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The Lovers

Painting of the day:

The Lovers
~ 1923
National Gallery of Art

3 replies on “The Lovers”

It’s interesting that Picasso could actually paint and did have talent, unlike so many of the jew-promoted frauds who foist their anti-art on us. However, he deliberately sold out for fame and fortune and was fully aware that he was doing so, admitting years later that most of his latter work was trash.

The drawing above exhibits at least some classical technique in comparison to the anti-art he produced later.I don’t say that it appeals to me. I can’t say whether Picasso would have developed into a great western artist if he hadn’t become corrupt. The point is, he had some talent at least, unlike frauds such as Jackson Pollack or the twisted creatures promoted by the jews today who have less artistic talent than chimpanzees.

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