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The best and shortest definition of fascism I have ever read: “Fascism is the idea that the Männerbund should rule.”

—Donar Van Holland

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This “Donar Van Holland” has demonstrated – more than once – that he is a militant pro-homosexual WN(?) on such forums as Counter-Currents and The Occidental Observer. He attacks posters such as myself for opposing homosexuals in the WN movement, emboldened to do so by the other rude, militant pro-homos infesting the CC publishing site. He is a nauseating faggot/faggot lover that needs a little of William Pierce’s “Day of the Rope” therapy.

Hold Back This Day
The Towers of Eden

Instead of calling names and uttering threats, some thoughts on “homosexuality” and White Nationalsm:

Only our modern age invented the idea of “sexual orientation” as a universal category, a life-long predisposition that never wavers or changes, or even a metaphysical essence that must be discovered and obeyed. There is not much empirical data that supports this position.

Marginalization of “homosexuals” occurred in the first place because this special category of life-long sexual preferences was created and then some variants of this invented essence were defined as psychologically aberrant. Some malicious minds might argue that the idea of a homosexual essence served to protect “heterosexuals” from recognizing any sexual desires for other men…

Now social constructs, of which “sexuality” is the prime example, are products of pure modernist, liberal thinking. Liberalism rejects Blut und Boden in favour of an abstract humanity. Then it tries to compensate the loss of identity this entails through abstract, artificial identities, through “Ersatz” tribes. To this end it “essentializes” aspects of human existence such as “sexuality”. Further down this road to superficiality we meet the consumerist, vulgar adagium: you are the things you buy.

There is neither such thing as “homosexuality” nor a “homosexual tribe” (the fake tribe better known as “gay community”). There are only sexual acts, and these acts do not define you. Woo unto him who defines himself as belonging to the worldwide “gay community”. He is like Jack in “Fight Club” who seeks identity through the IKEA furniture he buys.

Therefore, both the people who try to promote “homosexuality” as a kind of divine gift to our movement and the “homo hunters” are profoundly mistaken. White nationalists should ignore “homosexuality”, and in fact “sexuality” in general. It is a will-o’-the-wisp that leads us into the liberal swamp, and away from what is truly essential.

Just as our main concern rests not with manliness in general, but with WHITE manliness, the tribe, the bonds of Blut und Boden, trump all other concerns, especially when these entail fake tribes such as the “gay community”. Or the “IKEA family”.

The idea behind the “Männerbund” is that the cooperation between men is the foundation of the folk. The family is important for reproduction, but is not the central institution. Examples abound: the army, the church, even the classical clubs. It is patriarchy at its finest. Some writers: Dumézil, Wikander, Blüher. The movie “Fight Club” gives a good taste of the early stages of the development of the Männerbund.

Fight Club made me realize that CC had lots of degenerate nationalists posting on the threads. The film is extremely perverse and nihilistic beyond belief. Once the ethnostate is created filth films will be recognized as filth. In Covington’s first novel of his quintet the New Republic only allows films made in the 1960s or before. I agree; there are evil messages in virtually all Hollywood films today.

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