning of our white youths minds.

But he did not.

Sentence: (metaphorical) death.

This website continues to carry on what Strom failed to do, out of weakness and cowardice. For that alone, it is virtually unique within the WN movement.

Hold Back This Day
The Towers of Eden

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